Multiple Lighting Effects Broken in World Celebration Gardens at EPCOT

Phil Wood

A nighttime scene at an amusement park with illuminated structures and a large spherical building in the background, surrounded by a crowd of people enjoying World Celebration at EPCOT.

Multiple Lighting Effects Broken in World Celebration Gardens at EPCOT

Just days after the EPCOT reimagining was declared complete, lighting malfunctions are plaguing World Celebration Gardens.

World Celebration Gardens Lighting Malfunctions

People walk through World Celebration Gardens at night, illuminated by colorfully lit pillars and a glowing Spaceship Earth in the background.

Many lighting features in World Celebration Gardens are malfunctioning. When operating correctly, each light post is supposed to illuminate in one solid color. As you can see in the above photo, three of the light posts are green, while the fourth is split between white and orange. Even the orange section is struggling, as white bleeds into the solid color.

A nighttime scene at EPCOT with illuminated structures and Spaceship Earth in the background, surrounded by a crowd of people enjoying World Celebration Gardens.

In this shot of Spaceship Earth, numerous light posts show multiple colors, and they are not in sync with each other. Some are pink and red while others are blue and green, orange or white.

A tiled floor with a hexagonal pattern is illuminated by small, embedded lights glowing in purple and red tones, reminiscent of the vibrant atmosphere found in World Celebration at EPCOT.

Unfortunately, the issues extend to the floor lighting as well. The small lights which normally illuminate various points of the hexagonal floor pattern, have been malfunctioning in a variety of ways. During our visit to EPCOT, the colors were not in sync and some lights weren’t working at all.

Curved lighting embedded in gray pavement, partially illuminated in green light. People can be seen standing and walking in the background, enjoying World Celebration at EPCOT, despite some minor lighting issues.

Major stretches of the arcing floor lighting are also failing to function properly. In the photo above, most of the lighting is green, while other sections are white or not illuminated.

Curved pathway with light grey paving stones and light inlays, bordered by a low concrete bench.

In this section, the majority of the lighting fails to light up yellow like the illuminated areas.

A close-up of a partially dislodged white lighting panel in a sidewalk, with a gap between the panels and adjacent stones, subtly highlighted by the late afternoon sun.

Illumination wasn’t the only issue we noticed with the floor lighting. Near the newly opened CommuniCore Hall, we noticed a trip hazard. Where the floor lights are supposed to connect, one section is sticking up, creating a danger to guests walking by.

A night scene at EPCOT, with a directional sign for "World Showcase," "World Discovery," and "World Nature," with areas featuring rides and attractions. People walk by in the background, unaware of the minor lighting issues around World Celebration.

Meanwhile, the new EPCOT directional signs installed after the completion of CommuniCore Hall & Plaza are already having issues. The sign in the above photo never lit up during our evening visit, making it essentially useless to guests passing by in the dark.

Lighting amongst the trees and landscaping of World Celebration Gardens at EPCOT, some of which not functioning properly.

The lighting issues extend to the foliage in the gardens. Some lighting features illuminate the trees and foliage of the gardens, while other lighting is never turned on.

This is not the first time that the World Celebration area of EPCOT has experienced lighting malfunctions. In December, days after opening, World Celebration Gardens experienced significant lighting issues.

Are you frustrated by the lighting malfunctions affecting EPCOT so shortly after the completion of the years-long reimagining? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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