New Test Track Logo Revealed as Construction Walls Go Up for Reimagining

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A blue sign with hexagonal patterns reads "Test Track presented by Chevrolet; Coming Soon." It is set against a construction site with a partially visible building and steel structure behind it.

New Test Track Logo Revealed as Construction Walls Go Up for Reimagining

Construction walls featuring a new Test Track logo are now up as the ride closes for what is expected to be a months-long reimagining.

New Test Track Logo

A construction site with large blue signage reading "Test Track presented by Chevrolet Coming Soon." The site, currently under reimagining, is surrounded by fencing and scaffolding under a clear blue sky.

Walls have been erected outside of Test Track, as it closes today for reimagining. The walls feature a brand new Test Track logo, part of which was revealed during the release of concept art for the reimagined attraction.

The new logo continues the old ride’s color scheme of black, blue, and white, but the font has been changed and sits in front of three hexagons. While the attraction’s font had previously been revealed, the hexagons are a new development. At the bottom of the sign, “Coming Soon” is written in yellow.

A construction site with white barricades in front of a building labeled "Test Track SIMporium," featuring the Test Track logo, surrounded by greenery and tree branches, and located under a metallic awning.

Grey walls have gone up around the entrance of the attraction. In the photo above, the old Test Track logo is visible above the SIMporium. In the old logo, the font was very sharp instead of the rounded bubble letters featured in the new logo.

The ride’s old logo also featured the final t in “Test” and the first t in “Track” merging to create one letter. In the new logo, “Test” is slightly higher than “Track” and both words stand on their own.

A worker in a yellow vest and hard hat is seen through a narrow gap between two blue panels, near the Test Track logo.

We spotted construction workers already starting the ride’s refurbishment. As we reported yesterday, the reimagining materials were already on property and visible during the outside portion of the attraction. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see work beginning without delay.

A sign on a grey wall indicating directions; "Park Exit" and "Restrooms" to the left, "World Showcase" to the right, and the Test Track Logo subtly incorporated. Trees are visible above the wall.

One portion of the grey wall features a directional sign for guests. It points guests toward the park exit and restrooms to the left and the World Showcase to the right.

Test Track reimagining concept art

Test Track is undergoing its first reimagining since a nearly eight-month-long refurbishment in 2012. General Motors remains the attraction’s sponsor, and the Chevrolet branding will remain in place after the refurbishment is complete.

Test Track reimagining concept art

Imagineers have stated that the reimagined attraction will be inspired by World of Motion, the attraction that Test Track replaced before opening in 1998. After the refurbishment, Test Track will feature the “spirit of optimism” that was present in the now-closed attraction.

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