A meal at Aunt Cass Café on a wooden table featuring a berry-topped muffin, a sandwich with chips, and a cold brew coffee, served on colorful plates.

REVIEW: Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month at Aunt Cass Café in Disney California Adventure

Shannen Ace

To celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Disneyland Resort has launched several new special menu items, including a number of offerings at Aunt Cass Cafe in Disney California Adventure.

Aunt Cass Cafe

The exterior of Aunt Cass Cafe in Disney California Adventure.

Aunt Cass Cafe is located in San Fransokyo Square in Disney California Adventure, the reimagined land themed to “Big Hero 6.”

A meal at Aunt Cass Café on a barrel table featuring a sandwich, a bread pudding, potato chips, and a glass of cold brew, served on colorful paper plates.
  • 🆕 California Roll Sandwich – $11.99
  • 🆕 Yuzu Bread Pudding – $7.29
  • 🆕 Yuzu Lemonade Coffee – $6.99

California Roll Sandwich – $11.99

Shrimp crab salad, wasabi mayo, and yakisoba sauce in a milk bread bun, served with garlic chips

Person holding a paper plate with a hot dog topped with coleslaw and a side of potato chips at Aunt Cass Café, with a waterfront backdrop.

Rating out of 7: 4

The flavors of this roll work well together for us, with a slight lean to the sweeter side. The shrimp is super fresh and well-cooked. The seaweed salad and cucumbers are nice and crispy. However, the roll does not work as the vehicle to serve this sandwich; our bread was a little too hard and crusty, and far too messy to enjoy eating.

A hand holding a California roll sandwich topped with seaweed salad and eel sauce at Aunt Cass Café, overlooking a water backdrop with urban scenery and a bridge.

We would have preferred this be served on a pile of yakisoba noodles or wrapped up as a spring roll. The menu also says that this sandwich is served with a wasabi mayo, but we didn’t get that flavor at all, and mostly tasted eel sauce as the condiment. The garlic chips were great, as always.

Yuzu Bread Pudding – $7.29

Yuzu bread pudding with yuzu lemon curd and blueberry compote in a graham cracker crust with whipped topping

A hand holding a large yuzu bread pudding topped with cream, blueberries, and crumble on a colorful plate at Aunt Cass Café, with a river in the background.

Rating out of 7: 6

The bread pudding at Aunt Cass Cafe doesn’t usually disappoint, and this is no exception. No one in our group was a fan of blueberries, but we ate this entire serving. The bread pudding itself was delicious; lightly crispy on the outside and super moist and soft on the inside. The lemon curd was just sweet enough, and the acidity of the lemon cut right through the heavy bread pudding.

A close-up image of a yuzu bread pudding on a colorful plate at Aunt Cass Café, with a Japanese-style red gate and waterfront in the background.

Our serving also came with a hefty portion of whipped cream, but it tasted light and airy. The blueberry compote tasted like a combination of raspberries and blueberries to us, and we thought it paired with the other flavors at play. This is a very large dish, and we think it’s well worth your money for the price and easy to share.

Yuzu Lemonade Coffee – $6.99

Yuzu lemonade layered with cold brew coffee

A hand holding a cup of iced coffee from Aunt Cass Café with Baymax on the cup, with a large red bridge and river in the background.

Rating out of 7: 1

We only award points to this cold brew because it is served in a Baymax cup. This drink does not sound great on paper and, unfortunately, is also disappointing in practice. We would rather not have lemonade mixed in our cold brew. The acidity of the lemonade and bitterness of the cold brew just do not work together here.

Have you tried any of these new items from Aunt Cass Cafe? If so, let us know what you think in the comments.

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