Agrabah Bazaar Reopens With Snack Stand and Seating

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Visitors stand outside a bazaar with colorful awnings and ornate decorations on a sunny day.

Agrabah Bazaar Reopens With Snack Stand and Seating

Agrabah Bazaar has reopened as a snack stand in Magic Kingdom. The location had previously been a merchandise shop before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Agrabah Bazaar Reopens

An empty ticket booth with a decorative counter and wooden shelves in the background. A small sign on the counter reads "Alhambra." The area appears to be closed and unstaffed.

For the first time since closing over four years ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Agrabah Bazaar is selling items again. However, rather than selling merchandise like it did back in 2020, the location is now a snack stand.

The new snack stand’s checkout location features a “cinnamon-glazed almonds” warmer. The rest of the available menu items are popcorn in a refillable souvenir bucket, cotton candy, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, bottled water, Smartwater, and five frozen treats. The frozen treats are standard snack stand offerings, including the Nestle Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar, Nestle Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich, Strawberry Fruit Bar, Frozen Banana covered with Nuts, and Olaf Frozen Lemonade Strawberry Bar.

A market stall with eclectic decor, including lanterns, fabric drapes, and rustic furniture. A table with chairs is in the foreground. The stall is partially enclosed, with light from the outside visible.

The old checkout area is now covered with carpets, a suitcase, a covered bird cage, and more themed props. The cooler featuring an assortment of bottled beverages is still available behind the old checkout stand.

WDW MK Adventureland Agrabah Bazaar 7

Agrabah Bazaar continues to feature round tables and chairs for guests to enjoy snacks or escape the hot sun.

WDW MK Adventureland Agrabah Bazaar 2

Agrabah Bazaar is still listed as temporarily unavailable on the official Disney website. We believe this is because the website still considers the location a shop and features a nighttime photo of the area before it closed in 2020.

In 2021, Agrabah Bazaar reopened as a stroller parking and dining area for Aloha Isle. In 2022, an Aladdin and Jasmine meet and greet opened in the location. This meet and greet is still available.

Are you happy that Agrabah Bazaar has opened as a snack stand, or would you like it to return as a store?

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