Display cart with colorful Pixar Fest graphic t-shirts under a red canopy, set outdoors on a sunny day at Disney California Adventure, with people walking by.

New T-Shirts Inspired by Pixar Fest Marketplaces at Disney California Adventure

Shannen Ace

Disney California Adventure has two new T-shirts inspired by the Hanger Management and 4*Town Fav*4*ites Pixar Fest Marketplaces.

Display cart with colorful Pixar Fest graphic t-shirts under a red canopy, set outdoors on a sunny day at Disney California Adventure, with people walking by.

We found the two shirts at the merchandise kiosk in Performance Corridor, across from the Cars Land and San Fransokyo Square entrances.

4*Town Fav*4*Ites Tee – $34.99

A purple t-shirt featuring a colorful graphic with characters and text that reads "4*TOWN FAN 4*LIFE." The shirt is displayed on a hanger in a retail setting with other T-Shirts around, reminiscent of the vibrant spirit found at Disney California Adventure.

This purple short-sleeved tee depicts the 4*Town Fav*4*ites sign with yellow lettering and light pink stars set against a pastel background. The four members of 4*Town, a fictional boy band in “Turning Red,” are depicted with hearts behind them.

A purple T-shirt featuring an illustration of a red panda above five cartoon characters with the text "4 Town Faves" below them. Perfect for Pixar Fest at Disney California Adventure!

Meilin is in her red panda form peeking over the top of the sign.

A purple t-shirt from Pixar Fest Marketplaces displays cartoon characters with wings surrounded by hearts and sparkles, above an animated red panda face at the bottom. It is hung with other clothing on a rack.

On the back of the shirt, the boys of 4*Town are each pictured in a pink five-pointed star with white four-pointed stars and hearts around them. The band members wear yellow shirts.

A purple shirt featuring an illustration of a cartoon red panda with a frightened expression, peeking from the bottom. Perfect for Pixar Fest at Disney California Adventure!

A larger version of Mei in red panda form is on the back above the hem.

Illustration of five diverse animated characters posing confidently, each framed by a star shape with sparkles, reminiscent of Pixar Fest. The background is purple with two heart shapes centrally placed, making for perfect T-Shirts designs.

Hanger Management Tee – $34.99

Black T-shirt on a hanger with "Hanger Management" printed across the chest. The design features a stylized graphic of a tool and food items, adding a whimsical touch reminiscent of Pixar Fest. Various other T-shirts are displayed in the background.

This black short-sleeved tee features the Hanger Management sign. The booth is inspired by “Inside Out” and specifically the emotion Anger.

Black T-shirt with a design featuring a character and the text "Hanger Management" in front of a colorful background resembling a grocery aisle, perfect for fans of Disney California Adventure.

Anger is pictured at the control panel of Riley’s mind, holding up a fork and knife. Angry fire shoots out from his head. Rows of colorful memories are behind him. “Hanger Management” is in white lettering.

A black t-shirt featuring an image of a red animated character with flames for hair, holding a spoon and fork, wearing white pants and a brown belt—a perfect memento from Pixar Fest at Disney California Adventure.

The same image of Anger with a fork and knife is larger on the back of the shirt.

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