REVIEW: Mickey Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookie is a Minty Mess at Magic Kingdom

Brit Tuttle

A hand holds a Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream sandwich in front of a street with buildings and people walking in the background.

REVIEW: Mickey Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookie is a Minty Mess at Magic Kingdom

A new sweet treat has arrived at Magic Kingdom — the Mickey Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookie, inspired by this month’s Disney Eats merchandise collection.

A display case shows a Mickey-shaped chocolate mint sandwich cookie priced at $7.79 alongside chocolate-dipped strawberries priced at $6.49, which, in my review, provides a delightful treat for all visitors.

We spotted the treat for sale in the Main Street Confectionery.

Mickey Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookie – $7.79

A hand holds a Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream sandwich with a chocolate cookie top, against the backdrop of a bustling theme park walkway and colorful buildings.

This cookie is just okay. If you’re really craving something minty, this is a fine choice. That being said, the mint flavor of the buttercream is not overpowering, but does give the treat a cool kick at the end.

A person holds a Mickey Mouse-shaped chocolate dessert with a green filling on Main Street in Disney World, with the Cinderella Castle visible in the background.

The cookie is nothing special, other than looking like Mickey Mouse’s head. It also doesn’t provide a strong chocolate flavor to offset the mint buttercream. What it does bring to the treat is a mess. Our cookie almost immediately crumbled with minimal handling, so we’d recommend finding somewhere to sit and eat it rather than enjoying on the go.

A hand holds a partially eaten mint chocolate chip cookie over a red table with a background of a brick-paved walkway and yellow pillars.

We’re glad we tried this, and think it’s quite cute if you can get good photos before it inevitably falls apart. That being said, we personally would not purchase this again, especially at this price point.

Rating out of 7: 4

Hand holding Minnie Mouse ear headband with floral design, displayed in a store with various items in the background.

If you are a fan of this treat, you can pick up the matching Loungefly ear headband, mini backpack, Starbucks tumbler, and Spirit Jersey as part of the monthly Disney Eats collection now.

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