Full List (with Prices) of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Merchandise Coming to Magic Kingdom

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Merchandise display featuring a "Princess and the Frog" themed drink cup, blue shirt with "It's a Joyful Celebration" text, frog-inspired toys, Tiana's Bayou Adventure mouse ears, and a Tiana ornament.

Full List (with Prices) of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Merchandise Coming to Magic Kingdom

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will have its grand opening at Magic Kingdom on June 28, 2024. Here’s all the new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure merchandise that will be available on that day in the Emporium and then in Critter Co-Op.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Merchandise

A wooden sign reading "Critter Co-Op" with animated animal figures, including a raccoon and a woodpecker, directing "This Way." The background features rustic, wooden surroundings and plants. This is one of two gift shops for Tiana's Bayou Adventure merchandise.

Select items did not have pricing attached during our preview of the store.

Princess Tiana Ear Headband

A hand holding green Mickey Mouse ears headband with a lotus design and crown in front of a "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" themed background.

We previously shared a first look at this new Princess Tiana ear headband. It’s sage green with a lilypad tiara-inspired piece in the center. The ears are embroidered with a golden Art Deco design.

A hand holding Mickey Mouse ears headband with a green floral design in front of a background that reads "Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

A price was not officially released but we believe these will be the standard ears price of $34.99.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Light-Up Ear Headband – $39.99

Close-up of a hand holding a decorative headband with large mouse ears. The ears feature characters from Disney's "Raya and the Last Dragon" and a gold bow with a red lotus flower in the center.

This ear headband has dark blue ears. Louis is on the front of the right ear, under red hanging plants and bottles. “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” is on the other ear with reeds and flowers. Dots of green represent fireflies flying across the ears.

It has a shiny gold bow with a pink lily flower piece in the center. Pressing on the bow activates a light.

Close-up of a hand holding a Disney-themed headband in a store. The headband features various small colorful designs, including a musical instrument and a flower, with a Disney tag attached.

Instruments and flowers are pictured with firefly dots on the side of the headband. It’s lined in red-orange velour.

A hand holding a pair of Disney-themed mouse ears headband with blue, textured ears and a gold bow on a wooden display in a store. Various other merchandise visible in the background.

A lily flower pattern is embossed on the backs of the ears.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Loungefly Mini Backpack – $78

A person holds a "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" Disney Parks Loungefly backpack featuring characters and scenes from The Princess and the Frog movie. More merchandise is displayed in the background.

This backpack features the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure drop through green trees and blue structures. The opening in the salt mine is orange. There are fireworks in the background. Tiana, Naveen, Mama Odie, and Louis are on the rounded front pocket below the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure wordmark. A metal plaque on the pocket features the Disney Parks and Loungefly wordmarks.

A hand holds up a black and green backpack featuring gold fireworks and trees with more similar backpacks displayed on shelves in the background.

There are more fireworks and green foliage pictured on the side slip pockets. There are also golden dots representing fireflies.

A black backpack with gold accents is displayed in a store. It features a tag depicting characters from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog." The straps are protected with white covers.

The bag’s piping and straps are shiny gold. A pink flower on a lilypad is on the back.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Sling Backpack – $29.99

A person is holding a small, dark blue backpack featuring characters from "The Princess and the Frog" in front of a store display with similar merchandise.

This backpack is dark blue. The pattern features full-body fireflies and yellow firefly dots. Tiana is pictured on the front in a green dress. Naveen, Louis, and other friends are gathered behind her, inspired by the final scene of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

A person holds a small, dark-colored backpack with star and constellation designs. Other identical backpacks and yellow-dressed dolls are displayed in the background.

The bag has a mesh, padded back. The sling strap also features the firefly pattern.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Keychain – $12.99

A display of Disney merchandise featuring a "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" keychain held up in front of tumblers decorated with Tiana and frogs.

The keychain has several charms, including a pleather charm featuring various Tiana’s Bayou Adventure icons.

Close-up of keychains and tumblers themed around Bayou Adventure on display. Keychains feature a small house and tassels, while tumblers depict characters and scenes with vibrant colors.

There’s also a teal Tiana’s Foods water tower charm.

A keychain featuring a "Bayou Adventure" sign with two colorful charm accessories hangs on display. The packaging shows an illustration of a smiling woman with curly hair crossing her arms.

A third charm features the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure wordmark.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Beach Towel

A colorful blanket featuring cartoon characters, including a crocodile, a cat, a rabbit, and a wolf, all with cheerful expressions, riding together in an amusement park setting.

Louis and three of his critter friends (Apollo, Gritty, and Phina) are pictured riding Tiana’s Bayou Adventure on this towel. The same artwork is featured on other merchandise.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Tumbler – $27.99

A hand holds a clear tumbler with a green lid, featuring an illustrated design from "Tiana's Bayou Adventure." A blue cap and other tumblers are in the background.

This tumbler features Louis and the critters riding down the attraction’s drop in a log.

Green cups with lids and straws featuring frog-themed decorations on display near a backpack with yellow accents.

The lid is blue, and the straw features a slider attachment of a frog playing a trumpet-like flower.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Statue

Display of cups branded with "Titans Foods" atop a wooden shelf. In front, an intricate model depicting various characters and figures on a themed base is positioned. A detailed poster is visible in the background.

The statue depicts the Tiana’s Foods water tower with vines growing up the legs. The water tower features the Co-Op’s purple, green, and gold logo.

A display shelf with a container labeled "Tiana's Foods," surrounded by merchandise and a poster. The container features a decorative crown on top and the text “Employee Owned, Est. 1927.”.

A lilypad tiara is on top of the tower. A frog sitting next to the barrel plays a flower trumpet.

A figurine depicts a woman with a lantern and a man leaning against a tower, surrounded by small animals and greenery. Behind them is a shelf with merchandise and a poster featuring cartoon-like characters.

Tiana is depicted with a lantern. Naveen holds his ukulele. Louis is on the back, playing his trumpet.

A detailed sculpture featuring Disney characters from Fantasia playing musical instruments and dancing, set on a wooden pedestal with a poster background.

Many of the ride’s other critters are depicted playing their home-made instruments. The base is bronze with sculpted lily flowers.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure “Shortcut” Pin – $16.99

A Disney pin displays a dragon with the phrase "We know a shortcut!" and hangs on a store rack. The pin is attached to a white backing card with "Disney Pins" printed at the bottom.

This pin features artwork of Louis and friends splashing down in a Tiana’s Bayou Adventure log. Hanging plants, bottles, and fireflies are around them. “We know a shortcut!” is at the top. The pin is shaped like a lily flower.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Mama Odie Pin – $14.99

Close-up of Disney Parks pins featuring a character in a white cloak, hanging on display cards.

This pin features Mama Odie surrounded by fireflies and bottle lanterns. A frog is on a lilypad next to her and the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure logo is at the bottom.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Wood Magnet – $12.99

A person holds a souvenir magnet featuring characters from "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" in a shop. The magnet depicts a woman and an alligator with fireworks in the background.

This flower-shaped magnet features Tiana and Louis gesturing at the drop on the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure facade. The Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is in front of them.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Zip Pouch – $19.99

A small zippered pouch featuring an illustration from "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" with Tiana and an alligator, fireworks in the background. The pouch is displayed on a wooden shelf among other themed merchandise.

Store your valuables in this protective bag during a Tiana’s Bayou Adventure ride so they don’t get wet. The bag features the same artwork as the magnet with additional fireworks and bottle lanterns.

A hand holding a small dark blue pouch with a light blue zipper and wrist strap in a store. Several souvenir cups are displayed on shelves in the background.

It has a blue zipper and a strap with a snap button.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Light-Up Ornament – $29.99

Christmas tree ornaments featuring a character riding an alligator with the label "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" hanging on display hooks.

The ornament depicts Tiana sitting on a log. Louis is stuck in the log, inspired by a scene in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

A decorative ornament depicting a person in adventure attire riding a yellow dinosaur, displayed on a store shelf with similar items.

Tiana wears her new adventuring outfit. The base resembles dirt covered in grass.

Hanging ornaments depict a character riding an alligator, along with another small character in the background. They are tagged and displayed on a wooden shelf.

Tiana’s lantern illuminates.

Princess Tiana Tea Set – $34.99

A decorative teal teapot and matching cup with gold accents, both featuring an illustration of a woman, are displayed on a scalloped saucer. A vintage-style poster is visible in the background.

This stackable set is shades of blue with gold handles and trim. It includes a teapot, teacup, and saucer.

A teal and gold teapot with a matching cup featuring a decorative woman and floral designs, shown on a wooden shelf with a sign in the background.

Princess Tiana is pictured on both sides of the pot. The cup features her tiara.

Princess Tiana Throw Pillow – $34.99

A decorative pillow features an embroidered female character in a flapper outfit with a backdrop of geometric patterns and flowers. The pillow has a green background with gold and pink accents.

Tiana is pictured in front of her home on this dark green pillow. Pink flowers with gold stems are embroidered around her. The pillow has gold trim and tassels.

Princess Tiana Earrings – $21.99

Close-up of a pair of Disney stud earrings with green plant-like designs on a white display card held by a hand, placed on a wooden surface.

These stud earrings resemble green flowers on lilypads. Golden reeds stick out between the petals.

Princess Tiana Necklace

Gold chain necklace with a green lotus pendant displayed on a Disney-branded card.

The necklace’s pendant has a similar design to the earrings but without reeds. It hangs from a golden chain.

Princess Tiana Bracelet – $19.99

A hand holds a Disney-branded jewelry set on a cardboard display. The set includes a necklace with a black pendant and a bracelet with a small green charm. The background features a framed artwork.

The bracelet includes a matching lily flower charm.

A necklace displayed on a Disney-branded card. The necklace features green bead details and a central pendant shaped like a lotus flower. There is also a secondary round pendant hanging below.

It’s on a gold chain with light green needs.

A gold-colored necklace displayed on a background card features a pendant shaped like a green flower with tiny beads hanging from a circular component below it.

A golden circle charm is used to adjust the bracelet.

Princess Tiana Hair Comb – $14.99

A decorative hair comb featuring a green and white floral design with hanging green beads and a pearl accent on a teal card is held by a person's fingers. Background shows a wooden frame with text.

The hair comb features a metal lily flower, white pearls, and dangling green gems.

Tiara Light – $29.99

A decorative crown with a green, red, and gold floral motif displayed on a wooden surface, with a rustic sign partially visible in the background.

This plastic display piece has a golden light. Tiana’s flower-like tiara is on top, with translucent panels. A translucent pink flower sits on a green lilypad in front of the tiara. Reeds stick out of the tiara and flower.

A golden round-shaped box with an intricate design, topped with a crown-like decoration featuring green panels and golden points, placed on a wooden surface.

A small lightbulb is behind the tiara to make it seem illuminated.

Princess Tiana Coin Purse – $34.99

A small green handbag with a gold chain and floral art design featuring a woman in the center.

This coin purse resembles a vintage 1920s-style bag. It has a golden chain and clasp. It’s dark green and sage green with a golden Art Deco pattern of flowers. Tiana is pictured in the center on both sides, wearing a 1920s dress and feather in her hair.

An open handbag with gold-tone hardware and a decorative chain handle, showing a tissue paper inside. The interior features a light green lining with a subtle floral pattern.

The Art Deco pattern is inside the change purse, too.

Princess Tiana Throw Blanket – $69.99

A gift set featuring a folded, ribbon-wrapped blanket with an embroidered pattern and a picture of a woman in a white dress holding a microphone. A tag is attached to the blanket.

The same Art Deco pattern is on this throw blanket with gold thread against a sage green background. An image of Tiana in her wedding dress is set against a dark square reading “My dreams, my way.”

Close-up of a textured fabric with an orange floral pattern on a light blue background next to a dark brown wooden surface.
A folded blanket with an orange and beige floral pattern wrapped with orange straps is displayed on a wooden shelf. A product label with text is attached to the blanket.

The blanket comes wrapped in a gold ribbon.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Artwork

Image shows two identical illustrations depicting a fairy tale scene with people dancing and a dragon in a vibrant, whimsical setting. The illustrations are displayed on a wooden surface with bags of flour in the background.

This artwork depicts the final scene of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Tiana and Naveen dance in their formal 1920s-style outfits.

Illustration of characters dancing under a night sky in a vibrant garden setting, featuring a green dragon playing a trumpet and various other creatures engaging in festive activities.

Louis and other critters play instruments. Lottie, Eudora, and Mama Odie are in the background.

A colorful depiction of characters dancing in a vibrant, lively setting with a bayou in the background, including a large green alligator playing the trumpet.

Trees curve around the border with fireflies in the branches. The smaller print comes in a green cardboard frame.

“Special Spice” Tiered Tray – $54.99

Wooden shelf holding a turquoise two-tiered rotating spice rack with "Special Spice" written on the top tier.

This tray has two tiers. It’s a light-colored wood with sage green paint. “Special Spice” is on the side of the top tier. It’s the name of an original song on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Both tiers are decorated with lilypads, flowers, and filigree.

Tiana’s Foods Mug – $19.99

A hand holding a green ceramic mug featuring a character and the text "Tiana's Foods" in front of a store display of similar mugs and bottles.

This mug is light green with a pattern of lily flowers in circles. Tiana is pictured on one side with a Tiana’s Foods label. It reads “Est. 1927” and “Bringing Folks Together.” Her lilypad tiara is behind her and Evangeline’s star is at the bottom.

A hand holding a green mug with embossed floral patterns. Background displays various bottles and jars on wooden shelves.

This stoneware mug is 460 milliliters / 16 ounces. It’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Tiana’s Foods Apron – $34.99

Display of citrus-themed kitchen items including aprons, potholders, and packaged goods, arranged neatly on shelves in a store.

The apron is white with light blue trim. It has a front pocket. Printed images of a wooden spoon and a whisk stick out of the pocket.

Two white aprons with aqua trim featuring "Tiana's Foods" logo and kitchen utensil prints are hanging neatly on a wooden rack. A framed poster is visible on the right side.

The same Tiana’s Foods logo as the mug is on the chest of the apron.

Tiana’s Foods Recipe Binder – $29.99

A recipe binder titled "Tiana's Foods" is displayed on a wooden shelf. The binder features illustrations of various food items and cooking utensils on a light blue background.

This recipe binder matches the above items with the Tiana’s Foods logo on the front. Around the label are images of peppers and sauces. They’re set against a blue background with white specks.

A hand holds a colorful package with various vegetable illustrations, including peppers, okra, and onions. The background is light blue with a speckled pattern.

The binder includes 50 recipe cards, 25 clear protective organizer pages, six recipe category dividers, and a Tiana-inspired beignet recipe.

Tiana’s Foods Oven Mitt & Pot Holder – $19.99

A person holds a price tag next to a green oven mitt hanging on a rack. The oven mitt features a design with a small character and the text "Tiana's Foods.

The pot holder in this set is white with green trim. The Tiana’s Foods logo is on the front.

A person holding a green oven mitt and potholder set with a pattern of various food and kitchen items.

The oven mitt is blue with a white cuff. It’s patterned with images of beignets and bakery supplies.

Tiana Toy Cooking Set – $34.99

A toy cooking set featuring Disney's Tiana, including utensils, a pot, vegetables, shrimp, and seasoning, in a packaged display.

The cooking set includes all the (plastic) supplies you need to make Tiana’s gumbo, including a pot, carrot, shrimp, wooden spoon, wooden knife, and onions.

Tiana Youth Jumpsuit – $44.99

A mannequin dressed in a yellow jumpsuit and brown boots is on display in a store, surrounded by similarly dressed dolls on shelves.

This youth jumpsuit is yellow with a subtle Art Deco pattern. It has a zipper down the front and a tie at the waist.

A rack of yellow children's dresses with a character patch on the front, displayed in a shop.

The left breast pocket features an embroidered patch of Tiana.

Tiana Plush Doll – $26.99

Plush dolls wearing yellow shirts, tan hats, and brown boots are displayed on a wooden shelf. The dolls hold small blue books. Some have tags attached to the hats.

The doll depicts Tiana in a cloche hat, yellow shirt, pink ascot, gray pants, and brown boots.

Tiana Youth Dress – $39.99

A rack displays navy blue children's dresses with star patterns and cartoon character illustrations, adjacent to similar-themed backpacks on a wooden shelf.

This dress is dark blue with an all-over pattern of fireflies, matching the sling backpack. Tiana, holding a lantern, is pictured on the left breast. There’s a bow at the elastic waist.

Princess Tiana Youth Dress – $99.99

Child-sized princess dresses with sparkly gold and green designs hang on a wooden display rack in a store. A person in a green skirt stands nearby.

This deluxe dress is inspired by Tiana’s green and yellow wedding dress from the end of “The Princess and the Frog.”

Tiana Youth T-Shirt – $26.99

A light blue children's t-shirt featuring a printed design of a smiling animated princess in a green dress displayed on a wooden shelf with other merchandise.

The T-shirt is light blue. Tiana is pictured in a green dress and gold tiara against the silhouettes of Tiana’s Palace and the water tower.

A close-up of a blue T-shirt featuring a character illustration on the front and the embroidered text "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" on the sleeve.

“Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” is embroidered in white on the left sleeve.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Youth Sweatshirt – $39.99

A green children's sweater with a graphic of characters and text that reads "We know a shortcut!" It is displayed on a hanger in a store.

Louis and critters are pictured in a log splashing down the salt mine on this green sweatshirt. It reads, “We know a shortcut!” Fireworks and fireflies are also pictured.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure “Sounds of the Bayou” Youth T-Shirt – $26.99

A navy blue children's T-shirt hanging on a rack, featuring characters from "The Princess and the Frog" with the text "Sounds of the Bayou.

This shirt is dark blue with “Sounds of the Bayou” below an image of the ride’s Afro-Cuban band of frogs playing their natural instruments.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Light-Up Bottle – $16.99

A shelf displaying themed water bottles labeled "Tiana's Bayou Adventure," featuring colorful illustrations of characters from the story.

The light-up water bottle also features the frog band, pictured below the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure wordmark. The center is transparent but the base and lid are teal. The blue light shines from the base.

A hand holds a blue and clear plastic souvenir cup with a handle, displayed in front of a store shelf containing similar cups and folded blue shirts.

This bottle is 532 milliliters / 18 ounces. It is not microwave- or dishwasher-safe.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure “Shortcut” T-Shirt – $39.99

Grey t-shirts with a graphic of animated characters on a river adventure titled "Shortcut to the Bayou" hanging on a rack in a store, next to blue hats and a poster.

The adult T-shirt is heather gray. Three critters are pictured riding Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in the foreground, with Tiana and Louis behind them. The background is the ride’s facade and water tower. “Shortcut to the Bayou” is in orange lettering.

Close-up of a gray t-shirt featuring colorful text "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" and images of animated animals and a trumpet.

“Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” is printed on the left sleeve.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Hoodie – $59.99

Light green hoodie with a "Let's Get to the Party!" design featuring Disney characters, displayed on a wooden retail shelf along with other merchandise like socks and travel mugs.

The hoodie is light blue with “Let’s get to the party!” embroidered in block letters on the back. Louis and co. are pictured splashing down in a log with the ride’s facade behind them.

A light blue zip-up hoodie with "Bayou Adventure" printed on the left chest is displayed on a shelf, surrounded by other merchandise including cups and clothing items.

The Tiana’s Bayou Adventure wordmark is on the front of the hoodie. It zips up and has two pockets.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Ball Cap – $29.99

A blue baseball cap with gold embroidery reading "TIANA'S BAYOU ADVENTURE" is displayed on a wooden rack.

This ball cap differs slightly from the one sold at Walt Disney Imagineering’s Mickey’s of Glendale. It’s dark blue with “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” embroidered in gold on the front.

A hand holds up a blue baseball cap, revealing an inside tag with a logo. The cap is displayed among other similar caps and a blue shirt in the background.

The Tiana’s Foods water tower is in a gold silhouette on the back.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Bucket Hat – $29.99

A multicolored bucket hat featuring a whimsical pattern of small owls and lanterns, displayed on a wooden shelf.

The bucket hat is black with an all-over pattern of fireflies, green leaves, and red and blue hanging bottles.

A person holds a patterned cap with a red lining, showing the inside while standing in a retail environment with shirts on display in the background.

The interior lining is coral pink.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure MagicBand+ – $44.99

MagicBands displayed on a shelf in black packaging with a price tag showing $44.99.

We also previously shared a look at the MagicBand+, which is blue with Louis on the puck.

wdw tianas bayou adventure magicband2509

It features a pattern of water lilies and the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure logo.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Cropped T-Shirt – $34.99

A cream-colored T-shirt on display with the text "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" printed on the front. The shirt is hung on a clear plastic hanger, and various merchandise is visible in the background.

This white short-sleeved T-shirt features the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure wordmark with gold and green lettering on the chest.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Glow-in-the-Dark Spirit Jersey – $84.99

A mannequin wearing a teal long-sleeve shirt with "Bayou Adventure" written on the chest is displayed next to a collection of matching navy blue caps on shelves. A poster hangs on the wall in the background.

The Spirit Jersey is a slightly more teal blue than the ball cap. “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” is on the left breast.

A teal "It's a Joyful Celebration" sweater featuring an animated character riding a wave is displayed on a clothes rack, next to blue backpacks with similar designs.

“It’s a Joyful Celebration” is on the back in yellow letters. Music notes and golden dots are around it. Louis, Apollo, Gritty, and Phina are pictured in a log surrounded by splashing water. Three fireflies float around them.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Socks

Close-up of a hand holding a pair of blue socks with "Steamboat Willie's Ragu Adventure" text and musical instrument designs. The background displays various themed merchandise on shelves.

The socks are dark blue with a pattern of human and animal instruments. It also features the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure logo, swirls of golden firefly dots, and pink flowers.

Light-Up Firefly – $32

A store display featuring multiple plush toys in glass jar containers on shelves, with additional themed merchandise, including green slippers and clothing, organized on surrounding racks.

These plastic firefly buddies are wearable and interactive. They come in plastic jars but can also be attached to your shoulder like a shoulder plush.

A toy frog with spiral eyes sits inside a transparent hanging container shaped like a leaf, displayed on a branch. A tag with an illustration and text is attached to the container.

The jars have fake water and a pink lily flower on a lilypad inside. The handle resembles green vines wrapped around the jar.

Colorful firefly toys with green glowing undersides are displayed among artificial foliage. A sign explains that pressing a button on the back of a firefly lights it up and allows interaction with others.

After passing the button on the back of your firefly, it will light up when near another firefly.

A colorful insect figurine with wings is perched on the rim of a glowing mason jar, hanging from a tree branch adorned with greenery.

The flowers in the jars also light up.

Beau the Opossum Plush – $24.99

Plush toys resembling cartoonish mice holding yellow guitars placed on a wooden shelf display.

As previously teased, there are plush versions of three members of the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure zydeco band. This one is Beau the opossum who uses her fingers and tail to play an upright bass made out of a gourd.

Apollo the Raccoon Plush – $24.99

A person holds a stuffed raccoon toy with wide eyes and a green ring in its paws. More stuffed toys are displayed on shelves in the background.

Apollo the raccoon makes instruments out of abandoned objects. He plays a squeezebox made of leaves.

Rufus the Turtle Plush – $24.99

A display shelf featuring several plush turtle toys, each holding a small item and wearing a yellow shell.

Rufus the turtle plays the harmonica and is best friends with Apollo.

Louis Cuddleez Plush

Plush alligators with crowns and flowers sit on a store shelf next to plush raccoons and ducks. .

This new Louis plush depicts the alligator taking a nap.

A person holds a green plush crocodile toy with a tag attached, displayed in a store with various other merchandise in the background.

He holds a felt trumpet and has a pink flower on his head.

A person holding a plush toy alligator with a pink butterfly on its head in a store.

This was first released through Target.

Gummi Frogs

Hanging bags of Green Apple Gummi Frogs displayed on a wooden shelf, with cheerful frog illustrations on the packages. Nearby shelves display round containers with similar frog-themed designs.

The gummi frogs are inspired by the ride’s Afro-Cuban band. Two members are pictured on the packaging.


A display stand holds numerous green and yellow lollipops, each featuring a cartoon character. The stand is placed on a shelf, with hot sauce bottles visible in the background.

The green and yellow lollipop features Tiana and Louis on its wrapping.

Milk Chocolate Coins in “Restaurant Fund” Tin

A person holding a red ceramic jar labeled "Restaurant Fund" in a shop display, surrounded by colorful lollipops.

This tin resembles the one Tiana used to raise money for her restaurant. It even features her “Restaurant Fund” note on the front.

A hand holding a tin with a ridged design and a label reading "Customize this space with your own dream!" in front of a display of lollipops featuring cartoon characters.

You can customize it with your own dream.

A hand holding a glass jar of strawberry jam with a barcode is pictured in front of a display of colorful lollipops.

It comes full of milk chocolate coins, representing the coins Tiana dropped in the tin.

Hand holding a metal can modified with a coin slot at the top, resembling a piggy bank, with lollipops displayed in the background.

It can also be used as a bank thanks to a slot in the top.

Mardi Gras Melody Popcorn

Bags of Mardi Gras-themed popcorn with green, yellow, and purple colors are displayed on a shelf, each featuring a label with a festive character.

The popcorn is yellow, green, and purple — the colors of Mardi Gras. The packaging features Tiana, Louis, and Naveen. It’s tied off with a gold bow.

Cajun Craze Crunch

Bags of snack peanuts hang on display hooks in a store, featuring a variety of flavors and packaging, on wooden shelves.

Tiana is pictured on the bag for Cajun Craze Crunch, a trail mix.

Spicy Butter Toffee Peanuts

A hand holds a red bag of "Spicy Butter Toffee Peanuts," with an illustration of cartoon bears eating peanuts. The bag weighs 6 oz (170g).

The bear family of the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Rara band is on the toffee peanuts bag.

Bananas Foster Milk Chocolate

Two wicker baskets hold multiple yellow packages of Bananas Foster flavored milk chocolate bars labeled as a "New Orleans Classic," displayed on a gray counter.

Bananas foster is a New Orleans classic, as the sign by this treat states. So Disney created a bananas foster milk chocolate bar.

A hand is holding a "Bananas Foster Milk Chocolate" bar with a playful illustration of two women on the front. The background shows shelves stocked with green and yellow lollipops and bottled products.

The wrapper features Tiana and her best friend, Lottie.

Mama Odie Hot Sauce

A hand is holding a bottle of Mama Odie's Hot Sauce with Roasted Pepper flavor. The bottle label features a cartoon character stirring a pot. A rustic wooden background and chalkboard are in the background.

Mama Odie has created her own roasted pepper hot sauce. It comes in 5 fluid ounces.

“The Dooky Chase Cookbook” by Leah Chase – $27.95

A hand holds "The Dooky Chase Cookbook" by Leah Chase, featuring a colorful illustration of a chef on the cover. Cookware and jars are visible on the wooden shelves in the background.

Chef Leah Chase inspired the character of Tiana and Walt Disney World guests can now take home her Dooky Chase cookbook. Dooky Chase is the name of the New Orleans restaurant she founded.

“And Still I Cook” by Leah Chase – $22

A hand holds a cookbook titled "And Still I Cook" by Leah Chase, featuring a smiling woman in a chef's coat cooking at a stove. Books and kitchen items are displayed in the background.

“And Still I Cook” is Chase’s second cookbook.

A hand holds a book titled "Still I Cook" by Leah Chase. The back cover displays text detailing the book's content and features a small photo of the author. Shelves with spices are visible in the background.

Leah Chase passed away in 2019 but her family was involved in the creation of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Dooky Chase’s Seafood Seasoning – $9.99

A wooden shelf displays multiple spice jars with a red and white label priced at $9.99 each inside a warmly lit store.

Some of Dooky Chase’s seasonings are available for purchase. This is the only place they are available outside of the New Orleans restaurant.

Dooky Chase’s Fried Chicken Seasoning – $9.99

Dooky Chase’s Gumbo Base – $11.99

Bottles of seasoning labeled "Don's Original Evangeline Yvette" and "Don's Original Red Creole" on display shelves in a store, priced at $9.99 and $11.99.

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