Is The Tokyo Disney Resort Fantasy Springs Vacation Package Worth It?

Tom Corless

A man and a woman at Tokyo Disney Resort, with the Fantasy Springs vacation package sign and beloved characters in the background. Text reads "Fantasy Springs Review.

Is The Tokyo Disney Resort Fantasy Springs Vacation Package Worth It?

With the official opening of Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disney Resort introduced a new vacation package including unlimited Disney Premier Access to the four brand-new rides in Fantasy Springs.

Fantasy Springs Vacation Package Details

A hand holds a folder featuring Disney Vacation Packages in front of an entrance to Tokyo Disney Resort on a sunny day, ready for a review.

It’s important to note, Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages are somewhat expensive and sometimes hard to book due to demand (and also because the Tokyo Disney Resort website is horrendous and not optimized to serve those from English-speaking countries). The Fantasy Springs vacation package is for 2 days and 1 night. You can cancel the vacation package up to three weeks before your visit for a full refund, but after that you will be charged some cancellation fee.

Close-up of a hand holding a Disneyland Tokyo Resort vacation package itinerary sheet with Disney-themed graphics, including a detailed review of Fantasy Springs attractions and show times.

We booked June 5 – 6 (the opening date of Fantasy Springs) for 2 adults in one room at Toy Story Hotel. It was a standard room with a “square” view. We assume the “square” is the hotel’s playground area.

The package’s documentation states that it includes the following for two guests:

  • 4 park tickets (2 for Tokyo Disneyland on June 5 and 2 tickets to Tokyo DisneySea on June 6)
  • 2 original goods vouchers
  • 2 unlimited beverage tickets
  • 2 shoulder bag vouchers
  • 6 ride/attraction tickets
  • 1 greeting venue admission ticket for both guests (You could also get another ride instead of this)
  • 1 hotel restaurant voucher
  • 1 popcorn case voucher
A hand holds a sheet of Fantasy Springs Vacation Packages vouchers, valid from Jun. 05, 2024, to Jun. 06, 2024, for Tokyo Disneyland. The sheet contains multiple vouchers with QR codes and various details.

The paperwork includes sheets of these tickets and vouchers. The park tickets have QR codes to link them to the Tokyo Disney Resort app, although you should carry your vacation package documentation with you just in case. You’ll need to carry the other vouchers with you anyway.

This package doesn’t include the cost of transportation to Tokyo Disney Resort. They used to include Monorail tickets with a hotel stay but not anymore. Monorail tickets aren’t expensive but it is some annoying nickel-and-diming.

Attraction & Fantasy Springs Tickets

A hand holds a printed travel itinerary for the Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package, detailing a schedule of activities from May 6 to May 8, 2024, including park visits to Fantasy Springs and meal arrangements.

A travel itinerary among the documents lists the attractions we chose for Disney Premier Access (DPA). On our Tokyo Disneyland day, these were Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, Minnie’s Style Studio, and Splash Mountain. For the first two, we received scheduled times to visit the attractions. We could enjoy Splash Mountain at any time during its operating hours. Some attractions have a 1-hour window, some a few hours, and some will be all-day, depending on what you choose.

Illustration of a mouse sitting inside a large, yellow pea pod, labeled "yum yum," against a colorful, textured background with flowers and greenery. This whimsical scene feels like it belongs in the magical realm of Fantasy Springs.

The Fantasy Springs Magic ticket includes entry to Tokyo DisneySea, all-day access to Fantasy Springs, and Disney Premier Access to all 4 rides. Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies doesn’t offer DPA, yet there is a secondary queue that works the same way, allowing those with these Vacation Packages and tickets to skip the line. As outlined in the fine print, the ticket provides unlimited access to Fantasy Springs attractions (as long as they’re open), so you can ride them over and over, a spectacular feat given how hard it is to purchase Disney Premier Access or get a Standby Pass for these rides daily.

We also got to pick one other Tokyo DisneySea attraction. We chose Journey to the Center of the Earth which, like Splash, we could enjoy at any time.

A person holds a blue Fantasy Springs vacation package ticket sheet with multiple stubs for various attractions and dining events, including expiration dates and barcodes.

There are individual attraction tickets for most of your selections but the Fantasy Springs Magic ticket is used for all Fantasy Springs attractions. The individual tickets list their respective attractions, dates, and times if applicable.

When redeeming an attraction ticket, you go to the DPA entrance of the attraction. Cast Members punch a hole in the ticket at the entrance. There’s a second point where they scan the tickets but you get to keep them.

A hand holding a Greeting Venue Admission Ticket for Minnie's Style Studio scheduled for Wed, Jun 05, 2024, from 15:00 to 16:00 for two people. Part of an exclusive Vacation Package that also includes a visit to Fantasy Springs.

For the most part, there are separate vouchers for each guest. For example, we had two attraction tickets for Splash Mountain. But there is just one greeting venue admission ticket for Minnie’s Style Studio for the whole party.

A hand wearing a blue wristband with the text "Fantasy Springs" against a background of paved stones, perfect for those considering a vacation package.

When entering Fantasy Springs with the Magic ticket right now, Cast Members in the entrance tunnels scan your tickets and give you wristbands. A nice thing about the package is that you can come and go to Fantasy Springs as you please, allowing you to go out to the rest of Tokyo DisneySea and return whenever you want.

A group of people in a boat, surrounded by illuminated lanterns floating on water, creates a magical nighttime scene straight out of Fantasy Springs. Perfect for a dreamlike vacation package, this serene moment is something you won't want to miss.

We know the Fantasy Springs vacation packages were sold out during our visit, but the DPA lines were still relatively short. We did feel like they were limiting standby passes and that most of the guests in Fantasy Springs using the service had vacation packages.

We were evacuated from Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey very early on in the day. Because we entered the ride with DPA, we received a multiple experience pass to make up for the inconvenience. The multiple experiences pass is good at Fantasy Springs attractions — which we didn’t need thanks to our vacation package. What was great about this is we were able to use it at Soaring: Fantastic Flight, which usually has a long wait and expensive DPA.

Food & Beverage

Two hands holding up disposable cups, one orange and one red with a Coca-Cola logo, against an outdoor background with trees and people in the distance, reminiscent of a vibrant REVIEW at Fantasy Springs.

Our itinerary and hotel restaurant voucher were for breakfast at 6:30 a.m. at Lotso Garden Cafe on June 6. We wanted dinner on June 5 instead and they told us we could do that. Typically, the vacation package means you don’t have to fight with other guests for access to a park or attraction but we were visiting on the opening day of Fantasy Springs, so wanted time in the morning.

The beverage tickets are for a range of beverages and as many as you want. The fine print includes a list of eligible locations. The tickets are not valid at table service restaurants, buffeteria restaurants, buffets, show restaurants, wagons, or “locations that do not serve eligible drinks.”

A plastic cup filled with a frothy, layered beverage garnished with yellow crumbs and a red straw, placed on a wooden surface.

Everything is so procedural at Tokyo Disney Resort, we expected to have to present our ID and get our beverage voucher scanned when redeeming it. But we just flashed it long enough for them to check the date and then they gave us drinks. It was simple, easy, and quick. Unlimited beverages are a nice benefit, especially in the sweltering, humid summer months in Japan. The ticket says specialty beverages aren’t included but we were able to get the Space Mountain: The Final Ignition drink and Rapunzel’s Magical Milk Tea at The Snuggly Duckling, so our advice is to always ask if you’re interested in a premium drink.

To enter the full counter service restaurants in Fantasy Springs, you usually need a mobile order, but with the beverage voucher we could enter just to get a drink. This allows you to see the interior of every restaurant without getting food. You do, however, still need to use mobile order if you want something other than a drink. We suggest getting in the park as early as possible and booking a mobile order for your preferred time if you want to eat at any of the following establishments (you can click each restaurant below for your reviews of every item):

If you want to grab a beverage quicker, then Oaken’s OK Foods is a service window with limited options you can utilize.


This image shows a Disney Resort Vacation Package gift set featuring a gauze blanket in its packaging. The packaging displays the resort logo and Fantasy Springs illustrations, with a hand visible at the bottom right.

The “original goods” and shoulder bags are available at the select gift shops. The locations are listed on the backs of the vouchers. The “original goods” are a choice of a tote bag, gauze blanket, or Tomica at time of publication, but this changes from time to time. These are exclusive vacation package items.

A hand holds a small rectangular box featuring a Fantasy Springs Vacation Package with Mickey Mouse driving a car illustration. Text and logos are visible on the packaging, and a building is in the background, adding to the charm of this delightful vacation package.

We got the Tomica, which includes Mickey in his vacation package outfit and a blue version of his car.

A person's hand holds a small, yellow box featuring a toy modeled after a cartoon car and a duck character, reminiscent of the delightful keepsakes you might receive with a Fantasy Springs vacation package, with people and a building in the blurred background.

There is already a Tomica toy of Mickey and his car, but the car is red and Mickey is in a different outfit.

A hand holding a small yellow box depicting stylized illustrations of a cartoon character with mouse ears and a yellow car with a license plate reading "Mickey." In the background, people walk in an outdoor area, reminiscent of scenes from your ultimate Fantasy Springs Vacation Package.

His vacation package outfit includes a tie, suspenders, and a boater hat. He’s depicted in this outfit on the vacation package merchandise and branding. It comes in a box branded with the Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages wordmark.

Close-up of a hand holding a tote bag with a Tokyo Disney Resort "Vacation Packages" design featuring Mickey Mouse dressed in travel attire, in front of a decorative building facade reminiscent of Fantasy Springs.

The tote bag is of nice quality. It’s off-white with a blue bottom. Mickey is pictured in his vacation outfit with a suitcase.

A person holds a beige and blue Tokyo Disney Resort tote bag with "Vacation Packages" and Mickey and Minnie Mouse silhouettes printed on it, set against an outdoor backdrop of a building's facade, perhaps heading to Fantasy Springs for the ultimate vacation package experience.

Mickey and Minnie are silhouetted on the other side with a stream of stars. The overall quality of the gifts has gone down over the years but they’re still good, particularly the tote bag.

A hand holds a blue Tokyo Disney Resort pouch promoting "Vacation Packages" with an image of Mickey Mouse and a character-shaped keychain from Fantasy Springs attached. Several people walk in the background.

The “shoulder bag” is a dark blue crossbody with a Mickey-shaped carabiner, a slip pocket, and a zip-up pocket. Mickey’s silhouette and the vacation packages wordmark are on the front.

A hand holds a blue drawstring bag featuring a castle design with stars, perfect for your Fantasy Springs adventure. The background shows a building and people walking, capturing the essence of an unforgettable vacation package.

CindereIla Castle is on the back. It has a black strap.

A small, blue, rectangular bag with Disney-themed graphics featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse, labeled "Fantasy Springs Vacation Package." The bag has blue straps with white "Tokyo Disney Resort" text.

Your party only gets one popcorn case, so there is only one voucher for that. A few years ago, the popcorn voucher was for an exclusive bucket but it’s now a “case” which just holds the popcorn box.

Final Thoughts

Two people, smiling next to a person in a Minnie Mouse costume dressed in a red polka dot dress, are posing in front of a tropical-themed backdrop. This delightful scene was captured during their vacation package at Fantasy Springs.

We hadn’t done a Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package for many years because people told us that they’re overpriced, and we would say that’s true. Really, the hook of a lot of these packages seems to be, “How badly do you want to do this particular thing?”

People riding a log flume ride, captured going down a steep drop at Fantasy Springs. Text with QR code in the top right corner and additional text in Japanese at the bottom, inviting guests to review their experience.

There are some interesting packages available, with some that are character-driven and others that are entertainment-driven. The Fantasy Springs package that we booked was an updated version of the attractions-focused option, aimed primarily at guests who really want to do attractions during their visit.

At the time of purchase, with the conversion rate, it was roughly $700 USD per person, but this can vary by a couple of hundred dollars depending on when you go and which hotel you stay in. Anywhere in this price range, we think this is a fantastic way to experience Fantasy Springs, especially if this is a special once-in-a-lifetime trip for you.

Visitors walking through a garden with a whimsical tunnel featuring sculptures of giant faces and cascading waterfalls, under a sunlit sky.

If you consider what you get for a $700 value — tickets to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, unlimited beverages, Disney Premier Access to select attractions, and unlimited front-of-the-line access to the rides in Fantasy Springs — we’re not sure what that’s truly worth because it hasn’t been offered like this before outside of perhaps V.I.P. tours. This is an incredible opportunity, and we think it will save you a lot of headaches.

As usual, it’s a shame that you have to pay a giant sum of money to have a better experience that the other guests, who have to fight so hard to see just a fraction of these attractions once. In this case Oriental Land Company is to blame and not Disney, but shame on OLC for limiting access for the general park guests visiting and letting only those who threw more money at them run roughshod through the DPA lines. The unlimited access for hundreds of people a day undoubtedly slow down the standby lines at these attractions, and it is limiting the amount of standby passes being given out.

The entrance to Peter Pan's Never Land Adventure ride, featuring a green banner with the ride’s name, is adorned with natural rock decor, lush vegetation, and whimsical lanterns.

All that being said, we simply cannot recommend this package enough. With everything it offers, it makes a lot of sense to book and is considerably cheaper than a V.I.P. tour at most Disney resorts around the world, if not all of them. We hate to use this term, but it is a relatively affordable way to see everything Fantasy Springs has to offer — especially if you’re only spending a couple of days at Tokyo Disney Resort in general. This package allows you to have two of the best, carefree days of your theme park life.

Watch Tom’s video coverage of the Fantasy Springs vacation package below:

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