Live Action Snow White Has Officially Wrapped Filming

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A still from the upcoming live action Snow White movie starring Rachel Zegler.

Live Action Snow White Has Officially Wrapped Filming

Actor Rachel Zegler confirms the live action Snow White remake has officially wrapped.

Live Action Snow White Movie

A still from the upcoming live action Snow White movie starring Rachel Zegler.

The filming of “Snow White” has officially concluded. The classic fairy tale, first brought to life by Disney in 1937 with its groundbreaking animated feature, has seen various adaptations over the decades. Now, with the wrap of filming for the live-action remake, audiences are intrigued by this new version.

Golden Globe-winning actress Rachel Zegler plays the live-action Snow White; she sets the cinematic stage for an experience that will captivate both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

The production of “Snow White” faced its own set of challenges during the WGA and SAG strikes as it was supposed to air this past March. Due to the strikes, however, parts of the film needed to be re-shot as most of the film was originally shot in 2022. 

Earlier this week, Zegler took to her Instagram stories to reveal the film has officially wrapped production. “That’s a wrap on “Snow White” and I’m so freaking proud and emotional,” she wrote. “I love these people so much.” The post has expired since, but a fan account shared a screenshot on Twitter. You can check it out below:

Zegler mentions how she was terrified to play the role of Snow White as stated in an article from NME. “I was terrified, terrified, terrified, terrified”, she repeats, “because you’re playing the first one. The blueprint of all Disney Princesses comes from 1937’s Snow White. You have so many conversations leading up to it. You’re gonna chop off all your hair and learn how to dance with all these fake animals and things that are not there. It was a lot of pressure.”

The story of “Snow White” is a story of love, jealousy, and the triumph of good over evil. With advancements in technology and visual effects, viewers can expect a visually spectacular interpretation of the triumph over the wicked Queen, played by the talented Gal Gadot.

As stated in an article in VOGUE Gadot states:

“I don’t have a preferred type of character. I think it was so much fun to play the Evil Queen. There was something so delicious with this part because it’s a fairy tale. It’s the first Disney villain. And because it’s a musical, I could stretch my performance and make it so much more dramatic and so much more animated, that it was just simply delightful. I enjoyed it, and I changed my voice and I did all these different things. And it was just super fun, and I can’t wait to watch it. I can’t wait to see how you know how it all turns out.”

The live-action “Snow White”, is set to hit theaters on March 21, 2025. 

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