PHOTOS: First Look at Cirque du Soleil ‘Drawn to Life’ VIP Experience at Disney Springs

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Two performers dressed as a violin and a pencil posing in front of a "Cirque du Soleil - Disney Drawn To Life" backdrop.

PHOTOS: First Look at Cirque du Soleil ‘Drawn to Life’ VIP Experience at Disney Springs

We were recently invited to a media preview of the new VIP “Page to Stage Signature Experience” of Cirque du Soleil’s “Drawn to Life” at Disney Springs.

Cirque du Soleil “Drawn to Life: Page to Stage Signature Experience”

Hand holding a vip ticket for cirque du soleil's "drawn to life" show, with the cirque du soleil venue entrance in the background.

The experience includes a backstage tour, meet-and-greet, premium show seating, and collectible souvenirs.

We’re thrilled to invite guests backstage for an exclusive look at the intricate workings of Cirque du Soleil’s captivating production, ‘Drawn to Life.’ By showcasing the work of our talented artists and skilled technical team, attendees will gain a special insight into the magic that brings this collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and Disney Animation to life.

Kevin Hargrove, Company Manager of “Drawn to Life
A man in a suit stands speaking, gesturing with hands, in a room with large windows and a view of foliage outside.
Jeff Lovari

We met Jeff Lovari, VIP Guest Experiences and Special Events producer, and Justin Sullivan, Artistic Director. Lovari said that all Cirque du Soleil shows have some kind of VIP experience. It was important for them to bring the experience to “Drawn to Life” and include a behind-the-scenes look that not all the VIP experiences have.

Stacked souvenir cups with "drawn to life" design displayed behind a glass window.

The experience will be available at the second shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It begins with a personalized greeting and check-in with a “Page to Stage” host. Guests then get to select concessions and a souvenir popcorn bucket. The popcorn bucket is exclusive to this location. There will also be special plastic cups.

"Drawn to Life" performers around artists desks

Guests then get to enjoy “Drawn to Life” from premium, reserved seating. Read our review of the original version of “Drawn to Life.” It received an updated finale last year.

Promotional banner for cirque du soleil and disney's "drawn to life" showing a whimsical forest backdrop with elegant script overlaid.

After the performance, VIP guests meet back up with their host. There’s a photo op with a “Drawn to Life” mural and swing.

Two performers posing in front of a "cirque du soleil - disney drawn to life" banner, one dressed in a colorful jester outfit and the other in a green and purple ensemble.

Guests get to meet some of the show’s talent for photos and a Q&A. Different performers will rotate with each tour, appearing in full costume and makeup.

A person photographing a large framed blackboard with numerous white signatures, located near an elevator entrance.

This wall features signatures by all of the cast and crew who have worked on “Drawn to Life” since its 2021 premiere. The gold autographs are the original cast and crew. Silver autographs are by those who joined later.

A woman walks past a wall displaying rows of framed portraits, each titled "pride & respect.

There are also headshots of the full staff.

A theater auditorium with orange seats facing a stage where workers assemble a large wire sculpture under stage lights.

Guests then explore the stage, including backstage and under the stage. Because of the time that the media preview took place, we got to see some training, but this won’t take place during regular tours.

wdw ds cirque du soleil drawn to life page to stage tour experience 5060

The set includes a giant lamp and a proscenium made of sketches.

A stage with a camera tripod, rows of seats, and a black runway highlighted by golden spherical decorations.

The stage resembles a giant artist’s desk. Life-size artist desks are used during the show.

Interior of a busy costume workshop with tables, sewing machines, and fabrics, showcasing workers engaged in various tasks.

The backstage tour includes a visit to the wardrobe department. All costumes are created by Cirque du Soleil with white fabric. They’re printed on and painted with color at headquarters.

Backstage area with racks of costumes and a sign labeled 'dance studio' on a door in a dimly lit room.

More costumes were stored in the training studio.

A massage table with a bolster pillow in a room with black lockers, a large fan, a santa hat, and decorative posters on the wall.

We noticed a giant white glove on a table.

Dimly lit storage area with multiple metal popcorn poppers and posters on the wall.

And some large wastebaskets.

Backstage area with a large, caged lift system, featuring metal mesh enclosures and safety warning labels.

The show utilizes two lifts and two trapdoors, which guests can see during the backstage tour.

An artist's workstation cluttered with supplies like paints, brushes, and completed artworks, featuring a built-in palette and wooden chair.

There are two artist’s desks in the show. One is inspired by legendary Disney animator Mary Blair.

A cluttered artist's desk with scattered paintbrushes, a watercolor palette, and a canvas featuring a painted strawberry. shelves with various objects are in the background.

There are various works of art, some original, pinned to the walls of the desk.

An artist's workspace featuring a desk with a built-in light and digital drawing tablet, surrounded by paintbrushes, pencils, and inspirational images.

Most of the artwork on the Mary Blair desk is from “Alice in Wonderland.”

wdw ds cirque du soleil drawn to life page to stage tour experience 5118

On the other side of the desk are pieces from “Sleeping Beauty.”

A wooden shelf holding various large jars of colored powders, labeled with numbers, in a workshop setting.

All the paint on the desk is from Disney Archives.

Interior of a theater backstage area with scattered props including a desk, chair, and various items, with people in the background.

The other desk is the father’s desk. “Drawn to Life” is about a young woman who dives into her artist father’s world of animation.

A vintage-styled animator's desk with a drafting machine, lamp, and various drawing tools, surrounded by eclectic art supplies and a blue chair.

The show is a love letter to Walt Disney Animation Studios. Some Disney figures are on the father’s desk.

A book titled "the illusion of life: disney animation" by frank thomas and ollie johnston on a cluttered table.

This book is about Disney Animation.

Vintage-style film reel depicting a cartoon mouse, showcased in a wooden shelf with a dimly lit background.

This image of “Steamboat Willie” is one of two references to Mickey.

A large backstage fan with a cartoon character design on the blade guard, positioned on a wheeled base.

Here’s a giant version of that Mickey prop.

Backstage area of a theater with a cluttered workstation, stools, first aid kit, and a monitor displaying a stage view.

We also got a peek at a crew member’s station.

A wooden host station with a metal logo of a jumping deer, featuring a desk lamp and menus, located in a dimly lit restaurant setting.

This prop desk has a silhouette drawing of Donald Duck.

wdw ds cirque du soleil drawn to life page to stage tour experience 5169

This train is a reference to the previous show in the Cirque du Soleil theater, “La Nouba.”

Bicycles stored in a backstage area with stage equipment and black curtains visible.

Even the unicycles have their own storage area.

A person stands by a backstage show lineup board beside computer screens and equipment, illuminated by blue and white lights.

This area is likely the Stage Manager’s station.

A vintage monochrome image of four people in elegant attire displayed on a large screen backstage at a theater.

This prop includes a large sepia-toned photo of members of the cast.

A traditional percussion section setup backstage, featuring wooden tables with brass bells and a sheet of music signed 'f. gulda' on top.

As a memento, guests receive a “Drawn to Life” gift bag and a discount off purchase at the Cirque du Soleil theater’s store.

wdw ds cirque du soleil drawn to life page to stage tour experience 5024

We received a pin featuring a colorful unicycle and the “Drawn to Life” logo.

wdw ds cirque du soleil drawn to life page to stage tour experience 5027

“Page to Stage Signature Experience” will launch on May 24. Tickets are available now at $285 for adults and $225 for children, including taxes and fees.

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