A hand holds a miniature red cart bucket labeled "Butterbeer" displaying barrels of Butterbeer. The cart is in a brightly lit Harry Potter store at Universal Orlando Resort.

‘Harry Potter’ Butterbeer Cart Bucket Arrives at Universal Orlando Resort

Shannen Ace

Universal Orlando Resort guests can now get a unique “Harry Potter” souvenir originally from Universal Studios Beijing — a Butterbeer cart bucket full of Butterbeer candies! We found it in the Sugarplum’s Sweet Shop in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida.

Butterbeer Cart Bucket – $44

A hand holds a miniature red cart bucket labeled "Butterbeer" displaying bottles of Butterbeer. The cart is part of a Harry Potter-themed merchandise collection in a brightly lit store at Universal Orlando Resort.

The plastic bucket resembles a red cart with brown wheels and chains. “Butterbeer” is in gold lettering on the sides. The cart also features gold accents.

A hand holds a themed red Butterbeer cart replica with small barrels inside and "Butterbeer" signage, standing in a room with checkered flooring and shelves in the background, reminiscent of the magical experiences at Universal Orlando Resort.

Brown barrels of Butterbeer are stacked on top of the cart. There’s a bench seat with a footrest on the front, below a “Butterbeer” sign. A ladder descends down the cart from the seat.

A hand holds a toy red carriage with brown wheels and details, reminiscent of the charming craftsmanship found at Universal Orlando.

The wheels actually spin. There are two different brown loops on the end for attaching the strap, which has plastic lobster claw clips.

A close-up of a person's wrist wearing a yellow wristband with a Butterbeer logo on it at Universal Orlando Resort. The background shows a tiled surface.

The strap is yellow with the Butterbeer logo printed across it. The logo features gold lettering against a green, black, and white background. The strap has a plastic closure.

A hand holding a toy butterbeer cart in a shop with a white and black tiled floor and pastel-colored shelves in the background, reminiscent of the charming stalls found at Universal Orlando Resort.

There’s a fake door on this end of the bucket. The top actually opens to reveal the chewy candies (or whatever treasures you decide to store) inside.

A hand holds a small, red, carriage-style container labeled "Butterbeer," filled with round, dark brown items. The vintage cart design of the Butterbeer bucket evokes the whimsical charm found at Universal Orlando Resort.

The bucket resembles various Butterbeer carts in The Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort, but is directly inspired by a cart at Universal Studio Beijing, pictured below.

Nighttime scene of a themed street at Universal Orlando with a red Butterbeer cart, barrels on top, cobblestone pathway, shop windows illuminated, and snow-covered rooftops in the background.

Universal Orlando Resort recently celebrated Butterbeer Season with limited-time Butterbeer ice lollies and caramels. Check out more Butterbeer merchandise and reviews.

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