A person holding a paper tray with two "Kinyenian Topato Pie" samosas and a cup of green chutney, with a crowded street in the background.

REVIEW: New Kinyenian Topato Pie Samosa at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland

Shannen Ace

Kat Saka’s Kettle in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland has a new treat, Kinyenian Topato Pie, available for May the 4th (Star Wars Day).

Menu display of "kinyenian topato pie" featuring curry-spiced potatoes, mixed vegetables, mint chutney priced at $8.99, with a photo of the pie.

The item will be available through August 22.

Kinyenian Topato Pie – $8.99

Curry-spiced potatoes, mixed vegetables, and mint chutney

A person holding a paper tray with two samosas and a cup of green chutney, with a crowded street in the background.

We love Indian food and this is basically an oversized samosa. It was delicious.

A person holding a triangular pastry with a flaky crust in a busy, themed alley with people and hanging lights in the background.

The puff pastry was delightfully fluffy. The potatoes and veggies inside were incredibly flavorful.

A bowl of green sauce on a textured gray surface.

The chutney is legitimately one of the best dipping sauces we’ve ever had from Disneyland Resort.

A close-up photo of a hand holding a half-eaten sausage roll with visible filling, in an outdoor setting with people in the background.

We highly recommend getting this before it goes away.

Rating out of 7: 7

The Kinyenian Topato pie gets its name from the planet Kinyen, which is known for its agriculture and farming communities. Kinyen has established trades for produce with Batuu. Topato is the Star Wars name for potato (and is an anagram of the name).

Check out the full list of May the 4th menu items at Disneyland Resort.

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