Fake Foliage Installed Above Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Entrance at Magic Kingdom

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A colorful building in the Tiana's Bayou Adventure queue with a sign reading "Tiana's Foods" and "Main Entrance." The left side is adorned with a vibrant mural depicting flowers and greenery. Trees are visible in the background.

Fake Foliage Installed Above Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Entrance at Magic Kingdom

This weekend’s construction updates at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom include fake foliage, fresh paint, and more.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction

Future Tiana's Bayou Adventure entrance: a red and brown wooden building with boarded windows, viewed behind a construction fence adorned with colorful posters and lamps. The sign reads "Frontierland Railroad Station."

The new fake foliage is above the attraction’s future entrance, which is on the front of the Frontierland Railroad Station. Signs have yet to be installed in the purple and green frames on the entrance marquee, and another sign remains covered in tarps.

A red wooden building exterior with a balcony, decorative panels, and lampposts in the foreground. Scaffolding is present near the balcony.

The greenery spills over the marquee like plants in a flowerbed. We previously saw crew members installing copper in this space.

Construction site with scaffolding and wooden beams, surrounded by greenery. A brown barrier separates the site from a red-paved walkway, with a few trees and foliage visible in the background.

From above, the foliage covers the more boring and unsightly top of the wooden structure.

A construction site enclosed by wooden barriers with signage, contains various tools and materials. Several lanterns are mounted on posts inside. Trees and foliage are visible in the background.

We saw some extra foliage sitting on a box nearby.

A worker in a high-visibility vest is tending to plants in a garden area enclosed by a temporary fence with mesh screens and wooden supports.

We also took a look down at the walkway that curves under the train station. A crew member was working on the fencing around the lily flower gate. The tops of the fence poles were recently painted gold.

A worker in a hard hat and safety vest paints the metal railings of a small gate blue, standing on a brick path, with painting supplies and tools around.

It looks like this crew member was touching up the blue paint around the gold.

Photo of a yellow wooden building with a colorful mural and a "fast pass return" sign. The scene includes a wooden fence, trees, and clear blue sky in the background.

There’s been more paint work in the back of the queue. The frames of the window above the barn entrance were painted purple. This completes the barn’s new color scheme of purple, green, and yellow — the colors of Mardi Gras.

A colorful building with a sign reading "Tiana's Foods" and "Main Entrance." The left side is adorned with a vibrant mural depicting flowers and greenery. Trees are visible in the background.

We could also hear crew members working inside.

Wooden staircase outdoors with a "Wet Paint!" sign attached to the railing.

At the top of the staircase next to the barn, a Stitch “Wet paint!” sign was taped to a wall. There are no major color differences here, so the wood walls of the stairs may have just received another layer of brown paint.

A construction worker wearing a hard hat and safety vest carries cables and enters a wooden building through an open door.

We saw a crew member exit the doors at the top of this staircase with a long red cord.

Outdoor scene with hanging lights strung across a tree. Sunlight filters through the foliage. A wooden fence is in the foreground with colorful buildings partially visible in the background.

Near the back of the queue, we saw a freshly painted blue façade.

A theme park scene with a wooden building on the left, trees and shrubbery, a few visitors walking near the fences, and lampposts in the foreground.

In the back left corner of the queue, a few crew members were working in a tree on Saturday morning.

Two workers wearing orange safety vests and hard hats are engaged in maintenance work near a wooden fence and decorative street lamps in a leafy, outdoor setting.

We couldn’t see what they were doing, but it may have to do with the lights on tension wires over the queue.

A tree-filled park area with winding pathways and several lampposts is shown under a clear blue sky.

Most construction materials have now been cleared from the queue. It seems it’s near completion — which makes sense as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure previews are just a few weeks away.

A garden bed with vibrant red, pink, purple flowers, and green leaves surrounds a weathered stone frog statue.

Over by Lari the armadillo’s home, a fake rock in a flowerbed has a hole in it. This may later hide a speaker.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens to all guests on June 28, 2024. It will open at Disneyland later in the year.

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