A terrifying zombie with glowing eyes and open mouth appears behind a fence in front of a desert landscape with explosions. The text "Dead Exposure: Death Valley" is displayed prominently.

BREAKING: ‘Dead Exposure: Death Valley’ House Announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2024

Phil Wood

Universal Studios Hollywood has announced the latest addition to its Halloween Horror Nights 2024 house lineup, “Dead Exposure: Death Valley.”

‘Dead Exposure: Death Valley’ House

Promotional image for Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights featuring "Dead Exposure: Death Valley" with a zombie figure and a nuclear explosion in the background, highlighting the terrifying haunted house experience.

The official Halloween Horror Nights Instagram account has announced the latest haunted house coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2024.

A Haunted House Announcement: Dead Exposure: Death Valley.

Enter a top-secret government facility where an experiment to create super soldiers has gone horribly wrong, turning people into radioactive zombies. And they escape just as you arrive! Tickets are now on sale, link in bio for more details.

Dead Exposure is a recurring original HHN concept that premiered in Orlando in 2008. After a decade-long break, the concept returned as Dead Exposure: Patient Zero in 2018. Patient Zero was considered a “spiritual sequel” to the original house, so while both houses were zombie-themed, they had very little in common aside from that. While the original Orlando house introduced Halloween Horror Nights characters such as Charlie McPherson and Mary Agana, we don’t expect them to make an appearance since they were not involved with Patient Zero either (and there are some legal issues with Agana, who is based on the Bloody Mary urban legend).

This is the first time that the Dead Exposure concept has appeared at Universal Studios Hollywood. We don’t expect many similarities between this new house and past ones, aside from the name and zombie theme.

Dead Exposure: Death Valley is the second house announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2024 after an “A Quiet Place” house was announced on June 6. Tickets for the event, which runs from September 5 through November 3, are on sale now.

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