$36,000 Tiana Figure and Cinderella’s Slipper for Sale at Magic Kingdom

Phil Wood

A jeweled figurine of Princess Tiana in a green dress and a jeweled slipper with heart and blue accents, displayed side by side on black bases.

$36,000 Tiana Figure and Cinderella’s Slipper for Sale at Magic Kingdom

On a recent trip to Magic Kingdom, we discovered a new Princess Tiana figure and Cinderella’s Slipper available at Crystal Arts on Main Street U.S.A.

Princess Tiana Figure – $36,000

A figurine of a princess in a detailed green dress, adorned with sparkling elements, displayed on a circular base. A certificate of authenticity is displayed beside the figurine.

This figure depicts Tiana in her green dress and tiara. She wears long gloves that nearly reach to her shoulder. She admires a water lily that she holds in her hands.

She is standing atop a green crystal lily pad that floats in blue crystal water.

A figurine of a woman wearing a green, sparkling gown, gloves, and a crown, holding a frog in front of a dark background.

The item was created exclusively for Arribas Brothers and includes a certificate of authenticity outlining how the piece was made. The Princess Tiana figure features over 38,278 hand-set Swarovski crystals. This limited edition piece took artists 240 hours to complete. There are only 200 pieces available worldwide and each is marked by an edition number.

Cinderella’s Slipper – $6,900

A single high-heel shoe covered in multicolored gemstones, displayed on a wooden surface with a price tag showing $6900. A gemstone frog figurine is placed nearby.

The inside of the slipper consists of only gold crystals. The outside of the slipper features blue, silver, and gold crystals. In the center of the slipper is a blue heart. Beneath it is a golden ball. Butterflies, hearts, and stars can be found throughout the slipper.

A sparkling high-heeled shoe adorned with numerous rhinestones on display, priced at $6,900.

The crystals stretch around the entire piece. Hearts, stars, and butterflies are even present above the slipper’s long heel.

Crystal Arts is located next to Main Street Bakery on Main Street U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom. In mid-June, a $35,000 Cinderella figure covered in Swarovski crystals became available at Crystal Arts and other Arribas Brothers locations at Disney Parks.

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