‘Inside Out 2’ Sneak Peek, Concept Art, and Maquettes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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A display shows a figurine labeled "Anxiety" with wild, spiky hair and a worried expression. The name "Maya Hawke" is also noted.

‘Inside Out 2’ Sneak Peek, Concept Art, and Maquettes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A sneak peek of “Inside Out 2” is now playing at Walt Disney Presents in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Outside the theater, guests can also view concept art and maquettes for the film.

‘Inside Out 2’ Sneak Peek

A crossroads structure at a theme park featuring a "Now Featuring" poster for an animated movie. There are recycling and waste bins in front of the structure, with buildings and visitors in the background.

A poster for the sneak peek is at the front of the park.

A street display features a poster for "Inside Out 2," highlighting a limited-time sneak peek at Walt Disney presents. The poster shows the movie's animated characters with various expressions.

“Inside Out 2” will be in theaters on June 14.

Two posters hanging on a pole advertise the movie "Inside Out 2." The left poster shows the character Joy, and the right poster shows the character Anxiety. Both posters state "Only in Theaters June 14.

Banners featuring Joy and Anxiety hang on a lamppost near Walt Disney Presents.

People walking past the entrance of a Walt Disney attraction with a sign that reads "From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms and Beyond" at a theme park.

The marquee of the exhibit advertises the sneak peek.

A movie poster for "Inside Out 2" featuring animated characters Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, Anger, and new emotions. The poster is displayed outside a building. Text reads "Make room for new emotions.

The movie poster is also at the entrance of Walt Disney Presents.

A movie poster for "Inside Out 2" features animated characters with various facial expressions. The bottom text states "Only in Theaters June 14.

The theater showing the sneak peek is at the end of the Walt Disney exhibit. Giant “Inside Out 2” posters decorate the theater doors.

A display case in a museum showcases various items related to "Inside Out 2." The background is illuminated with purple lighting, and a few visitors can be seen reflected in the glass.

One display case in the theater lobby features “Inside Out 2” concept art and maquettes (and a falling sign).

A signage titled "Art" explains the representation of emotions in "Inside Out" and "Inside Out 2," noting Joy's multicolored hair with a touch of blue hinting at sadness. Attribution to Pixar Animation Studios.

There are signs with information about the film, artwork, and characters.

In the world of Inside Out and Inside Out 2, the animators represent each emotion with a signature color. Only Joy (Amy Poehler) features multiple colors, including a pop of blue in her hair that alludes to the hint of Sadness that has been with her all along.

Abstract image with two small human figures standing on a textured surface under streaks of light, surrounded by rows of colorful, out-of-focus dots and floral patterns.

This piece shows the five original “Inside Out” emotions looking out at a wasteland.

People looking at an art display featuring an animated scene where two characters are interacting, set against a colorful backdrop.

In this artwork, Joy, Fear, Disgust, and Anger are gathered around something glowing.

A piece of concept art from Disney Pixar's "Inside Out" shows a whimsical city scene with stylized characters under large spotlights. Reflections of onlookers and the exhibit setting are visible.

Disgust, Fear, Joy, and Anger walk down a road filled with yellow creatures and spotlights.

A colorful animated scene shows small characters with varied expressions in outer space. One character is on fire, and there is a sphere emitting beams nearby.

This piece depicts the five emotions falling from the headquarters of Riley’s mind.

Colorful futuristic cityscape artwork displayed next to a vibrant drawing of a whimsical character inspecting a luminous plant.

On the left is a look at long-term memory, featuring hundreds of colorful orbs on shelves. On the right is Joy in headquarters.

A digital artwork featuring a small, blue, human-like figure standing amidst a vibrant, abstract background of colorful orbs and streaks on a dark canvas. Reflections and furniture are visible in the foreground.

This piece shows Joy walking among floating orbs.

A display case with concept art and character models for the movie "Inside Out 2." The case includes drawings and three 3D character busts, set against a patterned carpeted floor and lit interior.

The three maquettes on display depict three of the new emotions.

A sign titled "Emotions" lists: Anxiety (Maya Hawke), Embarrassment (Paul Walter Hauser), Envy (Ayo Edebiri), and Ennui (Adele Exarchopoulos) with brief descriptions of each emotion's characteristics.

Meet Riley’s new emotions!

ANXIETY (Maya Hawke) is always prepared for the worst-case scenario!

EMBARRASSMENT (Paul Walter Hauser) would prefer if you didn’t notice him.

ENVY (Ayo Edebiri) only wants what Riley doesn’t have.

ENNUI (Adèle Exarchopoulos) doesn’t care about anything… except their phone.

A detailed sculpture of a character labeled "ENNUI" created by Adele Exarchopoulos is displayed on a stand in a showcase.

There are three large maquettes of Ennui, Embarrassment, and Anxiety.

A clay model labeled "EMBARRASSMENT" is displayed in a case. The character has a worried facial expression and posture, with details about emotions and the movie "Inside Out 2" in the background.
A display shows a figurine labeled "Anxiety" with wild, spiky hair and a worried expression. The name "Maya Hawke" is also noted.
Display panel for "Inside Out 2" (2024) featuring a summary of the storyline and character connections. Artwork is courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios.

This description of the film is on a sign:

For Riley (Kinsington Tallman), starting high school comes with new challenges and complicated emotions! When Anxiety (Maya Hawke) takes control of the Headquarters, Joy (Amy Poehler) and the other emotions find themselves on an adventure to protect Riley’s Sense of Self. In high school, Riley’s emotions guide her as she pursues new goals, like joining the varsiety hockey team and making friends with the popular Val Ortiz (Lilimar).

A sketch of a girl depicted in five different poses, all involving a camera or phone, including taking photos and making a peace sign, placed against a red background.

There are sketches of Riley as a teenager taking selfies.

A series of sketch illustrations featuring a wide-eyed character with pigtails expressing various emotions like surprise, excitement, and concern, with different poses and facial expressions.

This artwork depicts Envy with different expressions.

A character sheet showcasing various facial expressions and poses of an animated bird-like character with long red hair, glasses, and a beak, against a plain background.

This artwork shows the different stages of Ennui. A note reads “Nose slides down w/ gravity.”

A collection of sketches depicting a character in various slouched and withdrawn postures, wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

Embarrassment is always trying to hide his face.

A drawing features six comical characters with exaggerated wide eyes and wild, feathery hair in various comical poses on a white background. The characters are brown and have quirky expressions.

Here, Anxiety is shown with different pained expressions.

A drawing shows animated characters struggling to close a door filled with various objects. One character pushes the door while the others appear concerned and stressed.

In this artwork, the old emotions are trying to close a door on the new.

A collection of animated character sketches depicting a young girl expressing various emotions, including happiness, anger, surprise, and excitement.

Another piece shows more of teenaged Riley.

View of a large, empty indoor ice hockey rink with two people skating on the ice. The rink has red seating and overhead banners.

This concept art depicts a hockey rink.

A series of sketches showing a character with a backpack walking, sitting pensively at a desk, and laughing while wearing glasses.

There is artwork of Riley’s new friends and teammates, including Val Ortiz.

A framed display featuring two cartoon-style illustrations: one depicting three elderly women taking selfies, the other showing a young person seated on a bench tying their shoe.
An illustration featuring colorful characters working on a site with a wrecking ball, cranes, and various equipment. The background shows whimsical buildings and structures in pastel hues.

This piece depicts the headquarters of Riley’s mind under construction.

A display shows an animated character with blue hair and headphones pointing energetically. Below the character, a digital timer reads "01:01." Bright, colorful circles are in the background.

Some more stylistic pieces show emotions at the control panel.

“Inside Out 2” is expected to be a big success for Disney and Pixar.

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