New Walt Disney World Merchandise Celebrates 90 Years of Donald Duck

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A display of Donald Duck-themed apparel in a store, featuring colorful T-shirts and jackets with various cartoon designs of the character.

New Walt Disney World Merchandise Celebrates 90 Years of Donald Duck

Donald Duck is celebrating his 90th birthday this year, and more new merchandise has arrived at Walt Disney World for the occasion.

We first found the new items in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

Donald Duck T-shirt – $34.99

WDW Donald Duck 90th collection 2

A white ringer tee with blue accents features Donald in his modern-day appearance over the Walt Disney World logo.

Button Up – $64.99

WDW Donald Duck 90th collection 5

The front of the button up shirt features several different portraits of Donald in various outfits.

WDW Donald Duck 90th collection 7

The back features the art for “Sea Scouts,” a 1939 animated short featuring Donald and his nephews.

Donald Through the Years Tee – $34.99

WDW Donald Duck 90th collection 11

Donald Duck first appeared in “The Wise Little Hen” on June 9, 1934, as depicted by the leftmost image. Since then, most of the changes to his design have been to his outfit, with the general aesthetic of Donald remaining the same.

WDW Donald Duck 90th collection 9
WDW Donald Duck 90th collection 12

The design continues around the back of the shirt.

WDW Donald Duck 90th collection 13

Donald Through the Years Hoodie – $59.99

WDW Donald Duck 90th collection 14

The bright blue pullover hoodie has the “Donald Through the Years” text on the left breast. The art of the different Donalds goes across the middle in a white stripe.

WDW Donald Duck 90th collection 15
WDW Donald Duck 90th collection 16
WDW Donald Duck 90th collection 1

Donald Figure – $129

A figurine of a sailor-dressed duck standing on a boat, holding a red flag, with the name "Donald Duck" on a life preserver at the front. This piece of Walt Disney World Merchandise is perfect for any Donald Duck Celebration or honoring 90 Years of Donald Duck.

This figure depicts Donald as he appeared in “The Wise Little Hen.” He’s standing on a wooden boat, holding onto a flagpole. A “Donald Duck” life preserver is on the front of the boat.

Person holding a model of a boat with a cartoon duck character, celebrating 90 Years of Donald Duck. The boat has a small cabin, water effects, and the duck is dressed as a sailor holding a flag. Background includes a patterned carpet.

The base features fake water and grass.

Close-up of hands holding an object with a design of a smiling duck and text "D90D" on the bottom. A label with a barcode and small printed text is also visible. Decor items are blurred in the background, reminiscent of Donald Duck merchandise from Walt Disney World.

The Donald Duck 90 logo is on the bottom.

A Donald Duck figurine set in a blue and yellow box celebrating his 90th anniversary, displayed on a store shelf as prized merchandise from Walt Disney World.

It comes in blue and yellow packaging.

Donald Backpack – $39.99

A hand holds a backpack featuring a colorful pattern of Donald Duck faces, celebrating 90 years of the beloved character. In the background, racks of clothing in the store add to the vibrant display of Donald Duck merchandise.

This backpack is covered in images of Donald’s face. He’s making different expressions and is in different styles.

A person holds a colorful cartoon-themed backpack featuring Donald Duck in a store. Shelves with various clothing items and other customers are visible in the background, giving the space a lively merchandise-focused atmosphere reminiscent of Walt Disney World.

The edges of the bag and straps are blue.

A person is holding a blue backpack with a Donald Duck pattern in a store, surrounded by shelves and racks filled with various merchandise.
Open cartoon-themed backpack with a blue interior held open by someone's hand, revealing a pocket and a label inside. The background includes a store with various merchandise displayed, featuring Walt Disney World’s iconic Donald Duck.

The inside is blue. There’s a padded slip pocket and a small zip pocket.

Donald Short-Sleeved Hockey Jersey – $64.99

A blue and white sports jersey featuring an image of Donald Duck and the number 90 is on display in a store. Other similar jerseys are hanging beside it, showcasing fun Walt Disney World merchandise.

This jersey has a white torso. The yoke and sleeves are blue. There are yellow stripes on the edges of the sleeves.

A blue and white shirt featuring a graphic of Donald Duck with the number 90 displayed prominently on the front, celebrating 90 years of Disney magic as part of Walt Disney World merchandise.

A big blue “90” is on the chest. Donald is depicted on an embroidered patch leaning through the zero.

Close-up of a white shirt with an embroidered "Official Quacketeer" badge featuring a cartoon duck character, resembling Donald Duck; other similar merchandise is displayed in the background, reminiscent of treasures you’d find at Walt Disney World.

A Quackateer Club patch is in the lower corner.

A blue and white sports jersey featuring the name "Donald" on the back and an image of Donald Duck wearing a hat, celebrating 90 Years of this beloved character. Perfect Walt Disney World Merchandise for fans and collectors alike.

The design from the chest is flipped on the back, with Donald’s backside sticking out of a mirrored “90.” “Donald” is in yellow lettering above.

Donald Long-Sleeved Shirt – $44.99

A clothing store display featuring a white long-sleeve shirt with various illustrations of Donald Duck, inspired by Walt Disney World merchandise, and blue sweatshirts on the side.

This shirt features the same all-over pattern as the backpack.

These join the previously released ornament and puzzle. The Donald Duck 90th anniversary collection will be available online through the Disney Store starting May 20.

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