A black long-sleeve shirt featuring "STITCH" and character graphics, displayed on the left. On the right, a black backpack with colorful floral designs and Stitch from "Lilo & Stitch," held by someone.

New Stitch 626 Celebration Crew, Loungefly, and Belt Bag at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

A new collection of Stitch 626 merchandise has crash-landed in Disneyland Resort ahead of June 26, a.k.a. 6/26. We found the new Disney Celebration Crew, Loungefly mini backpack, and belt bag in Elias & Co. at Disney California Adventure.

Stitch 626 Celebration Crew – $59.99

Black sweatshirt with various blue designs including a character with large ears, "626," swirls, a planet with rings, stars, and lightning bolts. The sweatshirt is hanging on a clothing rack.

This jersey is black and features blue-green iconography. These include space-related elements like planets, lightning bolts, and stars. There are also more tropical designs like flowers and palm trees.

A colorful graphic of a cartoon character's face and the number "626" is printed on a dark fabric.

Stitch’s face is on the left breast above “626,” his experiment number.

Close-up of a hand holding a tag that reads "Disney Celebration Crew." The tag has a gradient background from green to yellow.

The Disney Celebration Crew line is similar to Spirit Jerseys and may even be replacing them.

A black long-sleeve shirt with colorful graphics, including "STITCH" text and various images such as a palm tree, paw prints, leaves, and a character, is hanging on a rack next to a mannequin.

“Stitch” is across the back of the shirt. His face is also pictured again under his name.

A black shirt with the word "STITCH" in large letters and an illustration of Stitch from the animated series "Lilo & Stitch.

“Stitch” has retro-style lettering with a four-pointed star dotting the “i.”

Stitch 626 Loungefly Mini Backpack – $98

A black backpack with colorful flower decorations and a stitched design of the character Stitch from Disney's "Lilo & Stitch," along with planets, stars, and lightning motifs.

The backpack is made of black pleather. Stitch and Scrump are debossed on the front pocket in blue. Stitch’s eyes are highlighted in green. There are neon spacey and tropical elements around them — including pleather patches of flowers.

A black Disney Parks Loungefly backpack decorated with colorful flower and planet designs, including a sequined texture on the upper section.

The top half and sides of the bag are covered in black sequins. A metal Disney Parks and Loungefly tag is against a blue rectangle on the front.

A black sequined mini backpack with green and blue zippers, blue straps, and an attached smaller pocket. The background shows part of a room with shelves and decorative elements.

The side pockets are lined in blue. There is seafoam green pleather around the main zip pocket.

A small black backpack with turquoise straps is displayed from the back. A white tag with pricing and information details is attached to one strap. Part of the word "NYC" and a sun graphic are visible on the back.

The straps are also blue and seafoam green. The back of the bag is solid black.

Close-up of a brown leather item with the text "SNITCH 626" and an illustration of an orange sun setting behind blue waves, surrounded by green details. A hand holding the item is partially visible.

Debossed near the bottom of the back is a sun and waves with “Stitch 626” in white.

A hand holds open a light blue zippered pouch to reveal a colorful, patterned interior with hearts, flowers, and stars. Wrinkled tissue paper is partially visible inside the pouch.

The interior lining is black with an all-over pattern of flowers, leaves, hearts, and Stitch’s hand.

Stitch 626 Belt Bag – $34.99

A person holds a light blue fanny pack featuring embroidered designs of Stitch, Stitch's face, the number 626, a planet, a flower, and the word "STITCH" at the top.

The belt bag is seafoam green with a black strap and zipper. Stitch and Scrump are embroidered on the front with black thread.

Close-up of a hand holding a Stitch-themed green bag with embroidery featuring Stitch, "Stitch 626" text, a sunrise and waves design.

A black patch features the sun, waves, and “Stitch 626.”

A person holds a mint green bag featuring "Stitch" text and a stitched design of the character Stitch along with other embroidery such as flowers and patches.

“Stitch” is embroidered in black letters across the top of the bag. Yellow palm trees frame the name.

A hand holding a light green bag adorned with various embroidered patches, including a character with big ears, a hibiscus flower, a swirl, a planet, and a peace hand sign.

There is thick embroidery of a blue swirl, orange planet, and yellow flower.

A teal-colored fanny pack featuring a black embroidered paw print design is displayed in a store with shelves in the background.

Stitch’s paw with claws extended is embroidered in black on both sides.

A hand holding a teal and black sling bag with a mesh back and adjustable strap in a store. Shelves with various items are visible in the background.

It has a padded mesh black back. The strap’s plastic hardware is the same seafoam green color.

A hand holding an open bag with an aqua-colored exterior and mesh inner pocket. The exterior features embroidered designs including animals, a flower, and a planetary symbol.

The interior is also black with a mesh zip pocket.

New Stitch merchandise also includes the June Stitch Attacks Snacks collection inspired by donuts.

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