BREAKING: ‘Smellephants on Parade’ Debuts at Magic Kingdom

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Hand holding a "storybook circus" event flyer at a colorful amusement park, with circus-themed decorations and statues in the background.

BREAKING: ‘Smellephants on Parade’ Debuts at Magic Kingdom

The new “Smellephants on Parade” interactive experience has made its debut in Storybook Circus at Magic Kingdom.

Smellephants on Parade

Ticket Booth in front of Big Top Souvenirs

Smellephants on Parade is a “search and sniff” activity in Storybook Circus where guests can become a “Whiff-sistant” to Timothy Q. Mouse to find all eight Smellephant statues hidden in Storybook Circus.

Sponsored by Scentsy, each of the “Pink Elephants on Parade”-inspired elephants has a scent diffuser that emits a scent tied to its theme. Guests can begin the Smellephant hunt at the ticket book in front of Big Top Souvenirs, where Cast Members will provide them with an illustrated map of Storybook Circus and a sticker sheet.

Sign on a return slot stating "please return between the hours of 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and bring your nose! - Timothy" with a humorous tone.

The activity will run daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sign reading "whiff-sistant needed at big top ticket booth" in a sunny theme park with people in the background.

A sign at the entrance of Storybook Circus advertises the new activity with a casting call from Timothy. This sign can be found throughout the land.

Walt Disney World R.R Receiving area

New theming has been added near the Storybook Circus station for the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Various themed novelty canisters displayed in front of stacked vintage suitcases, featuring designs like churro, cotton candy, caramel apple, and corn dog.

Atop vintage suitcases are scent canisters themed to each of the Smellephants. Eight different varieties of these canisters can be found in Storybook Circus.

A close-up of the Churro-themed canister.

For the Churro Smellephant, it reads, “A celebration of cinnamon” and “Churro: a Storybook Circus Original.” Each one of the canisters has a Scentsy logo.

Red circular scentsy container labeled "amazingly a-peeling caramel apple" placed on the ground beside a wagon.

The Caramel Apple canister says, “Amazingly a-peeling” and “A Storybook Circus Original: Caramel Apple.”

A display of vintage-inspired canisters, including a blue "snow cone" barrel and a yellow "popcorn" tin, set on a wheeled cart.

The Popcorn fragrance canister says, “A Storybook Circus Original” and “Popcorn: A Buttery Bonanza.”

A close-up of the Pink Lemonade-themed canister.

Pink Lemonade reads, “A Storybook Circus Original” and “Pink Lemonade: The Power of Sour.”

A turquoise round canister with a "bubblegum" label, displayed against a brick wall near other vintage items.

“The pop-ular classic” and “Bubblegum: A Storybook Circus Original,” are printed on the bubblegum canister.

A vibrant circular canister advertising "storybook circus original, an aromatic rainbow: snow cone" mounted on a cart.

Snow Cone is labeled with, “A Storybook Circus Original” and “An Aromatic Rainbow: Snow Cone.”

Round pink canister with the words "confectionery perfection cotton candy" and styled graphics, displayed on a trunk.

For the Cotton Candy scent, it says, “Confectionary perfection” and “Cotton Candy: A Storybook Circus Original.”

Blue decorative drum displaying "storybook circus original corn dog courageously corny" logo, leaning against a fence.

Finally, Corn Dog is described as, “A Storybook Circus original” and “Corn Dog: Courageously Corny.”

A promotional poster on a brick wall advertising a new line of fairground-inspired scents, featuring corn dogs, popcorn, and candy, with vibrant colors and retro design elements.

Also found in the land is a new poster design promoting Smellephants on Parade and the line-up of fragrances.

Smellephants on Parade Map

Storybook Circus Smellphants on Parade map and sticker sheet

Here’s a look at the front of the map and the sticker sheet. Spoiler warning: If you’d like to discover all of the Smellephants on your own, we suggest not scrolling further.

Hand holding a dumbo-themed scentsy map at a circus-themed amusement park area, with a dumbo ride visible in the background.

The back of the map has a scene of Dumbo flying over four of the Smellephants.

Hand holding a dumbo-themed scentsy map at a circus-themed amusement park area,

The inside flap of the map features Timothy Q. Mouse.

An open Storybook Circus map with illustrations and text, accompanied by stickers, displayed on a stone surface.

Inside, you’ll find an illustrated map of Storybook Circus, with arrows pointing to the Smellephant locations. Attached to each arrow is a circle where you’ll place the stickers as you find the statues.

A sticker sheet titled "admit one to an aromatic adventure," featuring colorful stickers of various foods like popcorn, corn dogs, and pink lemonade.

The sticker sheet is designed to look like a ticket. There are eight stickers, each with a symbol matching one of the Smellephants.

Close-up photo of a note on a colorful, graphic-designed map.

“Attached” to the map is a letter written by Timothy, thanking guests for signing up to join Dumbo’s new act and finding the Smellephants.

A colorful illustration of a whimsical circus map with circles marking the locations of the Smellephants on Parade statues.

On the map, Timothy notes that he drew arrows to help guests find the statues.

Bubblegum Smellephant

Gumball machine themed Smellephant statue

This bubblegum machine-themed statue was installed on the opening day of Smellephants on Parade. Located by the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station, it looks like a classic bubblegum machine, filled with gumballs. This one has a very faint scent of bubblegum.

Top half of Gumball machine themed Smellephant statue

The statue is depicted as playing a marching drum with the Smellephants on Parade logo painted on the drum head.

Pink Lemonade Smellephant

Colorful circus-themed statue with an elephant balancing on a ball, located in a sunny park with people walking in the background.

To the left of the bubblegum statue is this pink lemonade Smellephant. it smells of citrus and sugar.

Popcorn Smellephant

Statue of popcorn-themed elephant, surrounded by vibrant decorations and visitors in the background.

On the front-right of Dumbo the Flying Elephant, you’ll find this popcorn Smellephant. It gives off a sweet, kettle corn fragrance.

Snow Cone Smellephant

The snow cone Smellephant statue standing in a flower bed in Storybook Circus.

Over by the Lightning Lane entrance to Dumbo the Flying Elephant, you can spot this snow cone Smellephant. This one is faint, with a syrupy scent that you might smell while at a snow cone stand.

Churro Smellephant

The churro Smellephant statue perched in a plant bed in Storybook Circus.

The churro statue can be found by the exit of the Walt Disney World Railroad station in Storybook Circus. We couldn’t detect a scent on this one.

Caramel Apple Smellephant

The candy apple Smellephant, located in a planter next to the entrance of Big Top Souvenirs.

In a flower bed to the right of the Big Top Souvenirs entrance is the caramel apple statue. It smells like an apple-scented candle.

Cotton Candy Smellephant

The cotton candy Smellephants statue, located in a planter near the back entrance of Big Top Souvenirs.

The cotton candy elephant is near the back entrance of Big Top Souvenirs. This is one of the stronger scents, with a cotton candy or fruity gum fragrance.

Corn Dog Smellephant

The corn dog Smellephants statue, located in a planter outisde of Pete's Silly Sideshow.

Finally, the corn dog Smellephant is located outside of the Pete’s Silly Sideshow meet and greet location. We find that it smells more like fried dough, similar to a funnel cake, than a corn dog.

Completed Map

A reporter's hand holding their completed Smellephants on Parade map in front of the cotton candy elephant statue.

Once you’ve found all of the statues, you can add the stickers to your map, completing the activity. If you don’t mind spoilers, this is what our map looked like once we found every Smellephant.

Attraction Poster

An attraction poster for Smellephants on Parade in the entrance tunnel of Magic Kingdom.

Smellephants on Parade also got its own new attraction poster, which can be seen on the left entrance tunnel beneath the Main Street Walt Disney World Railroad Station.

Will you be doing the Smellephants on Parade activity during your next visit to the Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below.

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