Collage of Donald Duck-themed merchandise including a headband, shirts, a backpack, and figurines, displayed in a store.

Full List (with Prices) of Donald Duck 90th Birthday Merchandise at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

Join the Quacketeer Club for Donald Duck’s 90th birthday this summer with a new collection of Donald-inspired merchandise.

Donald Duck 90th Birthday Merchandise

Display of Donald Duck-themed merchandise in a store, featuring clothing, hats, backpacks, and other items with Donald Duck images. Shelves and racks are filled with various colorful products.

We found the new collection at the Emporium in Disneyland, Elias & Co. in Disney California Adventure, and World of Disney in Downtown Disney District.

Display featuring a large circular sign with Donald Duck's face and text reading "Donald Duck Since 1934!" and "Donald Duck 90." Surrounded by Donald Duck-themed merchandise.

Donald Duck debuted in “The Wise Little Hen” on June 9, 1934.

Donald Duck Ear Headband – $34.99

A hand holding a headband with Donald Duck ears and a fluffy bow, featuring a “90” badge. Background shows more headbands and blue clothing items with Donald Duck designs.

Instead of traditional round mouse ears, the “ears” on this headband are shaped like Donald’s face. They’re made of a pleather material with a black background.

A close-up of a Donald Duck-themed accessory, featuring his face with an expressive look. The accessory appears to be attached to a display stand, with other Donald Duck-themed items nearby.

The right ear features Donald with an angry expression.

A display featuring various Donald Duck-themed merchandise, including hats and plush items, arranged in a brightly lit retail setting.

The left ear has him smiling.

A hand holds a headband with Donald Duck-themed decorations, including his face on both sides of the headband and a fluffy white center piece displaying the number 90.

The bow in the center is made of a white feathery fleece. A “90” charm is in the center, with Donald’s backside sticking out of the zero. The charm is blue, white, and black (and yellow thanks to Donald’s feet). These are Donald’s main colors and are featured on most of his 90th birthday merchandise.

A hand holds a blue and white Donald Duck-themed ear headband on display in a store, with a tag attached and a sign in the background showing a 30.00 price and a promotion.

The backs of the ears are solid blue. The same color covers the outside of the headband. The inside of the headband is lined with yellow velour.

Loungefly Mini Backpack – $88

A small backpack designed with a face of an animated duck character, featuring a blue hat, red bow tie, and a tag that reads "Disney Parks.

This backpack is UV color-changing, which means it will change in the sunlight. It resembles Donald in his classic sailor’s uniform. The front features his eyes, narrowed with an angry look, and bill. A puff of feathers and his hat are at the top of the bag.

A close-up of a Loungefly Disney Parks backpack featuring the design of Donald Duck's outfit with a red bow tie and yellow accents.

The front pocket has yellow and red pleather patches inspired by the collar of his shirt and bowtie. There’s a blue metal tag with the Disney Parks and Loungefly wordmarks, set against a yellow pleather patch.

A small, blue and yellow backpack is displayed on a counter in a store. The bag has adjustable straps and a tag hanging from one of them. Surrounding items include clothing and hats.

The padded sections of the backpack straps are blue with yellow stripes. The handle and a strip of pleather on the back are also yellow. The adjustable sections of the straps are white.

A close-up of a blue bag featuring Donald Duck expressions on a fuel gauge illustration, ranging from calm to angry.

A dial on the back of the bag shows Donald’s scale of angriness.

Side view of a small blue and white backpack with yellow zippers displayed on a store shelf near a white t-shirt with "Disneyland Resort" printed on it.

The slip pockets on the sides are blue. The main zipper is lined with yellow pleather. The zippers and other hardware are gold-tone.

A hand holding open a bag with a yellow zipper, revealing a red interior lining adorned with images of Donald Duck in different poses.

The interior lining is red. It’s patterned with images of an angry Donald in his black sailor shirt.

Wallet – $19.99

Close-up of a hand holding a blue wallet featuring an image of a cartoon duck with the text "Quacketeer Club." In the background, there is related merchandise and a person wearing a themed shirt.

The wallet is made of blue pleather. A yellow circle patch on one side features Donald’s face in the center. “Quacketeer Club” is embossed below the patch. This design is inspired by the Mickey Mouse Club and “Mouseketeers.”

A hand holds an open blue wallet with several card slots. Behind the wallet is a backpack featuring a character with a blue sailor outfit and red bowtie.

The inside and back of the wallet are blank. There are four card slots and a bill pocket inside.

Beret – $29.99

A bright blue beret with a white pom-pom, featuring a tag that reads "Disney Donald Duck 90," displayed on a stand in a store.

Donald’s sailor hat inspires this beret. It’s bright blue with a white tuft on top inspired by Donald’s feathers.

A close-up of a blue hat with "Donald Duck" embroidered in yellow cursive lettering. A tag with care instructions is visible beneath the embroidery.

His autograph is embroidered in yellow thread on one side.

A person holds a blue hat with a black feather decoration. The background shows a store display with similar blue-themed items, including a backpack and clothes.

A black felt ribbon sticks out of another side of the hat.

Spirit Jersey – $79.99

A Disneyland-themed shirt featuring Donald Duck is displayed on a hanger, with matching Donald Duck backpacks on a nearby shelf.

The Donald Duck Spirit Jersey is mostly white with a light blue collar and sleeves. “Disneyland” is in large yellow lettering across the back with “Resort” in black beneath it.

Image of a white and blue long-sleeve Disneyland Resort shirt featuring a print of Donald Duck in various poses. The word "Disneyland" is prominently displayed in yellow across the back.

Like most Spirit Jerseys, the lettering is made of a silicone material that pops out of the fabric.

A colorful shirt features Donald Duck animations with various expressions and actions, including comic-style speech bubbles, a "coming attractions" sign, and text indicating "since 1934.

Donald is pictured in full color on the bottom of the back. Around him are various black and white sketches of him with notes and a Character Model Dep’t. stamp. “Since 1934” is in gray letters near the bottom of the design.

A close-up of a blue long-sleeve shirt featuring several images of Donald Duck in different poses along the sleeve. The background shows part of a circular display rack and another shirt with a cartoon print.

The left sleeve features four images of Donald at various stages of his career. The first is how he appeared in “The Wise Little Hen,” with a slightly different sailor’s shirt and a longer bill. The fourth is how Donald is usually depicted today, with more proportional features and a red bowtie.

A white and blue long-sleeve shirt with a Donald Duck graphic hangs on a rack. To the right, there are Donald Duck-themed backpacks.

The front of the jersey has a simple design. A yellow silicone circle is on the left breast.

Close-up of a white shirt featuring an embroidered patch of the cartoon character Donald Duck within a yellow circle, with "Donald Duck" written below the image.

“Donald Duck” is in black on the circle and his face is in the center.

Hockey Jersey – $64.99

A blue and white jersey-style shirt with a large "90" and a cartoon duck on the front is displayed on a hanger. It is surrounded by blue and white bags with the same cartoon duck design.

This hockey-style short-sleeved jersey has a blue yoke and sleeves, and a white torso. Yellow stripes are on the v-shaped neck and ends of the sleeves.

A jersey with a large graphic of a cartoon duck wearing a sailor hat and raising a fist, with the number "90" behind the duck. The colors are predominantly blue and white.

A blue “90” is in the center, with an embroidered patch of Donald sticking out of the zero. His brow is furrowed and he has a fist raised in the air. The numbers have black shadows.

A white cloth with an embroidered patch displaying "Official Quacketeer" and a cartoon character in sailor attire. The text reads "Quacking since 1954" and includes another logo with "Quacketeer Club.

Near the hem is a square patch featuring the Quacketeer Club logo. “Official Quacketeer Quacking since 1934” is below the yellow circle.

A blue and white shirt with "Donald" in yellow letters on the back, featuring a graphic of a duck and the letters "CP" below it, displayed in a store alongside similar themed merchandise.

“Donald” is on the back of the jersey in yellow letters.

A blue and white sports jersey with the name "Donald" on the back, featuring an image of Donald Duck facing backward, displaying the back of his head and legs.

The “90” is also pictured backward, with Donald’s backside sticking out of the zero.

Button-Up – $64.99

Image of a colorful shirt with a large print of Donald Duck in various poses, displayed on a rack in a retail store. Other blue and white garments hang on adjacent racks.

This button-up features large prints of Donald in different vintage animated shorts. It has a mostly yellow and white background. There are two large images of Donald on the front.

A colorful shirt featuring cartoon characters, including two ducks wearing blue and red outfits, displayed on a hanger in a store.

The buttons are white.

A multi-colored shirt displayed on a rack features cartoon characters, including ducks in a boat with the word "SEA SCOUT" written above them in bold red letters.

A large image on the back features Donald in a rowboat with his nephews. This is from the 1939 animated short “Sea Scouts.”

A colorful shirt featuring cartoon ducks with the words "Sea Scouts" in large, bold letters, displayed on a rack.

“Sea Scouts” is across the shoulders in large red letters.

A colorful shirt depicting cartoon ducks dressed in maritime attire, with one holding a telescope and others rowing a small boat.

Donald wears an admiral’s hat. Huey, Dewey, and Louie are in red and white striped shirts and blue hats.

A hand holding a shirt sleeve featuring a close-up illustration of Donald Duck in a red and white outfit. A blue shirt with Donald Duck prints is visible in the background.

There are also images of Donald’s face on the sleeves. This one depicts Donald in a firefighter’s hat from “Fire Chief” (1940).

Crew Neck Sweatshirt – $54.99

A blue sweatshirt featuring a large image of Donald Duck's face, displayed on a rack alongside other Donald Duck-themed clothing.

The sweatshirt is blue with a large image of Donald’s face on a white square taking up most of the front. The back is plain blue.

A sweatshirt featuring a large print of Donald Duck's face, with his eyes wide open and wearing his signature blue and white colors.

Donald’s expression is slightly dazed with wide eyes and a closed bill.

Zip-Up Hoodie – $59.99

A colorful hoodie featuring various expressions of a cartoon duck character is displayed on a round clothing rack with other matching items and merchandise in the background.

This hoodie is white with an all-over print of Donald’s face making different expressions. It has some pop art features like dots and starbursts.

Colorful hoodie featuring multiple large cartoon images of Donald Duck in different expressive poses.

The plastic zipper and hood’s drawstring are white.

Pullover Hoodie – $59.99

A blue hoodie featuring Donald Duck and the text "Donald Years" displayed on a rack in a store, alongside other Donald Duck-themed apparel.

This hoodie is a pullover. It’s the same color blue as the crew neck. A white stripe cuts across the chest and sleeves.

A blue sweatshirt with the text "Donald through the Years" and multiple images of Donald Duck's face on the bottom section.

On the left breast is “Donald through the Years,” with the duck’s name in red block letters. The other words are black.

A blue and white shirt depicts four images of Donald Duck in different stances, illustrating his evolution through the years.

Four images of Donald are on the white stripe. The first is his design from “The Wise Little Hen.”

A blue hoodie featuring three images of Donald Duck in a row on the chest. It is displayed on a hanger in a store.

Three more Donalds are pictured on the back, with the final Donald being his design from today. This makes a total of seven images showing Donald’s evolution since 1934.

A blue hoodie featuring three images of a cartoon duck character, each wearing a blue sailor hat and blue jacket with a red bow tie, displayed in a row on the front.

We’ve found this hoodie and other Donald 90th apparel at Walt Disney World, too.

Ringer T-Shirt – $34.99

A white and blue Disneyland Resort t-shirt featuring Donald Duck in a blue sailor outfit, displayed on a clothing rack.

The ringer T-shirt is white with blue at the neck and sleeves. A retro image of Donald is on the chest. His sailor’s shirt has a black bowtie, white on the collar, and four white buttons.

A white T-shirt featuring Donald Duck in a blue outfit with "Disneyland Resort" printed in black text at the bottom.

“Disneyland Resort” is printed below Donald in black lettering.

“Through the Years” T-Shirt – $34.99

Gray T-shirt on a store rack features the text "Donald through the Years" with images of Donald Duck in different poses and outfits.

This heather gray shirt features four versions of Donald on the chest. “Donald through the Years,” with red and black lettering, is across the top.

Donald T-Shirt – $29.99

A gray t-shirt featuring Donald Duck with the text "Donald" and "Disneyland" is displayed on a table among other Donald Duck merchandise, including plush toys and a yellow box.

The last adult T-shirt is also heather gray and shows a grumpy Donald set against a solid gray square. His name is in yellow below him. “Disneyland Resort” is in white at the bottom of the design.

Youth T-Shirt – $21.99

A child mannequin wearing a gray T-shirt featuring Donald Duck with the text "Being Kind is Cool!" in a store with merchandise and Disney character designs in the background.

The heater gray youth T-shirt reads “Being Kind Is Cool.” The first two words feature a blue-to-purple gradient and yellow shadows, while the second two words are white with black shadows.

Child's gray T-shirt featuring Donald Duck and the slogan "Being Kind is Cool!" in colorful letters. Additional text at the bottom reads "Do Something Nice for Someone Else Today.

Donald is pictured in the center, walking jauntily across a pink and blue checkerboard design. “Disneyland Resort” is in white lettering on a yellow cloud below Donald.

A close-up of a gray Disneyland Resort T-shirt featuring a cartoon character and a checkered design, with the text "DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE ELSE TODAY" printed in red at the bottom.

Across the bottom, in red lettering, reads, “Do something nice for someone else today.”

Socks – $16.99

A hand holds a pair of green socks featuring an embroidered cartoon duck wearing a blue jacket and cap. The socks are displayed in a store environment.

The socks are army green. A retro image of Donald is near the ankles, which are burnt orange. The toes are the same shade of orange.

A hand holding a Disney sock package in a store. The package displays shoe sizes and features a cartoon character image. "Big Top Toys" sign visible in the background.

The socks fit most adult shoe sizes.

Puzzle – $29.99

A 1000-piece puzzle box depicting Donald Duck and other characters. The box displays "Disney Parks Signature Puzzle" and "Donald Duck" on the left side. Various objects surround the box.

This signature puzzle features the artwork “Donald Duck Through the Years” by Darren Wilson. It has an antique finish with images of Donald’s designs since 1934. The Donalds make a border around one larger, smiling Donald.

A 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle box featuring Donald Duck. It commemorates Donald Duck's 90th anniversary with character series artwork. Dimensions: 27" x 19.5" (68.6 cm x 49.5 cm).

The puzzle is 1,000 pieces. It comes out to be 27 inches by 19.5 inches or 68.6 centimeters by 49.5 centimeters.

A person holding a Disney Parks Signature Puzzle box with cartoon characters depicted on the right side of the box.

We already found this puzzle at Walt Disney World.

Large Mug – $29.99

A ceramic container shaped like a cartoon duck with a blue hat and yellow bill is displayed on a beige surface among various items.

This mug is stoneware with a silicone lid. The stoneware mug is sculpted like Donald’s head complete with eyes, a yellow bill, and a blue collar. The lid resembles his blue sailor’s hat.

A ceramic mug shaped like a character with a blue hat and yellow beak, with plastic wrapping around it, placed on a wooden surface.

The mug has a black rim and white handle. A black silicone ribbon sticks out of the hat.

A white and blue lidded jug with a handle, featuring a blue hat-like top and a black spout, is displayed on a wooden surface indoors.

It’s 625 milliliters or 22 ounces.

Small Mug – $16.99

Yellow mugs featuring an animated duck with the name "Donald" are displayed on a shelf.

The smaller mug is stoneware and 397 milliliters or 14 ounces. It’s yellow with a blue handle. Donald is pictured throwing a fit on one side with his name in black lettering.

Large yellow mug with a blue handle on display in a store, alongside other mugs featuring a cartoon character.

The rest of the mug is blank.

A person holds a Disneyland-themed mug with an image of a castle at the bottom. The mug is displayed in a store with various merchandise in the background.

The interior is white. “Disneyland Resort” is in blue lettering on the inside of the rim. Sleeping Beauty Castle is pictured in blue with red flags on the bottom of the interior.

Figurine – $129

A figurine of Donald Duck in a sailor outfit stands on a boat, displayed for sale in a store. The sign in front of the figurine reads, "Donald Duck 90th Anniversary Medium Figurine $129.00".

This medium-sized figurine depicts an early Donald design standing on a wooden boat. He holds onto a flagpole with a red pennant flag on top.

A figurine of Donald Duck dressed as a sailor, standing on a small wooden boat with a red flag, displayed in a shop. The boat has "Donald" written on the front.

The boat is in a body of water next to green grass with a few flowers and reeds. Donald’s boat has a cabin and a small can sitting by the door.

A small figurine of Donald Duck dressed as a sailor standing on a mini boat display with a "Donald Duck" life preserver. Various items and signs featuring Donald Duck are visible in the background.

A white life preserver tied to the front of the boat is labeled “Donald Duck.”

Box of a Disney Donald Duck 90th anniversary figurine on a store shelf, featuring Donald Duck in a blue outfit holding a red flag on a small green platform.

The figurine comes in yellow, blue, and white packaging labeled “Donald Duck 90.”

A yellow box with the text "Disney Donald Duck 90" in bold letters, celebrating Donald Duck's 90th anniversary.

Though we saw the figurine available for purchase in a few stores, it was on display outside of the box in Disneyana.

A blue box featuring the Disney Donald Duck 90 logo and a detailed description of a commemorative figure celebrating Donald Duck's 90th birthday. The text is in multiple languages.

The back reads:

Set sail with Donald Duck for his 90th birthday with this honorary figurine! This celebratory collectible features Donald on deck, with a wooden base and a 90th-anniversary flag. This figurine is a tribute to Donald’s debut film, The Wise Little Hen, a fitting homage to the origins of the duck we know and love. Disney artists are proud to present this figurine, showcasing Donald’s decades of smooth sailing!

Wood Art – $150

A wooden sign displays "Walt Disney Productions Ltd. Donald Duck" and "Sound Cartoons" with an image of Donald Duck in his sailor outfit. Text at the bottom reads "Hyperion Avenue, Hollywood.

This wood art was also displayed at Disneyana. It resembles an old Walt Disney Productions Ltd. billboard. It’s light brown with a darker border. “Donald Duck” is in red lettering across the center, around an image of Donald. It also advertises “Sound Cartoons” and the studio’s location on Hyperion Avenue, Hollywood.

Ornament – $26.99

Four Donald Duck ornaments commemorating his 90th anniversary are displayed for sale, each featuring Donald in a sailor outfit with a "90" emblem.

The ornament has a blue ribbon attached to a golden “Celebrating 90 Years” medallion. The rest of the piece has a similar design to the figurine. Donald is depicted in front of wooden posts displaying a “Donald Duck” life preserver.

A hand holds a figurine of Donald Duck in a blue sailor outfit, standing on grass with flowers, in front of a tree and life preserver labeled "Donald Duck". A person wearing a Donald Duck shirt is in the background.

The wooden posts and life preserver create the shape of the number 90.

Limited Edition Pin – $21.99

A hand holds a boxed Disney Pins Limited Edition for Donald Duck's 90th anniversary. Featuring various expressions of Donald Duck, the pin is whimsically displayed inside a retail store.

This pin has a limited edition size of 2,000. It features various depictions of Donald with different facial expressions, set against a shiny blue cloud background. We first found this at 20th Century Music Company.

Quacketeer Club Pin – $29.99

A hand holding a Disney pin featuring Donald Duck with the text "Quacketeer Club." The background of the pin is yellow and it's attached to a white backing card that has "Disney Pins" written on it.

Lastly, this pin depicts the Quacketeer Club logo — a yellow circle around a white center featuring Donald’s face and “Quacketeer Club” in black letters. This is at various pin locations, including Disney’s Pin Traders at Downtown Disney District.

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