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UK Government Not Committed to Responding to Universal Studios Great Britain Proposal Before Summer

Toni Ferrigno

As the process of building Universal Studios Great Britain is on hold until the United Kingdom government responds to the proposal, Parliament is not committing to responding before summer.

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British politician Lucy Frazer KC MP, who serves as the Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport, has avoided committing to responding to the proposal set forth to build a Universal Studios Great Britain theme park in Bedford, England.

According to the Bedford Independent, Frazer, a Member of Parliament, was asked by fellow member North Bedfordshire MP Richard Fuller if the government would be responding to the proposal before Parliament’s summer recess, which is currently scheduled to begin July 23. Frazer did not give a firm yes or no, instead stating the following:

My honorable friend [Fuller] it’s right to raise this very exciting opportunity in Bedfordshire, and it’s a matter I am very pleased to have discussed with him. As I have said, I think it’s an opportunity for the area. We are liaising closely with the Treasury, and I am happy also to continue liaising with him.

Lucy Frazer KC MP

The response Fuller is inquiring about is necessary before any next steps can begin between the Universal Studios team and UK government officials. Because of this, having the response come before the summer recess could prevent any delays in the process.

Universal Studios Great Britain

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In December of last year, Universal Destinations & Experiences confirmed that they were considering building a theme park in the Bedford area after public records indicated that they had acquired land there. NBCUniversal has also registered the URLs “universalstudiosgreatbritain.com” and “universalgreatbritain.com,” offering more hints that a theme park could be coming.

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