Search Disney Springs for Orange Bird With Limited-Time Flavors of Florida Scavenger Hunt

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A person holds an open booklet featuring a map and information about Disney Springs. The map is labeled with various points of interest and corresponding numbered descriptions.

Search Disney Springs for Orange Bird With Limited-Time Flavors of Florida Scavenger Hunt

Disney Springs has a new limited-time scavenger hunt available during the annual Flavors of Florida celebration.

Flavors of Florida Scavenger Hunt

A welcome center building with a triangular roof is surrounded by several people. Palm trees and clear blue sky can be seen in the background.

The “seek & find” activity is called “Discover the Springs.” Guests can pick up a complimentary scavenger hunt guide at the Disney Springs Welcome Center, City Works Eatery & Pour House, Corkcicle, or eet by Maneet Chauhan. After completing the activity, they can return their guide to one of those same locations to collect a prize.

A sign reading "Discover the Springs," promoting a complimentary seek and find activity, with distribution and redemption location details.

There’s a sign outside the Welcome Center advertising the activity.

A display stand with three shelves holds various brochures for attractions, including Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, and Explore Florida. The brochures feature colorful images and are neatly arranged.

The guides are in a stand with guidemaps.

Person holding a 2024 event guide for "Flavors of Florida" at Disney Springs, featuring Florida-inspired flavors, in front of a building and tree on a sunny day.

Flavors of Florida is an annual celebration of Florida-inspired flavors featuring limited-time menu items throughout Disney Springs. This year, it’s from July 1 through August 11.

A person is holding an open pamphlet titled "Discover the Springs: Seek & Find Activity" at a sunny outdoor location with tables and chairs in the background.

Some of the limited-time menu items are highlighted in the guide. Check out the full list of Flavors of Florida menu items.

A person holds an open booklet featuring a map and information about Disney Springs. The map is labeled with various points of interest and corresponding numbered descriptions.

There’s a map that guests use to traverse Disney Springs and find Orange Bird. Here is the description:

Discover the Springs

Enjoy the fun, fanciful story of Disney Springs as you explore its four distinctive neighborhoods during Disney Springs Flavors of Florida.

As you visit each landmark, look around for Orange Bird with a letter! Match the correct letter sticker with the number corresponding to the location, by placing it on the Answer Key below. Take note that not all the letters will be used. You can also keep track of where you’ve been by placing the landmark stickers on the numbers you’ve visited. Find all the hidden letters to discover a hidden secret about the town’s past.

A person holds an open booklet featuring the City Works Eatery & Pour House logo, coupons, circular images, and text. The background shows an outdoor dining area with tables, chairs, and greenery.

The sticker sheet includes eight landmark stickers and 15 letter stickers.

A close-up photo of a page showing ten round pictures of various landmarks. The background features a sunny outdoor setting with a blurred building and trees.

The landmarks each play a role in the story of Disney Springs, as described on the map.

A hand holds a booklet showing stickers of letters and a Disney Springs logo. The background shows an outdoor scene with a wooden building and patio furniture.

The sticker sheet also has a large Disney Springs sticker.

Discover the Springs Prize

A hand holding a "Disney Springs Flavors of Florida 2024 presented by Corkcicle" button against a background of a sunny outdoor area with trees and red umbrellas.

The prize is an orange and green Flavors of Florida button.

Below are the Orange Bird locations and letters. If you don’t want spoilers for the scavenger hunt, quit reading now!

Discover the Springs Locations

Outdoor mechanical display with stone walls, metal gears, and wooden pergola in a landscaped area. Trees and buildings visible in the background under a blue sky with scattered clouds.

Orange Bird has the letter “S” by the Archimedes Screw, which guests can turn to activate the water feature.

A colorful bird cartoon holding a green leaf is perched on a wooden post with a circular emblem labeled "S". Trees and a building are visible in the background.

Orange Bird and the letters are flats attached to columns and pillars.

A brick building with large arched windows and doorways features a central walkway. A palm tree wrapped in lights stands prominently in front, with some people visible in the background.

Another Orange Bird is located at the western entrance of Market Street. This Orange Bird has the letter “C.”

A circular planter with a large tree and decorative sculptures in the center of a lakeside plaza. Benches, tables with umbrellas, trash bins, and people are around the area.

This Orange Bird is in Exposition Park on the West Side. He’s positioned in a planter behind a plaque about the park.

A colorful, cartoon Orange Bird sign stands in a circular flower bed with shrubs and a tree, set against a backdrop of a lake, trees, benches, and a clear blue sky.

This Orange Bird has the letter “I.”

People walking under a metal structure next to a modern building with a large screen displaying images. The sky is clear and blue, and there are flags on poles in the background.

Across from Exposition Park is another Orange Bird on the support for old elevated train tracks — really just a shade outside the permanently closed NBA Experience.

A yellow safety sign with a red button is attached to a metal column under a structure. An outdoor screen displaying a lively group scene is visible in the background.

This Orange Bird has the letter “L.”

A colorful map on an open booklet lies on a concrete surface. The map features various numbered locations and an answer key with letters and numbers below a question on the lower left side.

Here’s what our map looked like when half-completed.

A sunny outdoor scene shows people walking near palm trees and benches on a paved area with flags and buildings in the background.

Next, we visited The Landing. Orange Bird is on a lamppost near Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.

Sign on a pole featuring an orange bird symbol and the letter 'N', surrounded by palm trees and buildings under a clear blue sky.

Orange Bird is holding the letter “N.”

People walking on a bridge with a blue metal structure; a person in a blue shirt and white hat is smoking, while others in white hats are near the wooden railing. Trees and buildings are seen in the background.

Another Orange Bird is on The Village Causeway. This bridge is a shortcut across the Marketplace.

Close-up of a black metal bridge support with a cartoon bird and an "R" emblem against a clear blue sky.

This Orange Bird has the letter “R.”

Entrance of the Disney Springs Welcome Center building with a prominent circular seal above the doors, featuring architectural designs and the text "Disney Springs - Buena Vista of Reedy Creek Improvement District.

Orange Bird is on this building in the back of the Marketplace, below the Great Seal of Disney Springs.

A building with large windows features a sign with a cartoon bird holding a leaf above a circled 'I.' Reflections of an outdoor area are visible in the glass.

Here, Orange Bird has the letter “I.”

Outdoor patio with red umbrellas and chairs outside a restaurant with a sign reading "Sunshine State ICe Works" on the wall. Tables and benches are arranged on wooden decking.

The last Orange Bird is in front of the “Sunshine State Ice Works” mural. This mural indicates that the building used to be an ice house.

Exterior wall featuring the "Sun State Ice Works" sign with a cartoon bird character, set against a backdrop of trees and blue sky.

The final letter is “A.”

An open map labeled "Discover Springs" with various points of interest and a key at the bottom with the answer "SINCLAIR." The map is laid out on a wooden surface.

The answer to “What was the name of the first family to settle near Disney Springs?” is “Sinclair.”

Have you done this activity at Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments.

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