‘Deadpool & Wolverine,’ ‘The Lion King,’ & More Pandora Charms Debut at Magic Kingdom

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Image showing Disney-themed Pandora charms. Two bracelets with assorted charms, one themed around a red robot resembling Deadpool and another adorned with yellow and blue accents reminiscent of The Lion King. A sign also advertises new Disney Pandora merchandise.

‘Deadpool & Wolverine,’ ‘The Lion King,’ & More Pandora Charms Debut at Magic Kingdom

There are a bunch of new Pandora charms themed to “The Lion King,” “Deadpool & Wolverine,” and more at Walt Disney World. We found the charms at Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom.

‘The Lion King’ Pandora Collection

A display sign for Disney x Pandora's The Lion King jewelry collection available now, featuring bracelets and charms with characters from The Lion King.

The new “The Lion King” collection features two Simba charms, a Simba leather bracelet, a Murano glass charm, a Timon and Pumbaa set, and a gold ring. The collection is also available on DisneyStore.com and on the Pandora website.

A brown braided bracelet with various charms including a bumblebee, flowers, animals, and multicolored beads displayed in a black container.

The Timon and Pumbaa set ($115) includes two sterling silver dangle charms, each with “Hakuna Matata” etched on the bails. The characters are depicted on mostly flat charms with enameled detailing and color. The Timon charm is 12.5mm H x 8.4mm W x 1mm D and Pumbaa is 13mm H x 11.6mm x 1mm D.

A brown and black braided leather bracelet with a silver clasp engraved with text.

The Simba bracelet is made of dark and tan brown leather braided together. The sterling silver clasp is shaped like Rafiki’s drawing of Simba, with “Remember who you are” etched on the back.

A jewelry display case featuring "The Lion King" themed charms, pendants, and rings accompanied by an illustration of a young lion character from the movie. Prices are visible below each item.

The Simba charm ($95) is a sculpted 14k gold-plated bead with enameled detailing. It’s 9.4mm x 13.4mm x 7.6mm. The Nala charm ($95) is similar but with rose gold plating and green eyes. It’s 10mm x 13mm x 8.5mm.

A display featuring a mannequin bust adorned with two necklaces, each with pendant charms. The backdrop includes a partial view of a red patterned cloth and a blue object.

The Murano glass charm ($60) is a bead charm with an amber Murano glass core. Sculpted sterling silver on the sides depicts Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, and tropical leaves from the film’s “Hakuna Matata” scene. It’s 13.5mm H x 13.4mm W x 9.2mm D.

A gold ring with a mountain range design sits on a white display stand against a dark surface.

“The Lion King” ring ($85) is not available on DisneyStore.com but is available on the Pandora site. Like the Simba charm, it’s 14k gold-plated. It features an intricate design of African animals in a row, including Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa. It’s 1.7 mm deep and 7.8 mm tall.

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Deadpool Charm – $85

Wolverine Charm – $85

A close-up of a braided navy blue bracelet with three silver charms and a small figurine of a red-suited character holding a cassette tape. The bracelet is displayed on a black cushion.

Both the Deadpool and Wolverine charms are sterling silver with metallic-effect enamel details. The basse-taille technique is used on the Deadpool charm to create the woven pattern of his red body suit. Wolverine wears his classic blue and yellow suit, with his claws crossed over his chest.

The Wolverine charm is approximately 18.4 mm H x 9.2 mm W x 7.2 mm D. Deadpool is 19 mm H x 11.5 mm W x 8.2 mm D.

Mickey and Minnie Charm – $80

Advertisement for new exclusive Disney Parks x Pandora collectible featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse driving a red car, displayed on a countertop.

This Mickey and Minnie charm is a Disney Parks exclusive. The slider depicts the mice in Mickey’s car, as seen on Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland.

A silver charm shaped like a car with an animal figure on top, displayed in a jewelry store. The price tag below the charm reads $80.

The sterling silver charm is all silver tone except for the shell of the car, which is red.

Donald Dangle Charm – $75

Daisy Dangle Charm – $75

A hand holds two charm beads. One charm depicts a Disney character with blue attire, while the other features a figure with pink accents and reads "Disney Parks" and "Sandcastles and Sea.

These sculpted dangle charms are sterling silver with enamel detailing. Donald is depicted throwing an angry fit. The only color on his charm is the blue of his sailor hat and shirt and the red of his bowtie. He’s 13.5mm H x 7.9mm W x 12.7mm D.

Daisy’s bow and shoes are bright pink with glitter accents while her shirt is lilac purple. She’s 15.9mm H x 6.1mm W x 4.2mm D.

The Donald and Daisy charms are also available from Pandora as a duo set for $150.

Alice and Cheshire Cat Charm – $80

A small silver and pink charm depicting a figure in a teacup, displayed in a black and pink gift box.

This bead charm depicts Alice sitting in a giant teacup, à la Mad Tea Party. The Chesire Cat lounges on the saucer in front of the cup. It’s silvertone except for the pink exterior of the cup.

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