VIDEO: Drunk Guest Assaults Cast Member at EPCOT, Gets Tased, and Swings Metal Stanchion at People While Shirtless

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A group of people is gathered outside near a large planet display at EPCOT. Security personnel appear to be intervening with some individuals, possibly due to a fight. A trash can and landscaped area are visible in the background.

VIDEO: Drunk Guest Assaults Cast Member at EPCOT, Gets Tased, and Swings Metal Stanchion at People While Shirtless

Social media captured footage of the aftermath of a fight that took place at Space 220 Restaurant in EPCOT, where a drunk guest assaulted a Cast Member.

Drunk Guest Assaults Cast Member

Two-panel image: Left panel shows people standing near a globe structure, one person holding an object; right panel shows police detaining people while others look on. Text overlay describes a fight in EPCOT and several individuals getting arrested at Space 220.

TikTok user Alexis.Ringel shared two videos of the June 16 incident at Space 220 Restaurant. While the videos do not show any footage of the actual fight, they do show the aftermath, including the arrest of the two men involved. Alexis.Ringel gave more information in a comment on her post.

We were told one of the guys punched an older lady cast member. The one holding the pole pulled it out from the ground and started swining it around and yelling and coming towards the crowd.

In the first video, two shirtless men stand outside the Space 220 Restaurant entrance with other fully clothed people. One of the guests is holding a metal stanchion over his shoulder. Reports indicate that the guest “ripped” the stanchion out of the ground, and as Alexis.Ringel describes, he was acting aggressively with it and swinging it at people.

The second video shows one of the men screaming at a security guard before both men are handcuffed and pulled away from the restaurant. Both guests yell at security as they are forcefully dragged away from the scene.

An eyewitness told WDWNT that one of the guests was tased but continued to fight. Reports indicate that the guests had already been asked to leave World Showcase after being cut off at the Italy pavilion.

The incident is just the latest in a long line of altercations that have occurred at Walt Disney World Resort over the last few years. In December, two twin sisters brawled over the TV at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. Last summer, a major fight broke out in Tomorrowland just months after a bloody fight took place in front of the Main Street U.S.A. Train Station at Magic Kingdom.

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