DVC Cabin Construction Updates and More From Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

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A wooden house with large windows is partially obscured by lush greenery, including trees and shrubs, on a bright day. A wooden deck extends from the house, reminiscent of the serene atmosphere found at Fort Wilderness Campground.

DVC Cabin Construction Updates and More From Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

On a recent visit to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, we saw considerable updates to the construction of the 350 new DVC cabins.

DVC Cabins at Palmetto Update

A small, green cabin with a wooden deck is surrounded by trees and shrubs at Fort Wilderness Campground. Two portable toilets are visible to the right of the cabin. The sky is clear with a few clouds, adding to the serene ambiance.

On our recent walk down the Palmetto path, we discovered that green paneling had been installed on a few of the DVC cabins.

Concept art featuring a group of people gather outside modern cabins in a wooded area. Some are sitting, standing, or riding bicycles. The cabins have large windows and elevated wooden decks.

This gives each cabin the look of the original concept art, as shown above.

A small building with a wooden ramp sits amidst a yard featuring sparse new plantings at Fort Wilderness Campground, with red flags marking spots in the ground. Trees and other structures are visible in the background, hinting at ongoing updates around the area.

The wooden ramps and stairs guests will use to access their front doors have also been completed.

A wooden house with large windows is partially obscured by lush greenery, including trees and shrubs, on a bright day. A wooden deck extends from the house, reminiscent of the serene atmosphere found at Fort Wilderness Campground.

Tan paneling has been installed around the sliding glass doors at the front of the cabin.

A garden bed with small plant sprouts, marked by red and blue flags, sits beside a paved walkway; trees and a small building at Fort Wilderness Campground are in the background under a partly cloudy sky.

The back of each cabin features solid green paneling.

DVC Cabins at Arrowhead Way Update

A golf cart with two people passes by a truck and small structures amid trees at Fort Wilderness Campground on a sunny day.

At Arrowhead Way, we spotted more cabins coming together in a construction area. Yellow paneling has been added to these cabins.

Small yellow buildings surrounded by trees and greenery are seen from across a road with double yellow lines under a clear sky, reminiscent of the serene ambiance at Fort Wilderness Campground.

Window have been installed in the cabins, and construction has begun on the walkways and stairs that lead to the front entrances.

A rustic cabin with brown wooden walls is located by the side of a road at Fort Wilderness Campground. Utility markings are visible on the ground, with small orange flags placed around the area. A cardboard sign reads "12241 1242," indicating it's part of an ongoing campground update.

Flags have been planted near the old log cabins, alongside signs indicating where each cabin will be installed.

Log cabins nestled among tall trees, featuring a DVC Cabin with parked vehicles, including a black truck and a white car, in a picturesque wooded campground setting.

Though crews are nearly ready to install the more modern-looking accommodations, guests are still occupying some of the old Arrowhead Way cabins.

A small wooden cabin with a front porch, nestled among trees in the serene Fort Wilderness campground.

As for the cabins that have been vacated, many have open front doors and covered grills.

A wooden sign reads "Arrowhead Way 2201 - 2244" standing between two posts, with trees and buildings of Fort Wilderness Campground visible in the background.

Additionally, the new Arrowhead Way signs are made of metal rather than wood. We also noticed this change at Shawnee Bend.

DVC Cabins at Shawnee Bend Update

Yellow houses under construction at Fort Wilderness Campground are visible from across the road on a clear day, surrounded by trees.

Like the Arrowhead Way cabins, yellow paneling has been added to the Shawnee Bend cabins. The trim around the cabins is white.

A paved road runs through a wooded area with trees and a few buildings in the background, possibly part of Fort Wilderness Campground. The sky is partly cloudy.

Through the trees, we spotted one cabin with brown paneling.

Paved road lined with trees; a green utility structure and construction equipment are visible among the trees on the right, suggesting an update to the nearby Fort Wilderness campground.

We also spotted some cabins nearing completion and looking more like the green structures promised in the concept art.

A wooden deck is surrounded by trees and vegetation, evoking the rustic charm of Fort Wilderness. In the foreground, a black silt fence runs across the ground, hinting at recent updates to this serene campground setting.

Construction workers are still working on installing the wooden ramps and stairways for these cabins.

A small wooded area with several trees and rocks, a lamp post, a gravel path with red markings, and part of a building in the background brings to mind an updated section of Fort Wilderness Campground.

The cabins are all at various stages of completion, and it appears that some have already been installed in the Shawnee Bend area.

Cast Member Building Construction

Construction site with orange cones and barricade tape, a camouflage-patterned fence, a wooden post sign with a map of the DVC Cabin layout, and a building in the background under a partially cloudy sky.

As we made our way past the new Cast Member building next to Pioneer Hall, we noticed that wooden framing had been installed.

Two orange traffic cones with a horizontal white and orange-striped pole between them block access to a disturbed patch of ground at the campground. A partially visible sign and a green tarp are in the background, possibly signaling an update at Fort Wilderness.

The area around the frame has been dug out, meaning this construction could be for something both above and below ground.

An update on the construction of a brown building surrounded by dirt and red caution tape, next to a hedge-lined path on a sunny day at Fort Wilderness Campground.

Though scrims still block the view of the front of the building, we were able to get a look at the construction from another angle as well. From here, piles of dirt around the building are very noticeable.

Settlement Depot

A white van is parked in a lot surrounded by a metal fence with plants. In the background, under the partly cloudy sky, are trees and a building. This serene scene evokes an update from Fort Wilderness Campground.

A new fence has been installed at the Settlement Depot, along the parking lot near the bus stop.

Outdoor area at Fort Wilderness with a "Cast Member Only" sign near a traffic cone, and a parking lot with several cars. The campground features trees and a clear sky in the background, creating a serene environment.

A cone and “Cast Member Only” sign prevent guests from walking down the part of the sidewalk outside of the fence.

Other Resort Updates

A sign at Fort Wilderness Campground in Central Florida announces the temporary unavailability of charcoal grills due to drought-like conditions and fire prevention measures. Trees and a pedestrian path are visible in the background, providing a serene contrast to this important update.

Due to the current weather conditions in Central Florida, charcoal grills are temporarily unavailable at Disney’s Fort Wilderness. These hot, dry conditions have been affecting Walt Disney World Resort for some time. We reported in April that Disney Springs water taxis were closed due to low water levels. They still have not opened.

A brown wooden building labeled "Laundry" stands with a small sign and a sandwich board sign in front, surrounded by greenery and a paved path, offering the perfect update to your stay at Fort Wilderness Campground.

Wilderness Laundry is closed in the Shawnee Bend portion of the resort.

A sign in front of closed double doors reads, "This laundry facility is currently unavailable," with an update directing guests to alternate locations in the 1100 and 2000 loops at Fort Wilderness Campground.

Guests are being told to access the nearest laundry facilities in the 1100 and 2000 loops.

The DVC cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort are scheduled to open on July 1. Guests were able to start booking reservations in March. To see the completed interior of a cabin, check out the DVC virtual tour.

Will you be staying in one of the new Disney’s Fort Wilderness DVC cabins?

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