Walt Disney World D-Tech Kiosks Add Wall Signs with Baymax, ‘Tron,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and Tomorrowland Designs

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Collage of six images showcasing various star wars-themed graphic designs on electronic displays, including movie posters and video game interfaces.

Walt Disney World D-Tech Kiosks Add Wall Signs with Baymax, ‘Tron,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and Tomorrowland Designs

D-Tech’s MaDe kiosks at Walt Disney World now offer wall signs. Guests can choose a design and have the product printed on demand.

Four decorative wall signs with various graphic designs displayed for sale, priced at 29.99 each plus tax.

Wall signs are $29.99 plus tax.

A digital screen displaying a selection of personalized artwork options, including themes like "iron man," "star wars," and "darth maul," inside a car.

There are currently “TRON,” “Star Wars,” Tomorrowland, and “Big Hero 6” designs available. Though most MaDe products are personalizable, these are not. They are all 10 square inches with holes in the corners for hanging.

“TRON” Wall Signs

A square wall sign featuring colorful, neon-light tron bike trails from the movie tron, with "tron lighcycles/run" text at the bottom.

This black sign features orange, yellow, and blue lightcycles racing across it. The TRON Lightcycle / Run logo is in the bottom left corner.

Technical drawing of a "tron wall sign 10 sq" displayed on a screen, featuring detailed diagrams and measurements in a green monochromatic color scheme.

This wall sign is a blueprint with red drawings of a Recognizer. The “TRON” logo is in red at the bottom.

Wall sign featuring the "tron lightcycle grid" design with various red and blue neon lines and a high score display, enclosed in a sleek square frame.

This sign is designed to look like the screen of the TRON video game, with red and blue lightcycles racing.

A promotional wall sign featuring a tron legacy movie theme with a glowing yellow light cycle and rider, set against an abstract, futuristic backdrop.

A Team Yellow driver is featured on this sign. It reads “Live to race.”

A promotional wall sign featuring characters from the video game tron, with a central character highlighted against an orange circular backdrop.

This sign features Team Orange members. It reads “Battle to the end.”

Wall sign featuring iron man with various tech-themed graphics and logos, mounted on a lighted display.

Team Blue lightcycles and a driver holding an identity disc are on this sign. It reads “Winning is our destiny.”

Decorative wall sign featuring a tron-inspired design with a futuristic motorcycle and racer, mounted on a screen displaying its details.

The last sign features Team Red and reads “Speed first.”

“Star Wars” Wall Signs

A black square wall sign featuring a red glowing symbol and the text "the dark side" displayed on a digital screen.

This black sign has the Imperial logo in red. Red lightsabers are on the sides and “The Dark Side” is along the bottom.

Wall sign depicting a star wars theme with the phrase 'join the dark side, fulfill your destiny' and an illustration of darth vader.

This sign looks like a collage of newspaper cut-outs. Darth Vader, clenching his first, is in the center in front of the Imperial logo. “Join the Dark Side” is across the top, “Fulfill your destiny” is on the right, and “It is useless to resist” is at the bottom. A TIE Fighter is also pictured.

Red and yellow sign featuring "darth maul" text and an illustration of the character's face, affixed to a glass surface.

This red sign reads “Darth Maul” in tall, thin black and yellow letters. Maul’s double-ended lightsaber is in the center and “Twice the Menace” is in small lettering next to “Darth.” Maul’s face is pictured over the “r.” His ship, the Scimitar, is next to his name.

A novelty wall sign featuring "darth vader" with graphics and text, themed in red and black colors, displayed on a monitor.

A similar sign is inspired by Darth Vader. It’s black with red and white lettering. Vader’s helmet is over the “e” and “r.” His red lightsaber is on the left and the Imperial logo is on the right. A red Star Destroyer flies over the “a” of “Darth.” “Dark Lord of the Sith” is on the right.

Promotional wall sign for "star wars: episode i - the phantom menace," featuring characters qui-gon jinn and obi-wan kenobi with lightsabers ready for battle.

This sign depicts Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Maul, and Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting. The wordmark for “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace” is across the bottom. A galaxy is in the background.

This artwork is featured on various 25th anniversary merchandise for “The Phantom Menace,” including other D-Tech products. A 25th anniversary logo is in the top right corner.

Star wars-themed wall sign featuring a graphic of darth maul's face with a 25th-anniversary logo, displayed on a store shelf.

Darth Maul is in the center of this gray sign, which also honors 25 years of “The Phantom Menace” with the logo in the bottom right corner. “Star Wars” is across the top.

An image of a wall sign featuring anakin skywalker in a podracing helmet and goggles, with thematic graphics and text.

This sign depicts a young Anakin Skywalker wearing his podracing helmet and goggles. “Podrace” is in white lettering and “Anakin Skywalker” is in yellow. Podracing flags and Anakin’s ship are also pictured.

Tomorrowland Wall Sign

Illustration of tomorrowland at magic kingdom with a futuristic landscape, featuring a spaceship and whimsical structures, on a sign with the title "magic kingdom tomorrowland.

This wall sign matches recently-released Tomorrowland merchandise. It’s light blue with the Monorail, Space Mountain, Disneyland PeopleMover, TRON Lightcycles, Stitch’s spaceship, and Astro Orbitor pictured in orange and white.

“Big Hero 6” Wall Signs

These “Big Hero 6” designs were originally released at Disneyland Resort for the opening of San Fransokyo Square.

A sign featuring the fictional city name "san fransokyo" in red block letters with a stylized red skyline and bridge above, and a red cloud pattern. text is in english and japanese.

This sign is white with a red image of the San Fransokyo skyline. Baymax is depicted flying straight up out of the city. “San Fransokyo” is in white English letters and Japanese kanji at the bottom.

Illustration of a diverse group of five animated characters standing together, backdropped by a white robot, displayed on a wall sign.

The main characters of “Big Hero6” are pictured hugging on this sign. Images of different San Fransokyo locations are in gray bubbles behind them.

Red and white sign featuring big hero 6's baymax over a stylized cityscape with "san fransokyo" text and japanese characters, displayed on a digital screen.

This last sign is red with a large image of Baymax making a hand heart. The skyline of San Fransokyo is in front of him and the city’s name is at the bottom.

MaDe kiosks are available in Tomorrowland Launch Bay at Magic Kingdom and in Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs.

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