Lari the Armadillo Gets a Mailbox and Lantern at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom

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A rustic wooden sign marked "lari" with a small metal spade affixed to it, set against a red soil background.

Lari the Armadillo Gets a Mailbox and Lantern at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom

Lari the armadillo, an original Tiana’s Bayou Adventure character, now has his own mailbox and a lantern at the Magic Kingdom attraction.

Lari the Armadillo Props

A landscaped area featuring a large, artificial rocky structure with caves and greenery, accompanied by a flower-lined pathway under an overcast sky.

The new mailbox is located outside a door on the Critter Co-Op façade. Critter Co-Op replaces The Briar Patch as one of the gift shops for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

A rustic cottage with a wooden door and windows, nestled in a faux rocky setting, surrounded by vibrant flowers and a wooden fence.

The mailbox resembles a tree trunk that has been cut to have a door. A metal flag is attached to the side above “Lari.”

A rustic wooden sign marked "lari" with a small metal spade affixed to it, set against a red soil background.

The armadillo’s name is painted in white. Lari is also referenced in a Critter Co-Op window.

A quaint wooden door set into a rocky hillside, surrounded by vibrant flowers and a rustic wooden fence.

It seems this is Lari’s home and he may actually be the proprietor of the new gift shop. Here is Disney’s description of Lari:

This mischievous fella, while quiet in demeanor, seems to always show up where you least expect him to. I hear he has a habit of “borrowing” things that aren’t his (although those things eventually make it into the right “paws”).

A weathered wooden mask lying on the ground next to colorful flowers and a wooden fence.

A fake rock outside Lari’s home has a rectangular hole. This will probably hide a speaker or light.

A log flume ride exits a rocky tunnel, surrounded by lush greenery and a wooden fence, with spectators visible in the background.

Speaking of Lari the armadillo, we checked on his figure next to the ride flume near the end of the attraction. This figure was installed last month. Another version of Lari was installed on the ride last week.

Lari the armadillo figure in a rocky tunnel with a red and green lantern.

This Lari now has a red and green lantern next to him.

A log flume ride at an amusement park with workers inspecting the track, surrounded by lush greenery and a wooden bridge in the background.

We saw a trio of Imagineers walking along this loop of the flume, checking on the attraction.

Three construction workers in orange safety vests and helmets walking near a wooden bridge and rocky stream, carrying equipment and a large white board.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Entrance

Rustic theme park setting with wooden buildings, a staged area with a covered sculpture, benches, and greenery under a cloudy sky.

Meanwhile, crews are getting ready to install wait time signage at the entrance of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. This sign in a nearby flowerbed is still wrapped in a tarp.

Two people talking near a wooden building with a sign "frontierland" at a theme park, with overcast skies and a few scattered visitors around.

The entrance to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will be under the Frontierland train station. During our last few construction updates, crew members took a tarp down from the entrance marquee and installed wood.

Rustic wooden buildings under construction with scaffolding, behind a railing with lit street lamps and green foliage.

There are two square openings in the wood with electrical wiring inside. We expect electronic signs to be installed over these openings.

Other Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction

Construction site under a wooden structure with tools, building materials, and a hanging lamp. a ladder is visible in the background.

Crews continue to clear construction materials from this space behind construction walls and under the train station. This is where the Splash Mountain-themed Laughin’ Place play area used to be. It’s starting to look more cleaned up, indicating it may reopen as a walkway soon.

Construction fence in a theme park with a rustic wooden cabin and artificial rock formations in the background, under a cloudy sky.

Guests can still walk under the train station to reach restrooms near the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure queue. We could hear crew members working behind the construction walls.

wdw mk tba construction 05.20.2024 5498 1

The Splash Mountain façade has been transformed with foliage and crops, turning it into an old salt mine in the bayou of Louisiana. Along this fence next to the ride’s flume, we can see what looks like lemons.

A wooden sign with the text "cast members only please" surrounded by a rope frame, mounted on a dark wall.

Perhaps the only real remnant of Splash Mountain left in the area is this “Cast Members Only Please” sign. It doesn’t specifically reference Splash Mountain but it has the more woodsy aesthetic of the old attraction.

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