New Walt Disney World T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Sweatshirt Featuring Park Icons & Characters

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Three Disney-themed t-shirts are displayed on hangers: one with Mickey and Minnie, one with a "Magical Checklist," and one featuring characters from "101 Dalmatians.

New Walt Disney World T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Sweatshirt Featuring Park Icons & Characters

New Walt Disney World T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts feature some of the resort’s iconic attractions and characters.

New Walt Disney World T-Shirts & More

‘The Magical Check List’ T-Shirt – $34.99

Pink Walt Disney World T-shirts are hanging on a display rack. The shirt features white artwork including a tree, Epcot Dome, castle, and ship. Adjacent is a cream-colored T-shirt with various designs.

We found this baggy shirt in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom. It’s a weathered pink. Spaceship Earth, the Tree of Life, Cinderella Castle, and Tower of Terror are pictured in white on the chest.

A brown shirt displays icons of four Disney World landmarks: Epcot sphere, Tree of Life, Cinderella Castle, and Hollywood Tower Hotel, with the text "Walt Disney World.

Two silver stripes are below the park icons. “Walt Disney World” is in silver lettering at the bottom.

A pink t-shirt on a hanger with text titled "The Magical Check List." A beige t-shirt with cartoon characters is seen to the left. The background shows a room with wooden fixtures and a patterned wall.

On the back of the shirt is “The Magical Check List.” The words are in white, as is Tinker Bell’s silhouette at the top. There are silver stars and “Walt Disney World” at the bottom.

Pink T-shirt with a "Magical Checklist" printed on the back, containing a list of activities and attractions. The design features whimsical stars and a small magical wand.

The checklist includes must-dos like:

  • Attempt to pull the sword out of the stone
  • Witness a rope drop
  • Find a secret message in Norway
  • Go to all 4 theme parks
  • Enjoy a jumbo turkey leg
  • Trade a pin with a cast member
  • Get pixie dusted
  • Ride everything twice

Mickey Mouse T-Shirt – $29.99

Two T-shirts on hangers: one beige with a Mickey Mouse graphic and Walt Disney World text, the other green with Mickey Mouse and "We are all connected" text.

This T-shirt is light gray. Various Walt Disney World buildings and structures are pictured in solid-colored silhouettes. These include Spaceship Earth in red, Mt. Everest in gray, Space Mountain in blue, and “it’s a small world” in purple.

A beige Disney World t-shirt displays a graphic of Mickey Mouse waving, surrounded by colorful icons representing various attractions and landmarks.

Mickey is pictured in the center wearing his standard shorts, shoes, and gloves. “Walt Disney World” is along the bottom.

This shirt and the two below were in Mickey’s of Hollywood. at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The T-shirts are $25 each when you buy two.

Fireworks T-Shirt – $29

A black Walt Disney World T-shirt featuring a colorful illustration of Cinderella Castle, fireworks, and cartoon characters. It is displayed on a hanger among other folded Disney-themed shirts.

This shirt is black with colorful fireworks pictured around Cinderella Castle. The castle is pictured with its old color scheme of white, gray, blue, and gold. “Walt Disney World” is in red across the top.

A black T-shirt displayed for sale featuring a colorful illustration of Disney characters in front of a castle with fireworks and the text "Walt Disney World.

Retro images of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Daisy, and Donald are superimposed on the castle-like projections.

“Chill Vibes” T-Shirt – $29

A light blue T-shirt with "Chill Vibes" and "Since 1971 Walt Disney World" text, featuring palm trees and a peace sign. Other clothing items and sale signs are visible in the background.

This shirt is pale blue. A Mickey glove making the shaka hand gesture is pictured on a white circle in the center. Dark blue palm trees and silhouettes of Mickey surfing are around the glove. It reads “Chill Vibes since 1971.”

Peter Pan Hoodie – $59.99

A black Walt Disney World hoodie featuring character silhouettes and a castle illustration is displayed on a clothing rack in a store.

This pullover hoodie is black. It features a blue and silver design. Cinderella Castle is outlined in silver, with blue images of “Peter Pan” characters flying in front.

Black hoodie featuring blue outlines of Disney characters flying around a castle with the text "Walt Disney World" beneath them.

Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael are pictured. “Walt Disney World” is below them, above the hoodie’s large pocket.

This hoodie and the two items below were at World of Disney in Disney Springs.

101 Dalmatians Sweatshirt – $54.99

A light blue sweatshirt with a graphic of two Dalmatian puppies and red "Walt Disney World" text, displayed on a retail rack.

The sweatshirt is pastel blue. “Walt Disney World” is in pastel pink across the chest. Two Dalmatian puppies are pictured snuggling. One wears a red collar.

Minnie Mouse Zip-Up Hoodie – $59.99

Light yellow and light blue hoodies featuring a "Walt Disney World" logo on display in a retail store.

The last item is this pale yellow zip-up hoodie. It has two front pockets and a drawstring hood.

Yellow fabric with a "Walt Disney World" logo featuring a castle outline and a graphic of Goofy wearing a pirate costume in the foreground.

Minnie Mouse is pictured in dark blue against a pink version of Cinderella Castle on the left breast. “Walt Disney World” is above Minnie in dark blue block letters.

Display of hooded sweatshirts on racks in a store, featuring a yellow sweatshirt with "Walt Disney World" and castle graphic prominently visible.

A larger version of the same artwork is on the back of the hoodie.

A yellow sweatshirt displays the text "Walt Disney World" with an illustration of Mickey Mouse in front of a castle on the front.

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