New Cast Member Costumes Debut at The Plaza and Tony’s Town Square

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Two individuals in themed cast member costumes. The person on the left wears a light blue vest and light blue tie, standing outside. The person on the right wears a teal vest and bow tie, standing inside.

New Cast Member Costumes Debut at The Plaza and Tony’s Town Square

On June 28, The Plaza Restaurant and Tony’s Town Square Restaurant debuted new Cast Member costumes in Magic Kingdom.

The Plaza Restaurant and Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Cast Member Costumes

A person wearing a light blue and white striped vest and black pants, reminiscent of Cast Member Costumes, stands outside a green building with ornate doors, holding a black water bottle.

The new Cast Member costumes at The Plaza Restaurant are vastly different from the ones Cast Members previously wore. Cast Members will now be found in white and teal vests over long-sleeve white button-downs and light green ties. Cast Members will wear black slacks and black dress shoes to complete the outfit.

plaza restaurant reopening

Previously, Cast Members at The Plaza Restaurant wore yellow dresses with a white collar and apron, black socks, and black shoes.

An elderly man in a teal vest and bow tie, dressed in Tony's Town Square Cast Member Costumes, stands next to a white and gold waste bin in front of stained glass windows and a framed picture of mice.

The new costumes at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant now match the clothing worn by Tony in “Lady and the Tramp”. Cast Members will wear dark gray vests, white long-sleeve button-downs, black slacks, and black bow ties.

Cast Members previously wore black vests, black slacks, and no bow ties.

A preview of the new Main Street, U.S.A. Cast Member costumes at Magic Kingdom

These two costume changes are just the latest to take place in Magic Kingdom. In March 2024, Disney announced that Cast Members working on Main Street U.S.A. would be donning new costumes this year. Costume updates have slowly rolled out since then. In April, Cast Members at the Magic Kingdom entrance were spotted in their new attire. In May, Cast Members working at Crytal Arts, Harmony Barber Shop, and Emporium debuted their new costumes.

All of the new costumes are made from lightweight, breathable fabric and recyclable materials.

What do you think of the new costumes at The Plaza Restaurant and Tony’s Town Square Restaurant?

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