Monorail Pillow and More New Disney Ride Vehicles Merchandise Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort

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A collection of Disney-themed merchandise, including character plush toys, collectible figurines, a bus-themed plush, and various colorful printed items.

Monorail Pillow and More New Disney Ride Vehicles Merchandise Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort has a new merchandise collection, “Go-Go-Go! with Disney Vehicles,” inspired by Disney ride vehicles and transportation. The collection will be released on July 11, 2024.

New Disney Ride Vehicles Merchandise

A colorful display of "Go Go Go with Disney Vehicles" themed towels, fabric pouches, and round buttons on a yellow background, featuring various Disney ride vehicles.

Vehicles featured in the artwork include a red train, a Monorail, Donald Duck’s boat, and a Mickey bus. There are Disney ride vehicles from Dumbo the Flying Elephant, The Happy Ride with Baymax, Jumpin’ Jellyfish, Scuttle’s Scooters, and Jasmine’s Flying Carpets. Mickey is pictured riding an Aquatopia vehicle. Donald steers a canoe from Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes.

A woman and a child playing with toy vehicles on a play mat in a sunlit room with a white brick wall and wooden floor. The woman is holding a toy, and the child is focused on the mat.

The collection includes toys, apparel, and housewares. It will be available from the Grand Emporium in Tokyo Disneyland, Kiss de Girl Fashions at Tokyo DisneySea, and the Tokyo Disney Resort app.

Pencil Set – ¥1,200

A row of fifteen colorful pencils with various cartoon patterns and designs, all marked with "2B" on the erasers.

This set includes 12 2B pencils. They are printed with one of six versions of the vehicle artwork. Four depict the vehicles in full color against a white, pale green, light blue, or peach-colored background. The other two are light tan with the vehicles in either red or green outlines.

Colored Pencils – ¥2,000

A green case featuring Disney vehicle-themed illustrations, containing a set of colorful crayons visible through a transparent section on the front. Text reads "Go-Go-Go! with Disney Vehicles" and "Tokyo Disney Resort".

The colored pencils come in a green container with the vehicles pictured all over the front. A window shows the pencils inside.

A set of colorful crayons with playful designs, arranged in a row from dark purple to brown.

The colors are black, purple, navy blue, light blue, green, pale green, yellow, orange, peach, pink, red, and brown.

Eraser Set – ¥800

Four colorful erasers with whimsical Disney vehicle illustrations, including trains, buses, and boats, arranged side by side.

The erasers are blue, red, yellow, and white. Each comes in a different wrapper depicting some of the ride vehicles.

Washi Tape & Stickers Set – ¥1,200

Three rolls of decorative Disney-themed tape with colorful, playful designs featuring various Disney characters and transportation imagery.

One washi tape roll is light brown with the vehicles in a red and blue hand-drawn outline style. Another roll is light green with the vehicles in full color. The third is a wider roll with the vehicles and words like “Jump” and “Go!” tightly packed together against a light blue background.

Each sticker is a different vehicle, with Mickey and Donald again pictured riding Aquatopia and the canoes, respectively.

Smart Phone Strap – ¥2,500

Image of a white lanyard decorated with animal cartoons and three matching cartoon keychains: a cow, an animal on a bus, and an elephant.

The strap is white with the vehicles pictured in a row. It has two silvertone lobster claw clips attached with coral-colored pleather pieces. There are three charms featuring a Mickey bus, Mickey riding Aquatopia, or Dumbo.

Button Set – ¥1,100

Three differently sized plates featuring Disney characters and vehicles in a playful design. The largest plate reads "Go, Go, Go with Disney Vehicles.

There are three buttons. The largest is white with “Go-Go-Go! with Disney Vehicles” in blue lettering in the center. The “o”s are different types of wheels. Mickey in an Aquatopia vehicle, a train, Donald’s boat, a bus, and a jellyfish are around the words.

One of the smaller buttons is light blue and features different kinds of tracks and wheels in a circle around Mickey on the Aquatopia vehicle. The other button is peach-colored with images of Donald in a canoe, a bus, Donald’s boat, two Monorail cars, a flying carpet, and a pair of Scuttle’s Scooters. It also reads “Beep.”

Play Mat – ¥1,700

A colorful, illustrated map featuring a variety of themed areas, buildings, and attractions surrounded by a looping road. The map is designed with playful scenery and landmarks.

The play mat would also work as a picnic blanket or parade mat. It’s a cartoonish map of Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland. Different park landmarks and vehicles are pictured. The roads and train tracks are large so kids can easily play with toy vehicles on the mat.

A children's playmat featuring colorful illustrations of various amusement park rides and characters, including boats, a train, and a castle, with a blue border edge and a handle on top for carrying.

The mat can be folded up into a pouch. The outside of the pouch is blue with vehicles and landmarks pictured. These include the AquaSphere, Mickey flowerbed, “it’s a small world,” and Mickey’s house.

A clear plastic folder with blue trim and handle, featuring illustrations of Cinderella Castle and Mount Prometheus. The text reads "Tokyo Disney Resort" with Disney and Pixar logos.

The pouch snaps shut with a flap above images of Mount Prometheus and Cinderella Castle.

Mini Towel Set – ¥2,200

Three colorful hand towels featuring Disney vehicle-themed designs. The red towel has trains, the yellow towel has "Go Go Go!" with various vehicles, and the blue towel features trains and planes.

There are three square towels in this set. One is tan with vehicles outlined in red and blue. One is pale yellow with “Go-Go-Go! with Disney Vehicles” in a brighter yellow. Two rows of vehicles are above and below. The third towel is blue with images of vehicles all over.

Drawstring Pouch Set – ¥1,900

Three colorful drawstring pouches, each with different vehicle-themed designs. The designs include cartoon animals, trains, and cars on various backgrounds.

There are three pouch designs similar to the mini towel designs. They don’t have the borders of the mini towels but do have brightly colored drawstrings.

Monorail Pillow – ¥7,900

A plush toy designed to look like a train, primarily white with blue accents and windows, shaped in an elongated oval form.

This big tubular pillow resembles the front car of a Monorail. It’s white with wavy light blue stripes around it. The windows of the car, including Mickey-shaped windows, are dark blue.

A plush pillow shaped like a train carriage with blue and white colors and Mickey Mouse head designs on the windows.

Other printed details include windshield wipers and doors.

A woman and a young child are sitting on a couch, smiling and playing with a large train-shaped pillow. The wall behind them is white and brick-textured.

Youth T-Shirt – ¥2,300

A white shirt with cartoon images on it.

Both the youth and baby T-shirts are white with a yellow neck. “Go-Go-Go! with Disney Vehicles” is gray in the center of the chest. The vehicles of the collection are pictured all over the shirts.

Baby T-Shirt – ¥2,800

A white children's t-shirt featuring colorful illustrations of various Disney characters and vehicles, with the text "Go! Go! Go! with Disney Vehicles" printed on the front.

The baby shirt has a snap button at the neck. “Go-Go-Go! with Disney Vehicles” is printed at the center of an all-over pattern of Mickey and Donald alongside various ride and park vehicles.

Bib – ¥2,200

A yellow bib with orange trim, decorated with colorful cartoon vehicles and characters. The text "Go-Go-Go! with Disney Vehicles" is featured in the center.

The bib is pale yellow with a brighter yellow border. It’s covered in images of vehicles and related words (“Jump,” “Beep,” “Go”).

A yellow baby bib with colorful designs of Disney vehicles and characters. The bib features the text "Go-Go-Go! with Disney Vehicles.

One side has a pouch at the bottom for catching crumbs and spills.

Baby Socks Set – ¥1,700

Four pairs of children's ankle socks featuring colorful designs with patterns inspired by cartoon robots.

There are two pairs of socks. One design is inspired by the Monorail. The socks are white with blue details. The other design is inspired by Disney buses. They are white with gray and black details, including Mickey-shaped windows and wheels.

Plush Band – ¥2,500

Plush toy of a character dressed as a bus driver, sitting inside a bus toy, attached to a wrap-around fabric bracelet that looks like a roadway.

This plush depicts Mickey popping out of the top of a Disney bus. Mickey, wearing a blue uniform, can be removed and used as a charm instead thanks to a chain attached to his head. The bus is attached to a snap band covered in fabric resembling a road.

Gashapon Toy – ¥500

Four miniature toy trains with different designs, two of which come inside clear spherical capsules with blue bottoms. Each train is displayed on a rectangular base with a small chain attached.

There are four Gashapon toys. Each is a different vehicle on a puzzle piece base. They come in plastic balls featuring the collection’s name.

Four colorful toy vehicles including a train, bus, van, and trolley car are placed on a square, interconnected playmat. Each toy has a silver keychain attached.

The vehicles are a bus, Monorail, train, and trolley. Each base features a different map section from Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea. If you collect them all, you can attach the puzzle pieces. They also have charm chains.

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