New DVC Pandora Charm and Shirt Available at Walt Disney World

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A white dress shirt on a hanger next to a red garment, and a close-up of two DVC pandora charms.

New DVC Pandora Charm and Shirt Available at Walt Disney World

DVC Members at Walt Disney World have new merchandise options to choose from, including apparel, a Pandora charm, and a suitcase.

DVC Long Sleeve Collared Shirt – $44.99

White dress shirt with a logo on the chest pocket displayed in a clothing store.

Found at Boutiki, the gift shop inside Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, this white button-down shirt has a front and back design themed to Disney Vacation Club. The shirt is trimmed in a mint green and white striped pattern.

Close-up of a white shirt pocket with a green "disney vacation club member" badge stitched on it, featuring iconic symbols and text.

Over the front pocket is embroidery work that says “Disney Vacation Club Member EST 1991 D.V.C.” That is surrounded by a circle of symbols for different DVC properties.

White t-shirt featuring a collection of blue prints of disney resorts with "welcome home" text and disney vacation club logo at the bottom.

Screen-printed on the back is a Mickey Head surrounded by clouds, leaves, and different DVC locations. At the center, it reads “Welcome Home.” “Disney Vacation Club Member” is printed on the bottom of the design.

DVC Pandora Charm – $75

Display of a new disney parks, disney vacation club charm by pandora featuring mickey mouse, presented on a promotional card.

This DVC Pandora charm is double-sided. On one side, Mickey Mouse is seen laughing in a lounge chair as he enjoys a tropical beverage. The other side reads “Disney Vacation Club Member,” with a Mickey Head at the center.

Silver charm with a design featuring a map and the "key west" text, attached to a white ribbon on a cushion.

The Mickey side is a cream color and the opposite side is a deep green.

DVC T-Shirt – $ 34.99

A pink t-shirt displayed on a hanger in a store, with a round green DVC graphic on the chest.

Over in ImageWorks at EPCOT, we spotted this pink Disney Vacation Club Member T-shirt.

A pink t-shirt featuring a circular green and white DVC member graphic.

The front of the shirt features this circular graphic on the left breast, featuring various icons that correspond to each of the DVC resorts.

DVC MagicBand+ – $44.99

A hand holding a DVC Disney MagicBand+ in its packaging, displayed over a table. The band features green patterns and designs.

We also found this DVC MagicBand+ in ImageWorks, which continues the new blue, green, and white color scheme of recent merchandise.

Close-up of a black and teal magicband+ featuring a "DVC member" logo and decorative patterns.

The puck in the middle says “Disney Vacation Club Member,” “Est. 1991, ” and “A Vacation of Adventure.” A silhouette of Mickey is shown running with a suitcase in each hand.

A hand holding a DVC magicband+ with a blue and green design, inserted into its black packaging.

The band itself sports a repeating pattern of Mickey heads, globe icons, and other DVC-related graphics.

DVC Mug – $19.99

A person holding a mug with a dark green handle, decorated with various green leaf illustrations and small icons, including a tent and a lighthouse, against a light green background—a perfect addition to any DVC member's collection.

Also in ImageWorks was this new mug. It’s light blue with a dark teal handle. It features tropical leaves.

A hand holds a light green mug decorated with illustrations of various themed buildings and the phrase "Welcome Home," reminiscent of DVC. There are folded pink and blue clothes in the background.

“Welcome Home” is in pink letters against a white Mickey head. The same buildings and icons from the back of the button-up are over and around the Mickey head.

A hand holding a light blue mug with a green handle featuring tropical leaf designs and a wave pattern, perfect for any DVC member. Shelves in the background display hats and light blue clothing.

White wave patterns are in the background.

A close-up of a green mug with the text "Disney Vacation Club Member" (DVC) printed on it, featuring the Disney logo.

The inside is dark teal with “Disney Vacation Club Member” in white.

This mug is stoneware and 15 oz / 425 mL. It’s dishwasher-safe and microwaveable.

DVC Suitcase – $199

A green suitcase with brown leather accents, covered in white travel-themed stickers, stands on a brown floor in front of a display of colorful shirts and DVC merchandise.

We found this in Johari Treasures at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. This suitcase is a dark teal with brown accents and bronze hardware. The front and back are covered in faux DVC stamps — the same designs featured on the MagicBand+.

A teal DVC suitcase with brown leather corners and handle, featuring a combination lock and travel tags, stands on a brown floor.

It has a lock, top and side handles, and a retractable handle. It zips closed.

A teal suitcase with white travel-themed logos stands on a brown floor, surrounded by pink and cream shirts on racks, perfect for your next DVC adventure.

There are four wheels on the bottom.

A teal suitcase with brown leather accents and a discreet DVC logo stands upright on a store floor. It has four wheels and a side handle. Pink and white shirts hang in the background.

Which of these new DVC items do you like best? Let us know in the comments below.

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