New Pandora — The World of Avatar Mugs, Apparel, and Na’vi Translator at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Collage of shark-themed merchandise including a helmet, t-shirt, button-up shirt, toys, and a cup from New Pandora.

New Pandora — The World of Avatar Mugs, Apparel, and Na’vi Translator at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has new mugs, apparel, and a Na’vi translator inspired by Pandora – The World of Avatar.

Blue-painted store named "island mercantile" with orange window frames under a clear sky.

We found all of this new merch in Island Mercantile.

Shelves displaying various merchandise including themed t-shirts, hats, mugs, and sandals in a retail store.

Travel Poster Mug – $16.99

A hand holding a pandora-themed mug in a souvenir shop, featuring colorful mountain designs and flying creatures.

This mug is white with a blue stripe around the bottom. The top of the stripe is jagged with a tree sticking out of it, representing a natural landscape. Floating mountains are pictured on the white section with two flying ikran. “Pandora Valley of Mo’ara,” the setting of the Animal Kingdom land, is printed in white on the blue section.

A person holds a ceramic mug with a nature-themed design, featuring bird silhouettes and a green and blue landscape, in a store.

The other side of the mug also features floating mountains and ikran.

A person holding a blue ceramic mug in a store, with clothing items hanging in the background.

The inside of the mug is light blue.

Banshee Mug – $24.99

A hand holding a whale-shaped piggy bank in front of retail shelves with various merchandise.

This mug is sculpted like a cartoon-ish ikran (or banshee). It’s light blue with white on its wings. It has two pairs of yellow eyes.

Hand holding a blue ceramic mug with a whimsical elephant design in a store with shelves of merchandise in the background.

Purple spots are on the creature’s forehead. Its antennae have red tips.

A person holding a whimsical fish-shaped mug with blue and pink designs on a store shelf.

The tail acts as the mug’s handle. It also has a red tip and purple stripes.

Floating Mountains Mug – $24.99

A hand holding a decorative mug shaped like a tree with carved faces, displayed in a store with themed merchandise in the background.

The third new mug is sculpted to resemble a floating mountain. It’s gray with a brown handle resembling a tree trunk. More tree roots appear to cut through the rock.

wdw dak pandora world of avatar merchandise 05.2024 4720

A detailed blue and green ikran is pictured perched on one root. The opening looks like it’s rimmed with green moss.

A person holding a dragon-themed ceramic mug in a souvenir shop.

Another ikran is pictured flying pass a waterfall.

A person holding a decorative ceramic mug in a store, with price tag visible inside, surrounded by shelves of similar merchandise.

The inside of the mug is gray.

Youth Tee – $26.99

A purple children's t-shirt with a "pandora is harmony" graphic, displayed on a wooden hanger in a store.

This youth tee is light purple. “Pandora is harmony” is on the chest with a blue image of the aquatic ilu. The tee glows in the dark.

Tie-Dye Tee – $34.99

Gray tie-dyed t-shirt with a "pandora" logo and cosmic dolphin graphic, displayed in a shop alongside hats and mugs.

This adult shirt features a black-gray tie-dye pattern.

T-shirt with a graphic of a flying creature against a cosmic backdrop, featuring "pandora - the world of avatar" text.

The whale-like tulkan is pictured splashing in water in front of a blue-pink sky. “Pandora The World of Avatar” is in yellow lettering along the bottom of the design.

Woodsprites Tee – $34.99

Blue t-shirt with a jellyfish print displayed in a store.

This shirt is blue with white and light blue woodsprites pictured across it.

Navy blue t-shirt featuring a repeated white jellyfish print on display.

The sprites near the top are bigger than the ones closer to the bottom of the shirt.

Hand holding a t-shirt with "pandora the world of avatar" printed on it in a store.

The land’s name is in light blue lettering on the left sleeve.

Crew Neck Sweatshirt – $59.99

A navy blue sweatshirt with a colorful "pandora - the world of avatar" graphic displayed on a hanger in a store setting.

This pullover is dark blue. It features the same design as the tie-dye shirt on the back.

A sweatshirt featuring a graphic print from "pandora – the world of avatar" with a vibrant image of a banshee flying over pandora at night.
Purple sweatshirt with "pandora" embroidered on the chest, displayed on a wooden hanger in a store.

“Pandora The World of Avatar” is in yellow on the left breast.

Button-Up Shirt – $64.99

A colorful short-sleeved shirt with a bird print hanging in a store display.

The button-up shirt is light blue with darker splotches and green saves, making it resemble an ocean. There are white schools of fish and black images of larger aquatic creatures.

A close-up of a colorful shirt featuring a pattern of whales and aquatic scenes on a blue background.

The buttons are white. It has a breast pocket and collar.

Na’vi Translator Set – $29.99

A hand holding various "avatar" themed souvenir items including action figures and collectibles inside a store.

When Pandora – The World of Avatar first opened in 2017, it had a Na’vi translator with trading cards. A new version of the translator is now available with new trading cards included and other cards available in individual packs.

Hand holding a na'vi translator toy package in a store, featuring cards and a device, priced at $32.99.

The set includes a gray-silver translator with light and sound effects. It includes a cord to carry the translator.

A hand holding a "na'vi translator" toy package with translation cards and a device, displayed in a store.

15 translation cards are included. When users insert the card in the translator, it recites the corresponding word, demonstrating the pronunciation.

A hand holds a na'vi translator toy package in a store, featuring cards and a device to learn the fictional na'vi language from the movie avatar.

The cards feature pictures of different creatures, Na’vi people, and natural elements to represent the words. The word is displayed in Na’vi and in English.

Na’vi Translation Trading Cards Pack – $9.99

A hand holding a package of ace "navi translation" trading cards in a store with shelves of merchandise in the background.

A card pack includes eight cards not included in the translator set.

wdw dak pandora world of avatar merchandise 05.2024 4749

There is a series 1 and series 2 with different potential cards.

A person holding two packs of na'vi translation trading cards in a souvenir shop.

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