Restaurant entrance with large circular double doors and a sign that reads "DIN TAI FUNG" in both English and Chinese characters. A smaller sign in front of the door mentions closure for dine-in.

Construction Walls Down From Din Tai Fung in Downtown Disney District

Shannen Ace

Construction walls are gone from around Din Tai Fung, a new Downtown Disney District restaurant scheduled to open this summer as part of the district’s ongoing reimagining.

Din Tai Fung

A modern building with a slanted roof is situated in a plaza. A group of people is lined up to the left, while colorful construction barriers can be seen on the right.

Din Tai Fung is located on the West End of Downtown Disney District, where most construction has taken place. It’s near the new security plaza.

Exterior view of a modern, single-story building with a large curved glass facade, low stone wall, and dark wooden accents. Red signage with Asian characters is visible. Clear blue sky in the background.

The building has a curved roof overhang, inspired by Chinese and Taiwanese architecture. Windows surround the building.

A person with a shoulder bag enters a modern building with wooden beams and a red neon sign. The scene is set on a sunny day with a clear sky. The foreground features planted cacti and a paved walkway.

There are stone planters full of plants, including cacti. These match other plants in the area.

Restaurant entrance with large circular double doors and a sign that reads "DIN TAI FUNG" in both English and Chinese characters. A smaller sign in front of the door mentions closure for dine-in.

The front doors are brown wood with curved bronze handles. “Din Tai Fung” is in red English lettering and Chinese characters above the doors.

Large double doors with a sign in front reading "Something new and exciting coming soon!" at Downtown Disney. There are "Automatic Caution Door" signs on both doors.

Right now, a sign in front of the doors says, “Something new and exciting coming soon!”

A wooden storefront with the sign "Din Tai Fung" displayed in red Chinese characters and Romanized text above the entrance.
Exterior of a modern building with large windows and wooden accents. The wall has a textured dark finish, and two cylindrical light fixtures are mounted beside the window. Palm trees are visible in the reflection.

Cylindrical metal lamps are in the entryway and between sets of windows.

Large windows in a brown wooden frame reflect trees, colorful banners, and an outdoor area on a sunny day. Two gold-colored handles are visible on the sliding door sections.

A ledge along the side of the building can be used as a bench.

A modern building with large glass windows and stone walls. Two people are sitting on a low wall beneath the windows. Palm trees and reflections of nearby structures are visible.

Golden lights between the rafters of the overhang illuminate the space.

People stand outside a modern building with stone walls and a wooden roof. The building has a red sign with Asian characters on it, and palm trees are in the background. It is sunny and clear.

Din Tai Fung is a Michelin-awarded restaurant brand from Taiwan. The Downtown Disney restaurant will serve signature soup dumplings (Xiao Long Bao), wontons, noodles, steamed buns, bok choy, pork chop fried rice, and other dishes in a family style.

Other Downtown Disney District Construction

A partially constructed building surrounded by a colorful fence, with a few people walking and trees in the background on a sunny day.

Another building is under construction nearby. This multi-story building has a metal framework for its roof overhang.

A building under construction with steel framework exposed, surrounded by construction barriers decorated with colorful graphics and text saying "FRIENDSHIP WALL". Several red umbrellas are in the foreground.

The far walls are beige stone. Interior walls are green.

A partially constructed building with exposed red steel framework and metal joists is seen under a clear sky. Red safety netting and construction materials are visible on the site.

A framework down this side of the building features decorative oval openings.

Construction site with partially built structure, metal framework, and wooden panels, surrounded by a colorful barrier. A man wearing a black cap is present in the foreground.

Plywood covers the walls at this end of the building.

In addition to Din Tai Fung, Downtown Disney District will soon get a steakhouse restaurant and barbecue eatery on the footprint of the former Tortilla Jo’s. Disney is also working on an all-new, expanded, and reimagined Marceline’s Confectionery.

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