Themed Trash Cans, New Birdhouse, & More Added to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Walt Disney World

Toni Ferrigno

A collage with four images: two brown waste bins, a bridge over a tunnel, a worker adjusting an electrical box, and a scenic outdoor area with trees and structures.

Themed Trash Cans, New Birdhouse, & More Added to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Walt Disney World

We recently spotted all-new trash cans, a sweet birdhouse, and more details added during the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure construction at Magic Kingdom.

More Updates to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

A stone bridge covers two rail tracks leading into an amusement park ride hidden beneath dense greenery and trees.

During our visit on May 29, the drop’s mist effect was being tested. This effect will be amplified by lighting and the splash guests experience going down the drop.

A construction area with a rocky, vegetation-covered structure in the background. A green construction wall surrounds the site, and a wooden post with a light is visible in the front.

The effect could be seen around midway on the drop.

Construction site with scaffolding, tools, and building materials. Wooden fencing and greenery border the area. An umbrella and a person in the background. Clear weather.

Over at the Frontierland Railroad Station, the future location of the entrance of the attraction, plants were being added to the base of a sign that’s to the right of the wait time marquee.

Construction worker wearing a blue hard hat working in an area with scaffolding, cinder blocks, and various construction materials.

The sign itself is currently covered, but we could get a good look at the potted plants being added around it.

A view of a theme park area under maintenance, featuring a pathway with traffic cones, a tree at the center, and surrounding buildings and greenery.

Moving over to the outdoor back queue area, we spotted new themed trash cans that appeared overnight.

Two brown waste bins, one labeled "Keep our Maui Clean" and the other labeled "Recycle," standing on a stone-paved surface with a small traffic cone behind them.

Signage on the trash cans reads “Help Keep Our Bayou Clean,” with two wishing star icons, and artwork of a pelican wrapping its wings around a bayou environment.

A small wooden building with purple doors and two rustic lanterns on either side. The structure is adjacent to a wooden fence. The exterior walls are painted yellow and white.

One of the double doors at the side entrance to the left of the Tiana’s Foods main entrance was open, revealing two details inside the building.

A partially open glass-paned door with purple trim and a yellow exterior wall is seen, reminiscent of Tiana's charming touch. A lit lantern hangs above the door, and a framed picture is visible inside.

After brightening the image, we can see a black-and-white framed picture of what could be the Tiana’s Foods team, or Tiana and her family.

A black-and-white illustration depicts a group of people posing in front of the "Tiana's Foods" water tower. A crane is carefully placing a tiara atop the tower. Text reads "Placing the Tiara 1927.

The image is in line with “photos” released by Disney to build the backstory of Tiana’s Foods, which is a New Orleans co-op owned and operated by Tiana and her community. At Tiana’s Foods, the team runs a farm, a working and teaching kitchen, and creates new products, including original hot sauces.

A partially open door reveals an interior with dark wood walls and a wooden cabinet labeled "Time" with an open compartment. The door features a purple frame and glass panels.

Also behind the open door, we could see a Tiana’s Foods-branded podium that looked to be in the middle of being worked on.

A construction worker in a yellow vest and white helmet works on birdhouse on a ladder near trees, while other workers are seen in the background. Various equipment and barriers are set up around the site.

Crew members were actively working in the outdoor queue area, with one installing a birdhouse.

A worker in a safety vest and helmet is standing on a ladder, installing a birdhouse among trees and outdoor lights.

With its yellow exterior, the birdhouse looks a bit like a miniature version of the Tiana’s Foods barn.

An outdoor scene with a house partially obscured by foliage, reminiscent of Tiana's Bayou Adventure. A light fixture with a metallic shade and wire suspensions is foregrounded. The house has a corrugated metal roof and wooden wall panels, providing an enchanting Southern charm evocative of Walt Disney World.

Though difficult to see, in the back, near the restrooms, a few additional Tiana’s Foods hot sauce advertisement posters have been added to the wall. It was recently announced that gift shops in Magic Kingdom will sell bottles of Mama Odie’s hot sauce.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens on June 28, 2024 at Walt Disney World.

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