First Look Inside ‘Peter Pan’-Inspired Lookout Cookout at Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea

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Visitors exploring the Peter Pan-themed Lookout Cookout dining venue with rustic wooden decor and hanging Lost Boy costumes.

First Look Inside ‘Peter Pan’-Inspired Lookout Cookout at Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo Disney Resort released a first look inside Lookout Cookout, the dining venue in the Peter Pan’s Never Land area of Fantasy Springs, the new port opening at Tokyo DisneySea this summer.

Lookout Cookout Cast Members

tdr tds fs lookout cookout cast 1

Cast Members wear costumes that look like they’ve been patched together from various fabrics and natural materials.

Two theme park staff in colorful, patchwork costumes standing in front of a "lookout cookout" hut, smiling and waving at the camera.

They have leaf-green aprons and striped pants. They wear vests over long-sleeved shirts.

Lookout Cookout Exterior

Sunlit view of a tropical-themed amusement park entrance with lush greenery and rocky structures, featuring a clear blue sky and a bright sunburst.

Lookout Cookout is meant to look like the Lost Boys’ secret headquarters.

A whimsically constructed lookout and cook-out hut with multiple levels, adorned with thatched roofs and tropical foliage, set against a hilly backdrop.

The entrance features a crow’s nest on top of a large mast.

Wooden sign reading "lookout cookout" with rustic, colorful decor and vintage lanterns, set against a straw-covered shack.

The Lookout Cookout sign looks handpainted, with a plunger arrow sticking out of a yellow target.

A vivid image of a tropical-themed restaurant with a large, colorful roof, wooden structures, and hanging lanterns, nestled in lush greenery.

The seating area is covered by an upside-down boat.

Lookout Cookout Interior

tdr tds fs lookout cookout 1

The Lookout Cookout menu includes snack boxes of seaweed fritters, banana chips, shrimp chips, and different flavored chicken tenders. The dessert is the Lookout Brownie and the special drink is the Pixie Dust Soda.

Animal onesies hung from the ceiling of a rustic wooden shop with warm lighting.

The Lost Boys’ animal-inspired onesies hang to “dry” on the ceiling in the ordering area.

Wall murals depicting cartoon animals having a feast, with colorful mosaic tiles below in a whimsical, storybook style interior.

There are drawings of the Lost Boys on the walls. These include references to other Disney properties like Pirates of the Caribbean and Winnie the Pooh.

Wall mural depicting whimsical cartoon characters in a tropical setting, above a colorful tiled wall, under wooden beams.
Whimsical childlike drawings featuring anthropomorphic fruits and objects on a textured wall with wooden beams and colorful tiles.
A mural depicting playful cartoon animals engaged in various activities, such as fishing and gathering fruits, adorned with colorful tiles at the bottom.
Interior of a themed restaurant with rustic wooden furniture, hanging lanterns, and walls adorned with maps and tribal decorations.

Much of the furniture and decorations appear to be reclaimed from pirate ships.

tdr tds fs lookout cookout 8
Rustic seaside souvenir shop interior with wooden walls adorned with nautical decor, displaying starfish, ropes, and shells on shelves and hanging from the ceiling.

There are treasure chests full of condiments. Seashells are stuck to the walls.

tdr tds fs lookout cookout 10

Some tables are painted, like this one featuring the Never Land mountains and stars.

A weathered wooden chair back painted with a rough white sketch of a fairy on a yellow background, situated in a workshop setting.

There are small drawings on the chairs and benches.

Interior view of a themed restaurant with rustic wooden furniture, colorful ceiling beams, hanging lanterns, and barrels, showcasing a cozy, vintage ambiance.
Interior of a rustic-themed restaurant with wooden beams, hanging lanterns, and scattered tables and chairs.
A rustic themed map displayed on a wooden sign, surrounded by ropes and a lantern, inside a cabin-like setting.

A map of Never Land is pinned to one wall.

Interior of a rustic theme park shop with colorful clothing hanging from the ceiling, lanterns lit above, and a decorated counter.

Also check out the land’s “Peter Pan” attractions: Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure and Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies.

Fantasy Springs will open on June 6, 2024.

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