Detailed Look Inside the Windows for Critter Co-op & More Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Updates

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Images from Critter Co-op

Detailed Look Inside the Windows for Critter Co-op & More Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Updates

In the latest construction update from Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, we’re taking a look at the new Critter Co-op shop and other progress being made around the attraction, opening this summer at Magic Kingdom.

Critter Co-op

Critter Co-op sign

On a recent visit to Magic Kingdom, we got a closer look at the soon-to-open Critter Co-Op gift shop that’s taking the place of Briar Patch as part of the opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Disney recently shared a first look at the Critter Co-Op signage, but, while at Magic Kingdom, we were able to get a more detailed view of the shop’s window displays. While Tiana has her own co-op, Tiana’s Foods, that’s part of the story of the attraction, the theming of Critter Co-op focuses on the critters running things. The store remains closed for now, and will likely open along with the attraction.

Critter Co-op sign close up

First up, we have a better view of the store’s main sign, which features Bayou Community Band members Rufus the turtle and Apollo the raccoon hanging by vines to hold up parts of the sign. The overall look has a hand-made vibe, with a washboard being used as a sign element. This mimics the DIY nature of the instruments used by the critters as they play music inside of the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure attraction.

Critter Co-op  display window

Onto the window displays found at Critter Co-Op, this one appears to be a storage supply area for the animals running the co-op.

Critter Co-op display window tools

Well-worn tools hang on the left-hand side of the display.

Critter Co-op display window guitar

A box of candies fashioned into a guitar can be seen resting on a table.

Critter Co-op display window wagon

There’s a small tin wagon to the right.

Critter Co-op display window cubbies

Storage cubbies hold jars, jugs, buckets, and other storage containers. A sign reading “Back after Mardi Gras,” leans up on top of the cubbies. This lines up with the story of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, as the critters are away from the shop in order to help Tiana and Louis as they prepare for their Mardi Gras celebration happening within the attraction.

Critter Co-op display window

Another window display is covered in posters and notes left by members of the Critter Co-op community.

Critter Co-op display window poster

At the far right is a poster advertising the Bayou Community Band, sharing that the band plays nightly.

wdw mk tianas bayou adventureIMG 9210

A bulletin board features hand-written notes.

Critter Co-op display window

Starting on the bottom left, written on a menu card from Tiana’s Palace is a quilting lessons ad that reads “Learn to quilt every Wednesday. Pine needles and thread provided.” Next to that, written on a page of a newspaper is “Found: One pair of tap shoes size 243. See Lari to claim.” Lari is an armadillo that will appear in the attraction.

Critter Co-op display window House Rules

Moving up, written on a large lily pad are the house rules, which are, 1. All critters welcome, 2. There is no such thing as a wrong note!, and 3. Dress code: Swamp casual.

Critter Co-op display window posters

To the right of the lily pad is a wanted ad for a new drummer. It says “Drummer Wanted. Buzzing to perform? Join our swarm!” Beneath that is a poster for a Mardi Claw Ball happening at the Critter Co-op on Tuesday night. There is also a poster for the Firefly Family Sing-along starring Cousin Randy. At the bottom it reads “Just follow the bouncing butt!”

Critter Co-op display window postings

At the bottom right there is a post for a cooking class that says “This week: Swamp gumbo. Next week: Mud pie.” Next to that, written on a leaf is “Four left paws? Beginner dance class sign up inside!”

Critter Co-op display window upcoming shows

Rounding out this window display is a chalk board list of upcoming shows at the co-op, including Las Ranitas Verdes, Rufus and the Terrapins, The Bayou Bobcats, Zydeco Rainbow, and Rara Fauna.

Critter Co-op display window

The final window is filled with foods gifted to the co-op by Princess Tiana herself.

Critter Co-op display window Tiana note

A note in the window says “Dear Louis and Friends, I hope you enjoy these ingredients, and that you always remember what good food does best … it brings folks together! All my love, Tiana.”

Critter Co-op display window

Tiana passed along things like peppers, celery, and onions.

wdw mk tianas bayou adventureIMG 9228

On the left side you can see a watering can and some pumpkins growing in dirt.

wdw mk tianas bayou adventureIMG 9224

More ingredients, like peanuts, apples, and berries can be seen on the right side.

Critter Co-op sign

In addition to the main sign, to the right of the main entrance is another sign that is an exact duplicate, just with a small “This way” arrow at the bottom.

wdw mk tianas bayou adventureIMG 9286

The blue ombre nature of the sign could be a subtle nod to the signage that once existed for Splash Mountain, as seen in the above restroom sign.

Tiana's Bayou General

On the opposite side, we could get only a slight view of the new Tiana’s Bayou General — the second store coming to the area. It will offer “groceries, housewares, dry goods & more,” according to Disney.

Frontierland Railroad Station

Frontierland Railroad Station staircase

The right staircase at Frontierland Railroad Station has made some progress, with handrails added to the staircase.

Frontierland Railroad Station staircase

While the staircase has been closed, the steps on the left side of the railroad station have acted as both the exit and entrance for those wishing to ride the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure queue

Additionally, in the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure queue area beneath the railroad station, the second half of the gate at the end of the curved path has been painted dark blue to match the rest of the gate.

Flume Area

wdw mk tianas bayou adventureIMG 9169

In the outdoor flume area at the base of the drop, where we recently spotted the addition of lanterns, crew members were tending to the plant life. Unlike much of the greenery found on the exterior of the mountain, the plants here are real.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure exterior

Scaffolding remains up around the lift entrance area. We’ve noticed more greenery being added to this area recently. However, the purple sign that was once outside of the lift remains missing.

Tiana's Foods building

Finally, in the queue area that’s home to the main entrance of Tiana’s Foods, construction walls have shifted to make way for new updates.

Queue construction

To the right of the newly-installed Tiana’s Foods delivery truck is a blue tent made of tarp. Just to the right of that tent is a large tool chest.

Queue construction

We can now get a good look at newly-painted lampposts that will illuminate the queue at night. They are a dark blue to match the queue’s fencing. The posts were in various states of coverage while we were there.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure lamppost

At a closer glance, the details of the posts include two hearts mirroring one another.

What do you think of the latest progress at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure? Let us know in the comments below.

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