PHOTOS: First Look at CommuniCore Plaza Now Open in EPCOT

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CommuniCore Plaza stage with colorful flags and column wraps inspired by "Encanto"

PHOTOS: First Look at CommuniCore Plaza Now Open in EPCOT

CommuniCore Plaza is now open at EPCOT. The new flexible outdoor space is home to the limited-time “¡Celebración Encanto!” and will host other live entertainment in the future.

CommuniCore Plaza

CommuniCore Plaza stage with colorful flags and column wraps inspired by "Encanto"

CommuniCore Plaza is located alongside CommuniCore Hall on the edge of World Celebration Gardens. The new area will feature live entertainment, including the new sing-along “¡Celebración Encanto!” Disney’s official website promises other performances throughout the year.

A stage at CommuniCore Plaza is decorated with colorful props and a sign displaying the showtimes for a performance titled "¡Celebración! Encanto." Musical equipment and a cart with flowers are also on the stage.

“¡Celebración Encanto!” will have multiple daytime shows every day of the week, now displayed on the screen over the CommuniCore Plaza stage. The stage features an LED screen and colorful decorations inspired by “Encanto.” The decorations will presumably rotate with different shows and festivals.

CommuniCore Plaza features an open-air pavilion adorned with colorful decorations and flags, boasting an elevated circular platform. Several people stand and converse nearby, with picnic tables and trees enhancing the vibrant backdrop.

Colorful flags hang on strings over the stage and around its edge. The columns around it are wrapped with brightly-colored sheets.

People walk through CommuniCore Plaza, an outdoor area adorned with colorful flags at a theme park. A picnic table is in the foreground, and a geometric dome structure is visible in the background.

It’s a relatively short stage, with Spaceship Earth-inspired paneling on its edge. Guests can walk all the way around it and into the CommuniCore Garden.

CommuniCore Plaza features an outdoor area with modern structures, a dome-shaped building, scattered umbrellas, and palm trees under a partly cloudy sky.

There is ample viewing space for guests wanting to see the new show. Numerous umbrellas on the artificial grass provide shade for guests throughout the day. The tall slanted poles are mounted with lights for stage performances.

A modern outdoor structure with large white pillars and a shaded area, CommuniCore Plaza features people standing near greenery and umbrellas on artificial grass under a clear blue sky.

There are flowerbeds with palm trees and other plants on the outskirts of the Plaza.

Outdoor seating area with two white umbrellas over picnic tables at CommuniCore Plaza. Nearby trees, neatly trimmed hedges, and a clear blue sky are visible. Concrete ground and a low wall complete the setting.

Tables with stools are in the corners and under the overhangs.

Outdoor patio area with round tables and benches on a sunny day, featuring greenery and a building with a geometric design in the background. Two people stand on the right side of the image, enjoying the serene atmosphere of CommuniCore Plaza.

There are also standing festival tables.

Outdoor seating area at CommuniCore Plaza with a few people sitting at tables under a large overhang. The ground is paved, and there are plants along the side. The sky is partly cloudy.

Two long overhangs create an L shape around the Plaza, with CommuniCore Hall on the third side and flowerbeds on the fourth side.

A round table with three attached wooden benches is situated on a concrete patio in CommuniCore Plaza, surrounded by greenery and planter boxes.

CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza are located in World Celebration, an area that used to be part of Future World. The space was previously home to Innoventions West, an attraction dedicated to evolving technologies, which closed on May 19, 2015.

Outdoor seating area with three tables and benches under trees, near a pathway in CommuniCore Plaza. A person is jogging in the background.

With the opening of CommuniCore Plaza and CommuniCore Hall, the multi-year EPCOT reimagining is now complete. Guests will now be able to experience both of these locations, as well as World Celebration Gardens, Dreamers Point, and a newly reimagined flex space when they visit EPCOT.

The CommuniCore Plaza features an outdoor patio area with tall, round black tables and large, white geometric partition structures. Greenery and trees provide a lush backdrop under a partly cloudy sky.

Will you be heading to EPCOT to visit CommuniCore Plaza?

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