Blue "Captain America" Spirit Jersey displayed in a store, surrounded by other superhero-themed clothing.

New Captain America Spirit Jersey at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

Disneyland Resort has a new red, white, and blue Captain America Spirit Jersey — perfect for the 4th of July in two months.

Captain America Spirit Jersey – $79.99

Blue "captain america" sweatshirt displayed in a store, surrounded by other superhero-themed clothing.

The jersey is bright blue. “Captain America” is in silicone lettering across the back of the shoulders.

A blue "captain america" sweatshirt with the logo in bold white and red letters, displayed in a store.

The letters are half white and half red. The space between the “A” and “M” of “America,” combined with the first “A” of “Captain,” is shaped like a star.

A blue sweatshirt featuring captain america's shield logo displayed in a store with other apparel in the background.

Captain America’s circular shield is pictured on the front. The shield has circular red and white stripes around a blue circle.

Blue t-shirt with a printed design featuring a concentric circle pattern in red, white, and yellow, centered around a blue star.

A white five-pointed star is in the center of the shield.

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A red and white version of the Avengers logo is on the right sleeve. This “A” symbol has an arrow incorporated into its design.

Blue marvel-branded hoodie on a clothing rack, displaying a visible logo patch and zipper detail.

There are Marvel and Spirit Jersey tags on the left side.

We found the Captain America Spirit Jersey in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District.

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