New Blue Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection Arrives at Disney Springs

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A retail store display of the Vera Bradley Collection, showcasing handbags and accessories with blue and patterned designs inspired by Cinderella. Shoppers are seen browsing in the background at Disney Springs.

New Blue Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection Arrives at Disney Springs

A new Cinderella Vera Bradley collection is available at the Vera Bradley store in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World and on the Vera Bradley website.

Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection

A brightly lit store at Disney Springs displays various Vera Bradley bags and accessories on shelves and tables, with several hanging from a central structure. The arrangement is neat and organized, showcasing a variety of designs and colors reminiscent of Cinderella's elegance.

The collection’s pattern is Cinderella Paisley set against three shades of blue. There are various bags, throw blankets, apparel, and more. Most of the bags are cotton.

A retail store display of the Vera Bradley Collection, showcasing handbags and accessories with blue and patterned designs inspired by Cinderella. Shoppers are seen browsing in the background at Disney Springs.

Most items feature Cinderella, but a version of the Cinderella Paisley pattern includes her mice friends.

Light Blue Cinderella Throw Blanket – $75

A person holds a rolled-up blue blanket with a clock design and Disney characters, tied with a ribbon labeled "Vera Bradley," in a store at Disney Springs.

There are two throw blankets. Both are 80 inches by 50 inches or 203 centimeters by 127 centimeters. They come folded but employees can show the full pattern on a tablet.

A person holds a tablet displaying a colorful illustration of a tea cup surrounded by paisley patterns, reminiscent of Vera Bradley designs, and an anthropomorphic octopus.

This blanket is light blue with Cinderella pictured in her ballgown. Blue and pink paisley patterns swirl around her.

Twilight Blue Cinderella Vera Bradley Throw Blanket – $75

A blue and white Vera Bradley blanket is being held in a store at Disney Springs, showcasing a snowflake and swoosh pattern with a black ribbon and branded tag, reminiscent of Cinderella's magical night.

This version is a darker “twilight” blue.

A person holds a tablet showcasing Cinderella artwork with the text "Create Your Own Fairytale" on the screen, reminiscent of the enchanting atmosphere found at Disney Springs.

Cinderella is pictured with her mice friends around her feet. It reads, “Create your own fairytale.” A couple of birds are pictured in the paisley patterned background.

Cinderella Glenna Satchel – $120

A display of quilted blue paisley-patterned Vera Bradley bags, with a prominent large tote bag in the foreground, inside a store. A mannequin wearing a white top is in the background, showcasing a blue purse reminiscent of Cinderella's elegance.

Vera Bradley’s Glenna Satchel has a slip pocket on the front and back. The interior features three slip pockets and a zip pocket. It has a zip closure on top.

A blue and white paisley-patterned Vera Bradley quilted tote bag is displayed on a marble surface in a store. Nearby, a mannequin dressed in a white long-sleeve top holds a light blue quilted crossbody bag, evoking the elegance of Cinderella at Disney Springs.

Because of the nature of Vera Bradley bags, the exact layout of the paisley pattern will vary on each bag.

The image shows the inside of a blue Disney Vera Bradley bag, featuring a whimsical pattern with clock faces, tea cups, and top hats. A label with "Disney Vera Bradley" is stitched inside the bag. Inspired by Cinderella, this charming accessory captures the magic perfectly.

The interior lining is light blue with an all-over pattern featuring clockfaces, Cinderella’s coach, her glass slipper, birds, buttons, and spools of thread.

Cinderella Vera Bradley Evie Mini Crossbody – $75

A display of various blue Vera Bradley quilted bags, reminiscent of Cinderella's classic blue gown, including crossbody and shoulder bags, organized on metal stands in a Disney Springs retail store.

This bag has two zip-up compartments and three card slip pockets.

A person holds a small light blue quilted handbag from the Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection, adorned with a pearl-lined strap and star-shaped embroidery. More similar handbags are displayed in the background, capturing the essence of Disney Springs available online.

The front has a quilted diamond pattern with embroidered stars, gems, and pearls.

Hand holding a light blue quilted purse with a pearl strap on display, featuring a "Disney" tag and subtle Vera Bradley design, over a marble surface.

The same quilting is on the back but without extra details.

A hand with manicured nails holds the pearl-adorned handle of a light blue quilted Vera Bradley handbag, reminiscent of Cinderella's grace. The bag, decorated with small pearls and a visible zipper, looks like something you'd find at Disney Springs.

White pearls cover half of the crossbody strap.

Close-up of a group of blue and purple fabric bows tied neatly on a display rack in a store, part of the vibrant Vera Bradley Collection at Disney Springs. Other patterned fabric items are visible in the background, evoking an enchanting Cinderella-like charm.

The top of the strap is tied in a bow.

Cinderella Frannie Crossbody Bag – $100

A display of light blue quilted handbags with floral embroidery and pearl chain straps in a store, part of the Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection. Other patterned and plain bags are visible in the background. This enchanting collection is also available online or at Disney Springs.

This larger bag has a similar quilting pattern with embroidered stars on the front.

Rows of light blue handbags with quilted designs and pearl handles, reminiscent of the elegance in Cinderella's story, are displayed on a store shelf. Nearby, blue patterned bags from the Vera Bradley Collection add a touch of charm, as if transported straight from an enchanting visit to Disney Springs.

Its handle is also lined with white pearls.

Close-up of a light blue handbag from the Vera Bradley Collection being held open, revealing a Cinderella-themed patterned interior and a price tag of $108.

The interior lining is dark blue but otherwise features the same all-over pattern as the Glenna satchel. It comes with a crossbody strap. Inside are zip and slip pockets.

Cinderella Small Vera Tote Bag – $105

A store display at Disney Springs showcases a blue, paisley-patterned tote bag from the Vera Bradley Collection on a marble counter, surrounded by various light blue quilted bags. In the background, mannequins with white tops complete this Cinderella-inspired scene.

The tote has two over-the-shoulder handles and features a bright blue paisley pattern. A front slip pocket, zip pocket, and hidden top pocket are on the exterior.

Top view of an open quilted bag from the Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection with a blue patterned interior featuring various small illustrations, including clocks and teacups. A Disney tag is visible inside. Available online and at Disney Springs.

Inside the main zip pocket are six slip pockets.

Cinderella Zip ID Case – $30

A person holds a small white pouch with a blue embroidered high-heeled shoe design and star motifs, reminiscent of a Cinderella story, on display in Disney Springs among other similar pouches and accessories by Vera Bradley.

The ID case is light blue with an embroidered patch of Cinderella’s glass slipper on the front. There are embroidered stars around the slipper. It includes a key ring.

A person holds a small, quilted Vera Bradley fabric cardholder with a transparent ID window and keyring attachment. The background shows shelves with similar blue and white patterned items, reminiscent of the charming designs you might find at Disney Springs or inspired by Cinderella.

The interior, as seen through the ID window, is dark blue. It also has a zip compartment.

Another version of the ID case available online features “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” instead of the glass slipper.

Cinderella Vera Bradley Bag Charm – $30

A hand holds a Disney-themed keychain designed as a clock face with Roman numerals and a navy blue ribbon, reminiscent of the Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection available at Disney Springs.

The pleather bag charm resembles a clock as it strikes midnight. There’s a blue Disney-branded pull, which reveals a retractable tape measure inside.

A hand holds a small, light blue Vera Bradley keychain pouch with a round tag attached, displaying the product name and details, perfect for your next visit to Disney Springs or channeling your inner Cinderella.

A hinge ring is attached to clip it on a bag easily.

Cinderella RFID All-in-One Crossbody Bag – $90

Display of blue quilted crossbody bags with a colorful pattern, hanging on a wall-mounted rack in a store. Additional Vera Bradley bags are stacked on a white shelf nearby, reminiscent of the whimsical atmosphere you’d find at Disney Springs.

This bag can be converted to a wallet, wristlet, or crossbody. It has RFID protection for credit and debit cards.

A hand holds a blue quilted purse decorated with animated characters, buttons, and sewing tools, reminiscent of a Vera Bradley design. Other similar purses are displayed in the background, evoking the enchanting style of Disney Springs.

It has an exterior phone slip pocket. There are 10 card slips, four slip pockets, one bill pocket, one zip pocket, and one ID window inside.

Close-up of a hand holding a small blue quilted pouch with colorful cartoon characters and a zippered front pocket, displayed among similar Vera Bradley items on a store rack.

It features zip and magnetic closures.

A hand holds a blue, zipper-closure wallet adorned with a whimsical print of Cinderella and stitching tools. Similar Vera Bradley wallets hang on a display rack in the background, reminiscent of the charming finds at Disney Springs.

The crossbody strap and solid blue wrist strap are detachable.

Cinderella Vera Bradley RFID Finley Wallet – $60

A hand holds a quilted, light-colored Vera Bradley wallet with star embroidery in a store setting reminiscent of Disney Springs, evoking the charm of a Cinderella fairytale.

This wallet is light blue. A swirl of stars is embroidered on the front with sequins and pearls. It has a snap closure.

A hand holds a quilted, silver-colored wallet with a small blue ribbon attached, displaying a tag that reads "Vera Bradley + Disney Cinderella Collection." The background includes similar wallets and wooden drawers, reminiscent of the charming boutiques at Disney Springs.

A small zip pocket is on the other side.

A hand is holding a Disney-themed blue wallet featuring clocks, teapots, and teacups. The Cinderella-inspired wallet has a fabric tab on the side with a button closure, perfect for carrying during your next visit to Disney Springs.

Inside are 13 card slip pockets, four bill slip pockets, and an ID window. It features the dark blue lining.

Cinderella Mini Jewelry Case – $45

A small quilted pouch with an embroidered design of Cinderella on a spool of thread is being held. More pouches with the same enchanting design are displayed in the background, reminiscent of the charming finds at Disney Springs.

This square case depicts one of Cinderella’s mice friends wearing a purple dress and holding a sewing needle on top of thread spools. Stars, a pearl, and a sequin accompany the embroidered patch.

A hand with pink nails holds a quilted, light blue Vera Bradley cosmetic pouch in front of a display of similar pouches, reminiscent of the elegance at Disney Springs.

Inside is a soft center lining piece to prevent scratching. It has a slip pocket, ring cushion, and earring holder with 12 holes.

Cinderella Vera Bradley Cosmetic Bag – $85

A white quilted Vera Bradley cosmetic bag featuring embroidered cartoon mice in various activities, including using a spool of thread and needle. Reminiscent of Cinderella's helpful friends, the bag is held by a person in a store setting.

More of Cinderella’s mice friends, including Jaq and Gus, are on this matching cosmetic bag.

Close-up of a white quilted Vera Bradley bag with a zipper, adorned with embroidered images of Cinderella's bird carrying a ribbon, stars, and small pearls. The bag is displayed on a wooden surface, reminiscent of the charming finds you'd discover at Disney Springs.

There is also a patch of one of Cinderella’s bird friends.

A hand holding a quilted silver Vera Bradley cosmetic bag with a ribbon attached, displayed in a retail setting at Disney Springs.

It has a zipper around three of the four sides. A small handle is on top.

A hand holding a light blue, quilted pouch with a zipper. The pouch features embroidered details, including a spool of thread and some stars, reminiscent of Cinderella Vera Bradley's whimsical designs. Products in the background are slightly blurred, evoking the charm of Disney Springs.

This bag is not currently available online.

A person holds an open rectangular lunch bag with a blue interior featuring various prints of clocks and tea sets, reminiscent of Cinderella's magical moment. The Vera Bradley design adds a touch of elegance, making this bag a charming accessory. The bag is on display in a store.

There’s a zip mesh pocket on the inside of the lid.

Cinderella Small Backpack – $130

A quilted white backpack with Cinderella-themed embroidery and butterfly motifs, designed by Vera Bradley, is elegantly displayed on a glass shelf at Disney Springs.

Cinderella is on the front pocket of this bag with stars, sequins, and pearls on and around her dress. Birds are in the top left corner.

Person holding a quilted white Vera Bradley backpack featuring an embroidered illustration of Cinderella in a light blue dress with silver accents and sparkling embellishments, perfect for a day out at Disney Springs.

There are two slip pockets and a zip pocket on the exterior. The interior features a small zip pocket.

Cinderella Vera Bradley Mini Backpack – $80

A person holds a small blue quilted backpack adorned with Cinderella and other cartoon characters, featuring various colorful patterns. The backpack, reminiscent of Vera Bradley's intricate designs, is displayed in a retail setting with other bags in the background.

The paisley pattern of this bag features the mice and birds with sewing supplies. The exterior has a slip pocket and a zip pocket.

Person holding a small blue quilted backpack featuring a Cinderella fairytale character print, displayed in a store.

Inside is a zip pocket. The main pocket has a zip closure, too.

A hand holds a small blue backpack with cartoon mouse designs, part of the Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection, displayed in a retail store setting. The backpack's strap and zipper are visible, and another similar item is in the background. Explore more from this collection online or at Disney Springs.

It has a capacity of four L.

Cinderella Campus Backpack – $150

Display of blue, patterned Vera Bradley backpacks in a store, including one worn on a mannequin and several others arranged on shelves.

This campus backpack features the same pattern but is 23 L. The exterior has two side slip pockets, a U-shaped front zip compartment, a hidden back zip pocket, and a front zip pocket. The U-shaped compartment has four slip pockets, three pen pockets, and an ID window.

A blue quilted backpack featuring Cinderella and other Disney characters on display in a store, with similar backpacks from the Vera Bradley Collection and a cardboard cutout advertisement in the background.

In the main compartment is two mesh slip pockets. It has a padded laptop compartment that can hold a 15-inch laptop. The shoulder straps and back are padded and there is a shaped trolley sleeve.

Cinderella Vera Bradley XL Campus Backpack – $175

A blue patterned backpack with pink and white paisley designs from the Vera Bradley Collection is displayed hanging in a store, reminiscent of the charming boutiques you'd find at Disney Springs.

The XL campus backpack is similar but slightly larger and features Cinderella in the blue and pink paisley pattern.

Cinderella Cord Organizer – $45

A hand holds a blue quilted pouch adorned with an animated Cinderella mouse motif, reminiscent of Vera Bradley's charming designs. Several similar pouches and backpacks are displayed on shelves in the background.

This case features the mice on a blue background with a pattern of white paisley and buttons.

A hand holds a blue, quilted pouch with an animated sewing theme, reminiscent of Cinderella's helpers. The Vera Bradley pouch depicts mice, sewing tools, and threads. Other similar items are displayed in the background.

The zipper goes around three sides.

A hand is holding open a small blue fabric zippered pouch with a patterned interior, reminiscent of Vera Bradley designs. The person is standing on a tile floor, and another person is partially visible in the background, evoking the bustling atmosphere of Disney Springs.

It has a zip pocket, headphones snap tab, elastic bands, and mesh pockets. It accommodates a mini tablet.

Cinderella Vera Bradley Small Belt Bag – $40

A person holding a blue, quilted pouch featuring an animated animal print design from the whimsical Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection.

The mice are also on the belt bag.

A hand holding a blue quilted pouch with cartoon character designs and a blue adjustable strap, in a store at Disney Springs. The whimsical accessory looks like something straight out of Cinderella’s fairy tale collection, likely designed by Vera Bradley.

It has a back zip pocket and a main zip pocket. Inside are three card slip pockets. The belt strap is solid blue with plastic hardware.

Cinderella Short-Sleeved Graphic Tee – $35

A navy blue T-shirt with a Cinderella-themed design, reminiscent of the enchanting style found at Disney Springs, is displayed on a store rack, surrounded by other merchandise.

The shirt is twilight blue. Cinderella is pictured with paisley swirling around her. A white clock is behind her, with the hands pointing to midnight. It’s 100 percent cotton and the design is screen printed.

Cinderella Vera Bradley Knit Pajama Shorts – $40

Blue Disney-themed shorts featuring a white pattern of clocks, top hats, gloves, buttons, and cups. Part of the charming Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection, these shorts are displayed hanging on a hanger in a retail store.

The shorts are 95 percent cotton and five percent spandex jersey. They have two side-seam pockets and an elastic waist with a drawstring. The inseam is four inches. They are dark blue with an all-over pattern of Cinderella’s coach, thread spools, the glass slipper, clocks, and buttons.

Cinderella Knit Robe – $60

A blue robe with white designs, reminiscent of Cinderella's elegance, is displayed on a hanger in a store. In the background, blue backpacks and other merchandise from the Vera Bradley Collection add to the enchanting atmosphere of Disney Springs.

The robe has the same printed pattern as the shorts. The sleeves are 3/4 length while the robe is knee length. It has side seam pockets and a waist tie closure.

Cinderella Vera Bradley Weekender Travel Bag – $160

Person holding a blue quilted Vera Bradley bag with various patterned illustrations featuring multiple zippered compartments and handles, reminiscent of Cinderella's charm. More bags with similar designs are displayed in the background.

The weekender features the mice paisley pattern. It has two handles and a removable solid blue strap. The exterior has one slip pocket and two zip pockets. Inside are five mesh pockets. It has a trolley sleeve and is carry-on compliant.

Cinderella Large Travel Duffel Bag – $140

Display of patterned bags in a store, including blue floral and paisley designs. The center features two stacked bags with intricate patterns from the Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection, surrounded by more bags on shelves. Available both in-store and online at Disney Springs.

The large duffel bag is longer than the weekender with a capacity of 50 L. It has the Cinderella paisley pattern. The exterior features a zip pocket and three slip pockets. Inside are three mesh pockets.

Cinderella Vera Bradley Hanging Travel Organizer – $80

Display of patterned Vera Bradley bags in a store, including a hanging organizer. In the background, shoppers browse and a person pushes a stroller. The scene feels straight out of Cinderella's dream closet at Disney Springs.

The travel organizer has a metal hanger that tucks away when folded and tied up. There is a top zippered quilted compartment, two taffeta-lined clear plastic compartments, and a gusseted, plastic-lined bottom compartment.

Cinderella Crew Socks – $15

A person holding up a light blue Cinderella-themed sock in a store at Disney Springs, surrounded by matching blue Vera Bradley Disney-themed backpacks and bags. Other shoppers and store displays are visible in the background.

A clock striking midnight is pictured in black on the ankles of these blue socks.

A hand holds a pair of blue socks with a clock design, labeled "Disney Vera Bradley Crew Socks." Featuring timeless elegance, these Cinderella-inspired socks are surrounded by other similarly patterned items in the background.

The clock is set against Cinderella’s light blue silhouette. There are some light blue stars around her. A black and white paisley pattern overlaps her, too.

A person holds a Cinderella-inspired Vera Bradley cloth in front of several matching blue bags with intricate designs displayed on a store shelf at Disney Springs.

The design is knitted into the socks, which fit women’s sizes 5-10.

Cinderella Vera Bradley Cozy Life Slippers – $35

A hand holds a blue Vera Bradley slipper with a white interior and an embroidered Cinderella shoe symbol, in a store at Disney Springs, surrounded by other Vera Bradley products.

The “cozy life” slippers feature Cinderella’s glass slipper on the toes and embroidered stars. The lining is white fluffy sherpa.

A person holds a pair of blue fluffy slippers with a white inner lining and an image of a princess shoe embroidered on the outside, part of the new Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection. Shelves with other items are visible in the background.

The slippers have padded insoles. There are silicone dots on the bottom for grip and elastic in the heels for a snug fit.

A close-up of a blue textured fabric with an embroidered outline of a high-heeled shoe, held by a person with pink nail polish. Reminiscent of Cinderella, this beautiful piece can be found at Vera Bradley's store in Disney Springs or ordered online.

They come in sizes small, medium, and large, corresponding to women’s sizes 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10 respectively.

Cinderella Laptop Organizer – $60

A person holds a Vera Bradley quilted bag with a blue and pink paisley pattern, featuring small images of Beauty and the Beast characters placed among the paisley designs.

This fits up to a 15-inch laptop. It has a retractable handle. The exterior features a zip pocket. The interior features a slip pocket and four pen pockets.

Cinderella Vera Bradley Mini Travel Umbrella – $38

A hand holding a blue and pink patterned water bottle featuring a printed image of a princess character, from the New Cinderella Vera Bradley Collection, displayed among similar items in Disney Springs.

The umbrella comes with a cover. It has a wrist strap on the dark blue plastic handle. The canopy radius is 18.5 inches.

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