Collage of five images featuring Disney's Sleeping Beauty merchandise: a pillow, a mirror, a crown, a jewelry box, and a book adorned with Sleeping Beauty's character.

New Sleeping Beauty Home Collection by Ashley Taylor at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

Disney artist Ashley Taylor has designed a new Sleeping Beauty home collection now available at Disneyland Resort. We found items from the collection at Disneyana and Disney Home.

Sleeping Beauty Throw Pillow – $49.99

A hand holds a blue cushion featuring an illustration of a blonde-haired woman with birds and flowers.

The throw pillow is made of blue velvet with gold trim. Each side features a printed image of Aurora in her ballgown. She’s holding a basket and the three fairies fly around her. There are embroidered pink, purple, and orange flowers.

A square blue pillow featuring a depiction of a blonde princess in a pink dress holding a basket, surrounded by colorful flowers and small birds.

On one side of the pillow, her dress is blue. On the other side, it’s pink.

A hand holds a blue embroidered pillow with a yellow trim and floral design. The pillow is displayed on a wooden shelf.

The designs have blue and green embroidered borders. The pillow is 12 inches by 12 inches or 30.48 centimeters by 30.48 centimeters.

Tag on a Disney pillow showing "Designed by Ashley" with dimensions 12 in x 12 in in English, French, and Spanish, and an embroidered image of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty in red and blue.

Each item includes a special tag or packaging marking it as designed by Taylor. The inside of the tag reads:

Ashley Taylor is an artist who grew up loving the Disney Princesses! Her Sleeping Beauty collection is a celebration of Princess Aurora – a princess who inspires us all to dream big, lead with kindness and see the beauty in ourselves and others!

Sleeping Beauty Throw Blanket – $84.99

A hand holds a folded blanket with an illustration of a blonde woman in a pink dress, tied with a yellow ribbon and a tag showcasing a princess-themed image. The background includes wooden shelves and decorative items.

The throw blanket is 50 inches by 60 inches or 127 centimeters by 152 centimeters. It comes folded and tied with a yellow-gold ribbon.

A purple booklet displaying an illustration of Princess Aurora in a red dress near a castle, surrounded by colorful, enchanting scenery. Text is positioned to the left of the image.

The design, as shown inside the tag, sees Aurora standing in a doorway, below a golden structure. She’s wearing her pink dress. Her kingdom unfolds in front of her, with the three fairies pictured flying over the castle in the distance. The background of the design is blue with a foliage pattern inspired by Aurora’s time living in the forest.

Sleeping Beauty Reading Stand – $44.99

An open illustrated book displayed on a wooden stand. The left page depicts a scene with a woman and animals. The right page shows a castle and a sleeping woman surrounded by flowers.

This wooden reading stand can be used to prop up a book, computer tablet, and more. The back is inspired by the “Sleeping Beauty” storybook, with two carved pages displaying artwork of Aurora with her animal friends and asleep in bed.

Wooden shelf displaying framed artwork on the left and ornate golden crowns and decorations on the right, with an electric outlet seen behind the crowns.

In front of the book is a trench for propping up your book.

A wooden-textured box with an inscription that reads "Designed by Asha for Disney" displayed on a shelf.

A kickstand on the back makes the piece adjustable for sitting or standing.

Sleeping Beauty Crown Trinket Tray – $29.99

A hand holds a gold decorative crown with intricate floral designs. The crown is displayed in front of shelves containing books and other similar crowns.

This golden trinket tray is inspired by the crown that hangs above Princess Aurora’s crib. It has a pointed center and two rounded features on the sides. There’s a foliage pattern across the outside.

A hand is holding a reflective, gold-colored metal plate with a triangular, notched edge. The background shows shelves with various decorative items and cushions.

The inside is flat. The gold metal is reflective. Aurora’s own crown is also of a similar design.

Sleeping Beauty Mirror – $39.99

A decorative handheld mirror with a golden frame featuring a duck and castle design being held in front of a store shelf displaying princess-themed pillows and merchandise.

This mirror resembles a tall standing mirror but is small enough to sit on a desk. It can also be hung on the wall. It has a golden frame with a design on top inspired by Aurora’s crown.

An ornate golden mirror frame with a raised design of a rabbit and a squirrel sitting together at the bottom corner.

A squirrel and rabbit are in the corner of the frame.

A hand is holding a gold decorative frame with a stand and a Disney label on the back, in front of shelves displaying various items, including more frames and colorful products.

It has a kickstand and hanging hardware.

Sleeping Beauty Wall Tapestry – $39.99

A hand holds a rectangular, tapestry-like bag featuring an artistic scene with figures. Shelves in the background display decorative items, including several gold crown ornaments.

The tapestry comes on a golden stick with a braided rope for hanging.

A tapestry depicting characters in a fantasy landscape with trees and water. The tapestry features a purple and green color scheme and includes a tag on the right side.

It depicts Aurora as Briar Rose sitting in the forest with her animal friends. The three fairies float above her. Aurora’s reflection in the water below shows her in her blue ballgown. The artwork has royal purple borders decorated with light purple and golden patterns. The exterior border is blue.

A person holds a light gold colored fabric banner with tassels on either end in front of a display shelf containing various decorative items.

The back is white. It’s 17.5 inches by 9.5 inches or 44 centimeters by 24 centimeters.

Sleeping Beauty Jewelry Box – $80

A detailed close-up of a golden, ornamental cabinet with two doors and a decorative top, situated in a store with shelves of various items visible in the background.

This jewelry box has a similar golden finish to the mirror’s frame. It’s 10.75 inches by 4.25 inches by 15.125 inches or 26.35 centimeters by 10.79 centimeters by 38.41 centimeters. It features two doors with a clasp at the center.

A golden display cabinet with ornate details and two drawers is open. Inside, it depicts animated characters dancing. The cabinet is situated in a store with various items on surrounding shelves.

The doors open to reveal artwork of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather in the back of the box. A chandelier for necklaces or bracelets hangs inside the box. There are two purple-flocked drawers with golden handles. There are also two hooks on the inside of each door.

A golden, crown-themed display in a store, featuring detailed spires and a central crown ornament. Shelves in the background contain various decorative items and holiday-themed merchandise.

The top of the jewelry box features carved details and a crystal crown.

The Sleeping Beauty home collection is also available at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris.

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