New Disney Parks Dooney & Bourke Pickleball Bag Now Available

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A person holds a colorful Dooney & Bourke picckleball bag featuring various Disney-themed designs in a store filled with similar merchandise.

New Disney Parks Dooney & Bourke Pickleball Bag Now Available

A new Disney Sketch Dooney & Bourke pickleball bag featuring the classic Disney Parks sketch pattern is now available at Walt Disney World.

We found it for sale in La Boutique at Disney’s Riviera Resort.

Disney Sketch Dooney & Bourke Pickleball Bag – $178

A person holds a colorful Dooney & Bourke pickleball bag featuring whimsical, cartoon-style designs of rainbows, castles, fireworks, and Mickey Mouse symbols, inside a store displaying more similar bags.

This white crossbody drawstring bag features colorful Disney icons in a previously-released pattern, including Sleeping Beauty Castle and pink teacups. The front of the bag has a zipper pocket, and the bag’s only strap is adjustable and made from brown nylon.

Sleeping Beauty Castle is centered beneath the zipper on the front pocket. Beneath the castle is a “Walt Disney World” banner which sits above a “Disneyland” one. Characters included in the pattern are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip, Dale, the Cheshire Cat, and Tinker Bell.

Other images include Cinderella’s glass slipper, Donald’s hat, black Mickey ear hats, pink, orange, red, and blue Mickey balloons, Mickey’s premium ice cream bars, Minnie’s polka dot bow, and red roses. The design also features colorful images of fireworks, hearts, stars, and water, all designed to look sketched by hand.

It’s worth noting that patterns on Dooney & Bourke bags are not always the same, so you might find a bag with the pattern slightly shifted from ours.

A person holds a backpack with a blue, perforated front pocket and a colorful print. The bag is displayed in a store setting with similar items in the background.

The back of the bag features a zipper pocket sized to fit a pickleball racket. This pocket is blue with holes. A black “Dooney & Bourke” tag is positioned in the top middle part of the pocket.

On this side of the bag, guests will also find the black and brown leather drawstring that opens and closes the bag. The drawstring features an adjustable blue cover that slides to tighten and loosen the bag.

A person wearing a white watch holds open a handbag with a Disney-themed print, showcasing its inner compartment. Multiple similar bags are displayed on shelves in the background.

The inside of the bag is spacious and features three slip pockets for storage. While the inside of the bag is mostly white, the design from the outside of the bag encircles the top of the interior.

Prior to this release, the most recent Disney Dooney & Bourke design featured Stitch on a crossbody bag, wristlet wallet, and tote bag.

What do you think of the new Dooney & Bourke pickleball bag? Will you be adding it to your collection? Let us know in the comments and on social media.

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