A sandwich board advertising a tribute video party at a store, offering personalized music videos and various star-themed packages.

Star In a Mega Video Rentals VHS Tape at the Summer Tribute Store in Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

Universal Orlando Resort has confirmed the Mega Video Rentals theme for the Summer Tribute Store with a sign for the store’s personalized prop experience.

Mega Video Rentals Summer Tribute Store

A sandwich board advertising Megal Video Rentals at the summer tribute store, offering personalized music videos and various star-themed packages.

Guests can “Become part of the Tribute Store” by getting their photo on a video cassette box cover. Guests can purchase their tape at 5 & 10 in Universal Studios Florida or All Hallows Eve Boutique in Universal Islands of Adventure, but will have to email a photo in.

Promotional display for a movie tribute store featuring a selection of novelty film cassette covers, inviting passersby to become part of the story.

The sign features the Mega Video Rentals logo we’ve seen in previous Tribute Store teasers.

Poster of a fictional action video game titled "danger road," featuring an illustrated scene of a car jumping over an explosion.

Guests who participate will be placed into a VHS tape poster for a fake retro film: Danger Road 2, Trip & Fall, or Midnight Screaming. The posters can each fit one to four people. They can also include photos of pets but the photo must include the pet’s whole body.

A collage of three vintage-style movie posters with distinct themes displayed on a bulletin board.

There’s also a design for “Time Ghosts Again” with the tagline “It’s time… again.” While not initially available for purchase, guests can choose this option now.

Mock movie posters on a bulletin board with titles "trip & fall" in romantic comedy style and "midnight screaming" in horror style, alongside other film advertisements.

The experience is $89. After the Tribute Store closes at the end of the summer season, guests get their VHS tape prop, socks featuring the store’s VHS tape mascot, and a personalized Mega Video Rentals membership card.

A poster featuring a vhs tape cover titled "midnight screaming" in a horror movie display with other vintage vhs tape designs around it.
Advertisement on a sidewalk sign featuring an offer to immortalize a person's photo on various items such as socks, a magnet, and a cassette cover, along with text urging to order or inquire inside the store.

Will you be doing this prop experience for the summer tribute store? Let us know in the comments.

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