Test Track Refurbishment Materials Already Staged in Guest View & More: Daily Recap (6/16/24)

Katie Francis

A daily recap in a collage of four images: a construction site, an animated turtle underwater, animated characters celebrating, and a helicopter flying in the sky.

Test Track Refurbishment Materials Already Staged in Guest View & More: Daily Recap (6/16/24)

Test Track refurbishment construction materials were already staged in guest view on the attraction’s last day of operations, a former Turtle Talk With Crush Cast Member went viral, and “Inside Out 2” enjoyed a successful opening weekend at the box office — all this and more in today’s daily recap for Sunday, June 16, 2024.

Walt Disney World


An industrial construction site with containers, building materials, and construction equipment. There is a circular blue marking on the ground, indicating a specific area for operations and test track activities.

New Merchandise

A keychain with a round, green tag featuring a green dragon holding a paintbrush and rainbow, attached to black circular pieces on a speckled surface.

Other Walt Disney World News

A Disney Helicopter is flying high in the sky on a clear day with scattered clouds, creating a magical scene reminiscent of Walt Disney World Resort.

Disneyland Resort

Animated sea turtle swimming underwater with a group of smaller turtles in the background, portraying a father guiding his children. The scene features a clear blue ocean and some coral on the left side.

Disney Cruise Line

A collage of images showcasing Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, featuring beach scenes, food, activities, and a cruise ship. The text "Full Guide" appears prominently at the bottom.

Entertainment and Media

An animated character with blue hair and a yellow dress excitedly extends her arms beside another animated character with red hair and a goofy expression, standing in a colorful, futuristic setting reminiscent of Inside Out 2.

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