More Sheathing Added to Island Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, Other Resort Buildings Repainted

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A multi-story beachfront property under construction with scaffolding, a worker on a lift, and an unfinished exterior in an urban setting.

More Sheathing Added to Island Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, Other Resort Buildings Repainted

As construction continues on Walt Disney World’s new Disney Vacation Club tower — Island Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows — crews are also adding new decorative elements to nearby Polynesian Village Resort buildings.

Island Tower Construction

Construction of a large multi-story residential building near a body of water under a clear blue sky is progressing swiftly. Specifically designed as vacation rentals, this development promises to be an attractive destination for travelers.

During a recent boat ride across Seven Seas Lagoon, we saw a crane and lift raised next to the tower. A crew member in the lift was working on the frame of a large square window. On the roof, crew members were working on new silver piping.

Construction site with scaffolding around partially completed buildings under a cloudy sky. workers and building equipment are visible.

During another trip, we saw several crew members on balconies across this side of the tower. Balcony railings have yet to be installed as they finish painting the exterior.

Modern multi-story buildings under construction by the waterfront, featuring large balconies and varied architectural designs.

There are still several areas that are still white with primer or gray concrete.

A multi-story beachfront property under construction with scaffolding, a worker on a lift, and an unfinished exterior in an urban setting.

Crew members have added new sheathing to the framework of the square window.

Construction scaffolding surrounds the partially built Island Tower, featuring luxury accommodations with tan walls and large windows under a clear sky.

Between the center of the building and the south wing is a row of balconies. There are now plastic tarps hanging across the openings of each balcony, with work lights visible inside.

Construction site with scaffolding along Island Tower, surrounded by construction equipment and vehicles.

New sheathing covers the metal overhang on the south wing.

Construction site of the Island Tower, a multi-story building near a body of water, featuring scaffolding, a crane, and construction materials scattered around.

The outdoor dining area has received more paneling and sheathing around its columns and round roof.

Construction site with workers, equipment, and piles of earth between a partially completed building and a red-roofed structure, under a blue sky with clouds.

On the other side of the building, we saw crew members digging a rectangular hole. This is just a few feet from the edge of the construction site.

A construction site with workers, showing a partially built multi-story building next to an old red building under a clear sky.

Dirt was piled up next to the hole. This is not for the tower’s swimming pool, which is located on the lagoon side.

A modern building under construction with scaffolding, exterior finishes being applied, and a green construction chute.

Several steel beams were staged for installation at the front of the tower’s porte-cochère, which was erected earlier this month. Crew members were working underneath it, including in a lift raised to the ceiling.

New apartment building under construction, covered with scaffolding, against a clear sky.

This side of the north wing remains unpainted.

Other Polynesian Village Resort Buildings

Nearby buildings are being repainted and getting new decorative panels reportedly to better match the color scheme of the Island Tower.

Traditional wooden buildings with red and black tribal patterns, surrounded by lush greenery.

For comparison, the above building with red walls is unchanged. It has a pyramid-shaped column with a brown, orange, and white color scheme.

wdw polynesian decorative panels paint construction 05.10.2024 5673

This building is now a more orange-ish color. Its pyramid column has been painted shades of yellow, brown, white, and green.

Close-up of a wooden building with bold geometric patterns on the beam between a balcony and a wall.

The new decorative panels are on the dark brown balcony columns. They align with the second-floor railings and feature different patterns and colorways.

A two-story building with a red metal roof and wooden balconies, surrounded by lush greenery under a cloudy sky.

The colors vary from red to white to yellow.

Two adjacent sections of a balcony with dark red railings; the left section is plain, while the right section features a yellow vertical banner with tribal patterns.
Wooden balcony railing with a geometric patterned flag hanging on it, overlooking a window of an orange building with blinds partially closed.

The patterns are inspired by traditional Polynesia patterns. The one above features triangular shapes.

A split view of a brown wooden deck railing with a vertical beam featuring pink and red text, next to a window reflecting trees.

This one is made of thick red lines turning curling around each other.

A building with distinctive yellow and brown geometric patterns on its facade, surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees.

The Hawaii building’s decorative diamond panels have been repainted.

Three-story hotel building with red balconies, surrounded by palm trees and greenery, under a cloudy sky.

The Tokelau longhouse is only partially repainted. The walls of the first floor are a pale yellow-orange, while the second and third floor walls are red.

A metal ladder leaning against a wooden building with bamboo trees in the background, near a concrete path.

Crews were still actively installing the new decorative panels. We saw a white one leaning against a wall near a ladder.

Tall bamboo plants next to a colorful building with red and orange panels and a decorative door with unique patterns.
Lush greenery surrounding a two-story wooden lodge with red balconies, under an overcast sky, with a construction lift parked beside the building.

Through some ferns and tree branches, we saw a lift raised near columns with brand new panels.

Lush green garden with a variety of plants and a green bench, leading to a red-roofed house partially hidden by trees.

The construction work is taking place around rooms that appear to be unoccupied.

With the announcement of the new DVC tower’s name, Disney also announced it would open in December 2024. Reservations will open in early June.

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