PHOTOS: Tiana’s Foods Delivery Truck in Bayou Adventure Queue at Magic Kingdom

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Tiana's Foods truck under tarp

PHOTOS: Tiana’s Foods Delivery Truck in Bayou Adventure Queue at Magic Kingdom

After Disney shared a video of a new Tiana’s Foods delivery truck, we spotted the truck in the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure queue at Magic Kingdom.

Tiana’s Foods Delivery Truck

Tiana's Foods delivery truck under tarp next to queue barn

The truck is parked next to the queue’s barn but covered by a black tarp. We could just see the black and yellow truck peeking out from under the tarp. Disney’s video showed Tiana’s Foods logos and a quote on the set piece.

wdw mk tianas bayou adventure truck 8389

A new gate in front of the truck features a lilypad design. This same design is on a gate under the train station.

wdw mk tianas bayou adventure truck 8392

Crews have removed scaffolding from in front of the barn. Tiana’s Foods and main entrance signs were recently installed on the façade. The window was also completed with a new frame. A black tarp hangs over the doorway.

wdw mk tianas bayou adventure truck 8406

The truck sits on a flagstone path surrounded by empty flowerbeds.

In the ride’s backstory, the princess founded the co-op Tiana’s Foods after the events of “The Princess and the Frog.” The company now operates out of an old salt mine in the Louisiana bayou, cultivating crops like peppers along the waters. Guests will join Tiana, Louis, and Naveen on an adventure into the bayou to find a band for their Mardi Gras celebration.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is set to open this summer at Magic Kingdom and later this year at Disneyland. Disney recently shared a look at the ride’s Audio-Animatronics, the Magic Kingdom attraction poster, and details about the ride’s musical critters.

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