Haunted Mansion Holiday Reopening This Halloween Season with Virtual Queue Only at Disneyland Resort

Brit Tuttle

Disney Parks Blog has revealed that Haunted Mansion Holiday will reopen to guests for the Halloween and holiday seasons, but via virtual queue only.

Haunted Mansion Holiday Virtual Queue

2023 Haunted Mansion Holiday Disneyland Park 9

Due to the attraction’s queue refurbishment still being in progress, Haunted Mansion Holiday will only be offered via virtual queue at Disneyland Park when it reopens.

An orange and black striped background with holes revealing spooky scenes sets the tone for Haunted Mansion Holiday. A sign reading "Seasons Screamings! - Sandy Claws" is pinned at the top, with a black stripe diagonally across the image, perfect for celebrating Halloween Season at Disneyland Resort.

A specific reopening date was not shared, though Disney did provide a sneak peek at the gingerbread creation that will be on display in the ballroom scene of the ride. The image is seemingly of a present wrapped in orange, white, and black-striped wrapping paper, with tears revealing portions of the display’s design.

Watch our ride-through POV of Haunted Mansion Holiday:

What do you think of Haunted Mansion Holiday being virtual queue only for the Halloween and holiday seasons? Does this affect your upcoming plans to visit Disneyland Park and experience the ride during that time? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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