A dynamic scene featuring a mix of characters in various action poses, including a woman in a red sweater, a person in a sailor uniform, armed individuals, and surreal, chaotic background elements.

Dates and Houses Announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2024 at Universal Studios Japan

Cade Handley

Universal Studios Japan has announced details about Halloween Horror Nights 2024, which will run from September 6 through November 4.

Halloween Horror Nights 2024

A dynamic scene featuring a mix of characters in various action poses, including a woman in a red sweater, a person in a sailor uniform, armed individuals, and surreal, chaotic background elements.

The 2024 event will feature brand new offerings, including the first-ever theme park collaboration with the popular anime “Chainsaw Man” in “Chainsaw Man: The Chaos 4-D.” Also unveiling for the first time is the all-new live horror attraction, “Biohazard: Night of Heroes,” ” immersing guests into the haunted world of the Biohazard video game franchise. Fan favorite original characters, Hami-Kuma, and Hami-Kuma Soul, will be joining the event in an all new show and photo opportunity.

The park will be taken over at night as you face hordes of the undead in “Street Zombies.’ For the first time, you will join Captain Ado and the security force, and you will battle your way through Zombie hell. “Zombie de Dance” will be scaled up this year as you dance your way through more zombies than ever before.

Returning attractions will include “Chucky’s Carnival of Chaos,” starring the titular killer doll, and “Ado x Hollywood Dream – The Ride,” a popular overlay featuring Ado’s hit song, “Show.”

Chainsaw Man: The Chaos 4-D – NEW

An intense scene with various anime-styled characters in combat, including a figure with a pumpkin head, a person with a large sword, and a few individuals in dynamic poses.

The Cinema 4-D has been overtaken this year by the world of Chainsaw Man. Join Denji, Aki, Power, and others as you battle the Halloween Horror Nights Devil, who commands an army of zombies. This attraction will feature an original storyline as an extreme and unpredictable battle unfolds in front of you.

Street Zombies – UPDATED

A uniformed person points a gun while standing next to a panicked woman. Zombies approach them in a dramatic, stormy setting with lightning and a damaged telephone pole in the background.

This year, you will join Forces with the Blue Rose Troop, led by Captain Ado, who has the power to undo curses through song as you face off against hoards of vicious zombies. The park will feature many different “zombie” areas where you could be attacked at any moment, along with safe areas where they can’t get you. A map can be found here.

Hami-Kuma’s Shout It Out Party – NEW

A group of excited children in colorful clothing react to a playful stage performance featuring large, friendly monster costumes with lights and confetti in the background.

Join Hami-Kuma and Hami-Kuma Soul as you dance with abandon at the wildest party to ever happen at the park. Ado’s thrilling track “Show” will be played, along with sinisterly fun music from the world of Hami-Kuma. A special viewing area pass is available for an additional charge.

The party will be in Gramercy Park. It will run from September 6 to October 13 at 18:00 to park close and from October 14 to November 4 at 19:00 to park close.


A woman screams and smiles, surrounded by zombies and a vibrant, haunted house-themed background, with flashes of pink and green lights. Other people in the background also display expressions of surprise and thrill.

Ado’s hit song “Show” will once again be played at this wild dance party surrounded by Zombies! Feel the power of the pulsating beat as zombies attack you from all angles. Each area of the park will feature different types of terrifying encounters, from Chainsaw Chain Gangs to Possessed Playthings.

Biohazard: Night of Heroes – NEW

Several characters, armed and ready, stand before a chaotic cityscape with helicopters, explosions, and zombies. A hand reaches out from the foreground.

Experience the world of “Biohazard” in this brand new, immersive, and shocking outdoor attraction. Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and the other heroes from the “Biohazard” series will fight alongside you as you battle sinister creatures and hoards of zombies.

A Timed Entry Ticket or Universal Express Pass will be required to experience this attraction. It will be located near Louie’s N.Y. Pizza Parlor from 18:00 to park close.

Chucky’s Carnival of Chaos

A creepy doll in a top hat holds a bloody knife, reflecting a terrified face. The background depicts a circus scene with a tent, balloons, and a sign that reads "R-15.

Chucky returns to cause more chaos in this nightmarish maze restricted to guests ages 15 and up. Put on your special glasses and Step inside this crazy carnival hosted by the killer doll as you are attacked by Chucky from every which way. The maze will be located at Stage 18.

Even the Dead Appear! Hami-Kuma Greeting Photo – NEW

Two people pose with large furry mascots, one brown with a plaid bow and the other white with a rainbow lollipop. Both people and mascots are smiling and making playful gestures.

Get your picture taken with either Hami-Kuma or Hami-Kuma Soul in this immersive photo-op experience at the 42nd Street Studio.

Ado x Hollywood Dream – The Ride

A digital artwork shows four people enjoying a roller coaster ride on the left, with a serious-looking anime character in detailed attire on the right, against a vibrant sky background.

Hollywood Dream – The Ride will once again be featuring Ado’s hit song “Show”, which became a social phenomenon last year. Join Captain Ado of the Blue Rose Troop as you soar around the park in this thrilling ride.

About Ado

“A 21-year-old Utaite, Ado, became a mainstream name through her 2020 major label debut “Usseewa,” which sparked a social phenomenon. Ado’s first album, “Kyougen,” and the soundtrack album “UTA’S SONGS ONE PIECE FILM RED,” featuring all seven songs she sang for the movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” have both dominated the charts and become long-lasting hits. She started her first world tour, Ado FIRST WORLD TOUR “Wish” in February 2024, and in April 2024, and she performed a two-day live concert, Ado SPECIAL LIVE 2024 “Shinzou,” making her the first female solo artist to ever hold a show at the Japan National Stadium. More to come in 2024, her highly anticipated 2nd Original Album,”Zanmu,” is set to release on July 10th. Additionally, she is gearing up for her biggest nationwide tour yet, Ado JAPAN TOUR 2024 “Profile of Mona Lisa.”

HAHAHA Halloween Party 2024

People cheer excitedly alongside costumed characters, including Pikachu and Gengar, in a vibrant, festive setting with colorful confetti.

From September 5 through November 4, Universal Studios Japan will also be offering their usual daytime Halloween offerings. Experiences include the “Pokémon Jumpin’ Halloween Party”, A DJ stage show located in Gramercy Park where you can dance along with all of your favorite Pokémon characters. Trick or treating in the park during the day for children, and Meet and Greets with popular characters from “Pokémon,” “My Melody,” and Minions in their spookiest Halloween attire.

Two people enjoy a festive scene with colorful confetti and playful cartoon figures in the background. One wears a costume with bright colors and patterns, while the other smiles and gestures animatedly.

New to the event this year is the opportunity for adult guests to join in on the trick-or-treating fun. Each night from 18:00 onward, guests will be able to say “Trick or Treat” to select cast members in the Universal Wonderland area to receive exclusive candies that are only available at night.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Death Eaters Takeover

A hooded figure with a metallic mask wields a knife, surrounded by dark, jagged structures and people in distress; ghostly apparitions loom in the background.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ at Universal Studios Japan, Death Eaters will be taking over the land like never before. Come face to face with these dark wizards as you make your way throughout Hogsmeade.

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