Lari the Armadillo Gets Umbrella at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom

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A rock formation with an armadillo curled up under a small bush inside a cave-like structure. Lanterns are hanging nearby.

Lari the Armadillo Gets Umbrella at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom

Lari the Armadillo has gotten his own umbrella during Tiana’s Bayou Adventure construction at Magic Kingdom.

Lari the Armadillo

A log flume ride track winds through a landscaped area with trees and shrubs, leading into a tunnel. The day is sunny with clear skies.

During our visit on May 21, empty logs were being tested. We spotted a few coming down the drop and circling this peninsula. On May 22, the ride was tested with people.

Ride previews will begin next month for DVC Members, Annual Passholders, D23 Gold Members, and Cast Members.

A cave-like structure with a rocky entrance, some decorative hanging lanterns, and a large metal orb inside. The surrounding area features green shrubs and small plants.

The Lari figure in this area now has an umbrella over his head. The umbrella is made out of greens and florals that could be found in the bayou. It joins a small lantern that was added two weeks ago.

A rock formation with an armadillo curled up under a small bush inside a cave-like structure. Lanterns are hanging nearby.

Lari is an original character for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. He’s described as mischievous and quiet, with a habit of borrowing things that don’t belong to him. That said, we may discover the umbrella and lantern don’t actually belong to Lari.

A small wooden bridge covers a stream that flows through a rocky tunnel. A pedestrian pathway with railings ascends on the left side, with bushes and trees around the area.

This Lari figure is located on the right side of the ride flume near the end of the attraction. Another Lari animatronic can be found up behind the yellow barn of the attraction queue. There are likely more Lari figures inside the ride.

A wooden cottage door with a sign labeled "Larry," nestled into a tree-like structure, surrounded by colorful flowers and wooden fencing.

Lari’s home, which recently got its own set of props, can be found outside one of the doors of Critter Co-Op, a gift shop for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. The other gift shop will be Tiana’s Bayou General.

A display window with green bell peppers in wooden crates, a blue watering can, brown sacks, and bottles of various beverages. The back is lined with beige curtains and the top shows a reflection of trees.

Windows inside the Critter Co-Op are still covered, though we spotted lights on inside during our recent visit. We heard work ongoing inside, too.

More Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction

Workers in high-visibility vests and hard hats perform maintenance on a red wooden building labeled "FRONTIERLAND," with construction equipment, materials, and the occasional lari around them.

At the entrance to the attraction, queue signs have yet to be installed in the themed frames. Crew members were working on the frames on Wednesday. They appeared to be installing copper wiring.

Three workers wearing high-visibility clothing conduct maintenance work on a wooden Western-style building with red siding. Scaffolding is set up in front of the building, and one worker is sitting on the porch, resting beside an old lariat hanging from a nail.

The frames feature the lily flower motif present throughout Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and its branding. They’re purple, green, and yellow — the main colors of Mardi Gras.

A winding, fenced brick pathway under a wooden bridge, surrounded by small green shrubs and trees.

In the queue area under the Frontierland train station, construction tape has been removed from the tops of blue fencing, revealing gold detailing at the tops of the posts. This matches gold details on lampposts in the queue.

Colorful painted mural on a yellow building with a blue tent and various items below. The scene includes trees and a wooden fence in the foreground, evoking a quaint, lively outdoor setting.

Crew members were working inside a tent next to the barn, but we couldn’t be sure of what they were doing. Other crew members in the queue were doing electrical work. In addition to the blue lampposts, wood lampposts and lights are hanging from wires.

A building with colorful murals and a sign reading "Main Entrance" above open double doors. Construction equipment and materials are visible outside.

Beyond the main doors to the barn, we could see another pair of double doors. Each door features nine small window panes. They have the same staining as the windows on the doors at the top of nearby stairs (pictured below).

A small wooden building with stained glass doors is situated near rocky terrain. Six black lanterns line the side of the structure, and two orange traffic cones are placed on the adjacent wooden walkway.

We also heard music testing and fire alarm testing.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens at Magic Kingdom on June 28.

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