Summer Tribute Store Teasers Appear at Universal Studios Florida

Annie Wilson

Universal Orlando Resort is gearing up for an incredible summer full of new experiences, including a new Tribute Store. Details in the Mardi Gras Tribute Store hinted that the summer Tribute Store would be full of movies and possibly be themed to “Mega Video Rentals“. As we get closer to the opening of this brand new Tribute Store, a few new teasers have appeared in the windows.

Summer Tribute Store Teasers

Studio Styles entrance of the Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

The Summer Tribute Store will tie in with the new Universal Mega Movie Parade and will celebrate several different movies. There are no signs of the new Tribute Store facade, but there are some teasers in the windows!

A small squirrel statue, representing Earl the Squirrel, in the window of the summer Tribute Store

There’s a familiar face peeking out of the window on the right side of Studio Styles. Earl the Squirrel has arrived! Earl is an icon here at the Universal Orlando Resort, based on a real squirrel. Years ago, a squirrel would mess with the Christmas lights on the tree at Universal Studios Florida. Eventually, Universal Orlando embraced the story of Earl the Squirrel and would hide a fake squirrel in the Christmas tree every year. Even though Earl the Squirrel is typically associated with the Christmas season, he does like to hide in (or take over) the Tribute Store.

Williams of Hollywood entrance of the Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

Another window near the Williams of Hollywood entrance has another teaser for the movie-themed Tribute Store.

A stack of VHS tapes in the window of the summer Tribute Store

There is a stack of VHS tapes in the Williams of Hollywood window, keeping with the video rental store theme. It looks like Earl has been messing with the VHS tapes, though.

Full details have not been announced yet, but the summer Tribute Store is expected to feature movies like ‘Ghostbusters,’ ‘Jaws,’ and ‘Back to the Future.’ Universal Orlando Resort has a lot happening this summer, so be sure to stay tuned for all the updates!

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