A hand holding a black mug with "A QUIET PLACE" and "Rule #1: Don’t make a sound" text, beside a black t-shirt featuring a hooded figure with claws design labeled "Quiet Place".

New ‘A Quiet Place’ Halloween Horror Nights Merchandise at Universal Orlando Resort

Annie Wilson

Following the official announcement for ‘A Quiet Place’ coming to Halloween Horror Nights 33, new merchandise has arrived at Universal Orlando Resort.

‘A Quiet Place’ Halloween Horror Nights 33 Merchandise

Merchandise display for "A Quiet Place" featuring t-shirts, posters, and cups arranged on and around mannequins in a store, creating a perfect setting that echoes the eeriness of the quiet place universe.

We found the new items on sale in 5 & 10 at Universal Studios Florida.

‘A Quiet Place’ Shirt – $33

A black T-shirt featuring a design from the movie "A Quiet Place" showcases a cloaked figure making a shushing gesture with claw marks below.

This black T-shirt features a person holding a finger to their lips, with red lighting behind them. The creatures from the film have left claw markings across the front of the shirt. “A Quiet Place” is written across the bottom, with “A” and “Place” in white and the word “Quiet” in red.

A black T-shirt with the text "Rule #1: Don't make a sound." printed on the back. The shirt, perfect for those who value a quiet place, is hanging on a rack in a store. A person is standing nearby.

The back of the shirt has white text that reads, “Rule #1: Don’t make a sound.”

Black T-shirt with the words “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024” and a skull logo in red print on the sleeve, perfect for those looking to add a touch of a quiet place's eerie atmosphere to their wardrobe.

The sleeve of the shirt features the Halloween Horror Nights 2024 logo with the punk-inspired stylization featured on merchandise released earlier this year.

‘A Quiet Place’ Heat-Activated Mug – $20

A hand holds a black mug with "A Quiet Place" and "Rule #1: Don't make a sound." written on it in orange text. The background reveals a bustling yet quiet place, exemplified by the brightly lit store interior.

The mug is all black, and features the title treatment for “A Quiet Place” on the front in a shiny red color. Beneath it is “Rule #1: Don’t make a sound.”

A hand holds a black mug with "Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024" printed in orange. The background, reminiscent of a quiet place, shows a store interior with various displays and products.

The back of the mug features the wordmark for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024. Like the sleeve of the T-shirt, “2024” is stylized in the punk look.

A hand holds an empty ceramic mug over a blurred indoor background, which includes potted plants, a person in an orange shirt, and various items on display. The scene suggests a quiet place to unwind.

The inside of the mug is glazed white.

Sign displaying heat reactive mugs for $20, featuring designs from the movie "A Quiet Place" in a retail setting.
Sign displaying heat reactive mugs for $20, featuring designs from the movie “A Quiet Place” in a retail setting.

When the mug is hot, a new design emerges from the black glaze. Here, you can see the key art of a person shushing. There are claw marks from the creatures on the side of the mug.

This is the third preview merchandise release for this year, and the first to feature intellectual property (IP). Six original house announcements have been made for Universal Orlando, and “A Quiet Place” marks the seventh house announcement and first non-original haunted house reveal.

The new shirt and mug are available from the 5 & 10 at Universal Studios Florida. Halloween Horror Nights 33 Premium Scream Night tickets went on sale today, and Premier Annual Passholder dates were recently released, as well.

How do you feel about the latest Halloween Horror Nights merchandise release? Are you looking forward to “A Quiet Place” at Halloween Horror Nights 33?

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